7 Best Gluten-Free Holiday Cakes


Birthdays are a bit of a bummer for the gluten-free foodie, as you cannot always quite literally have your cake and eat it too. Since mine is tomorrow, I thought I’d put together a list of great GF cakes from my archives and around the web. I’m not the biggest baker, as you know, so I’ve yet to conquer the ultimate birthday cake in my kitchen. But I’m looking forward to other treats tomorrow, like kimchi and bibimbop.

It’s been a while since my birthday fell on a weekend, so it’s been an on-going tradition with my fellow self or fun-employed friends to take the day off and go on an ethnic food adventure. In past years this has included a trip to SriPraThai followed by a walk in the Woodside cemetery, or a binge at Mission Chinese followed by a movie. This year I’m taking a Friday Funday and exploring Sunset Park with a private tour of Industry City Distillery (Beet Sugar Vodka anyone??) and lunch at one of these gems. We’ll see if there’s a gluten-free cake to be had along the way. But in the meantime, I’m feasting my eyes on these beauties.


1. Caramel Apple Coffee Cake – All Day I Dream About Food | 2. Buckwheat and Apple Cake – Emiko Davies | 3. Pear-Cranberry Tart – Pamela Salzman | 4.  Cheesecake with Fresh Figs and Honey | 5. Rhubarb, Lemon, and Thyme Almond Cake – My Darling Lemon Thyme (You can omit the rhubarb this time of year or swap it for pears!) | 6. Cinnamon Chocolate Torte with Vanilla Creme Fraiche | 7. Polenta Cake with Raspberry Rhubarb Compote


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4 Responses to 7 Best Gluten-Free Holiday Cakes

  1. Maggie Tessin says:

    Hi Phoebe,
    My daughter bought your book when she started college and we just couldn’t get enough of it. You were such an inspiration for my girl starting out on her journey. We always cooked together since she was a tot sitting on the counter and dropping blueberries into her morning smoothies. She continues to send me your link whenever she finds recipes she thinks look delicious with the added bonus of being gluten free for me. I’m going to make the tart and the almond cake tomorrow because when you’re gluten free and this kind of opportunity comes along, well, why pass it up. I love your work and reading about your very colorful life and the fun you have doing it. You are an inspiration!

    • wow Maggie! Your note made my day. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such wonderful words of encouragement. I’m thrilled that I can offer you and your daughter recipe inspiration, and that my book has been part of her evolving journey in the kitchen. That’s all one could ever hope for! Thanks for continuing to support me. Looking forward to hearing how the cake turns out! Much love, Phoebe

  2. Maggie Tessin says:

    I used frozen peaches that maintained a nice crunch on top of the almond cake and it was very tasty. I might try folding in a couple of egg whites at the end and using a little less almond meal next time for a little more lightness. I would love to try it with rhubarb next time. My pear tart wasn’t as pretty as the one pictured here, I need too use fresh cranberries next time. ( I was having a relaxing pajama day and couldn’t quite get dressed so I was using what was in the pantry). It was still very yummy! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m hoping you share your menu with your fans:)

    • Such great feedback Maggie! Glad to hear you enjoyed it overall. Getting dressed in the morning is so over-rated. You should see what I wear to “work” everyday 🙂 I will definitely share my menu! It includes semi-sweet potato mash and some sort of gluten-free stuffing, of course. happy holidays! xo

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