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Eat Yourself Pretty: Maple Glazed Coconut Cashews

Maple Glazed Coconut Cashews

Last week I finally got my copy of Recipe For Radiance, my friend Alexis Wolfer’s new cookbook for DIY beauty solutions that can be eaten or applied. I remember hearing about the book back when it was just a seed of an idea. So it’s pretty amazing to see all her passion for cheaper, healthier alternatives to store bought beauty products become a thing of beauty itself.

The funny this is that a few years ago when I first heard about the idea, I had very little appreciation for the concept of green beauty. I’ve always known that what we eat affects the way we look, and in that sense diet is the most important beauty solution available.… Continue Reading

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Eat Yourself Pretty: Spicy Carrots for Clear Skin


My first job out of college was a corporate New York City office job like any other. Except instead of trading bonds or building models, my daily responsibilities included smelling blotter strips and refilling little bottles of moisturizer. When I applied to L’Oreal my senior year, I’m sure I went on and on about all the luxury products I used everyday. But the truth was that most of my make-up and toiletries came from the CVS down the block from my off-campus house.

Regardless, during my 2-year stint, which included a monthly $100 spending stipend at the company store, I quickly became a product junkie.… Continue Reading

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