The Best Natural and Organic Makeup Brands

The best natural makeup brands | The best organic makeup brands
Hanging out the other week with my friends from Green Beauty Team gave me the kick in the butt I needed to start giving my bathroom a serious natural makeover with some of their best organic brands.

One of my main excuses for not taking the plunge had previously been $$$. If organic vegetables cost me that much more on every grocery bill, I couldn’t imagine what replacing an entire cabinet full of products in one trip to Whole Body would do for my bank account.

But Kristen Arnett had answers for almost all of my worries. As far as the financial aspect was concerned, she actually pointed out that generic products use a lot more water to pad their products. It’s almost always the first ingredient on the back of the label (before all those harmful parabens and sulfates). Most natural and organic makeup brands are very concentrated, so a little goes a long way. The shelf life for these items in your cabinets alone will justify the price, not to mention the superior quality of ingredients.

I also didn’t quite know where to start. Kristen and Britta said the products that should be replaced first are the ones that stay on your skin longest. Duh! So obvious, but I needed them to actually say it. Moisturizers are more important to swap out than cleansers. And a lipstick (not necessarily an everyday item) is probably less important than your foundation or blush. You can also look up your existing products on the Environmental Working Group’s website to see which ones are more harmful than others.

I encourage you to watch the hangout because there were so many nuggets of wisdom. You can also sign up for a consultation with Kristen if you need a helping hand choosing the right products for your skin type. She avoided giving me brands for powder and foundation, since they’re a few that she likes and it really depends on the person. I also included her recommendations for sunscreen. Even though it’s more skincare than makeup, I tend to buy tinted moisturizers with SPF and use them as my foundation, so was curious what her pick would be for natural sunscreen.

I’m definitely going to get a consultation in the next few weeks. But in the meantime, here are Kristen’s favorite natural and organic makeup brands to get acquainted with and start mixing into your collection. For more great natural beauty picks, click here.



1. Lips: Primitive & Bite Beauty | 2. Mascara: Ava Anderson | 3. Eye Shadow: Sappho Cosmetics | 4. Blush: W3LL People Universalist Multi Use Stick | 5. Perfume: Intelligent Nutrients Jasminas Harmonically Made Aroma | 6. Sunblock: Badger Sunblock | 7. Eye Liner: Jane Iredale | 8. Concealer: Abbey St. Clare

Want more great natural beauty brands? Checkout my list of the best natural skincare products here.


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18 Responses to The Best Natural and Organic Makeup Brands

  1. I really enjoyed watching the hangout Phoebe – this topic has been on the forefront of my mind lately. I’ve been making changes gradually with lotions, shampoos, conditioners and soaps, so make up is next on my list to tackle. Thanks so much for doing this and I hope to help get the word out on this topic too. Women and girls use so many body products and makeup at an early age, and I do wonder about the long-term implications on their health since the skin is the largest organ in our bodies. Scary stuff, but so glad there are healthy options available today.

    • Jeanette! Thank you so much for watching. I’m glad to hear you’re just starting to make these changes yourself. It’s really hard! Especially when we’ve grown up with so many of these non-green products and have such an emotional attachment. At least I do! But I’m trying to rip it off like a Bandaid and just do an overhaul on the makeup front. I had less brand loyalty to my hair and skincare products. My hair and skin have changed over the years, so I switch every so often. Curious if there are any new products you love. Report back! xo

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  3. Rachel says:

    I could chat for DAYS with you about this topic! In love with RMS beauty, Kjaer Weiss and most luxuriously, May Lindstom Skin….must try! Xx

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  8. Marianne says:

    I thought I was using all green safe products that were good for me and my family until I read your Wellness Project and scoured the pages of EWG’s website. So, here I go again…… Changing about 50% of all personal and household products. I really appreciate your project and realize that this is a lot of work since I’m doing it myself.

    I use a deodorant ( Be Free Wild & Fresh) made by Honey Dew Naturals out of Strawberry Plains, TN that I love and am impressed with their food – grade ingredients. THe beeswax they use is even from bees they raise. Their website is They also make toothpaste and other items I haven’t tried yet.

    Love your blog.

    • Hi Marianne,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and write in! I’m sorry that you faced that horrible let down of having to swap out products all over again. I understand how frustrating it is! But hopefully you will fall in love with the other items like you did with the deodorant. I’ll definitely check it out. I’m really into Blissoma these days, but always looking for new better options.

      My friend recommended this cleaning brand, which is completely non toxic. I’m going to order some myself this week!

      Hope this helps and good luck on your journey. Please check in from time to time.


  9. Brittney says:

    OK I just discovered your blog and I absolutely LOVES it! Can’t wait to dig into more articles and also try some of the recipes! Get my cooking game up! 🙂 Happy Monday!

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  14. Nice post Phoebe I appreciate a lot this collection 🙂

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