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Honey-Lime Baked Chicken Wings with Tequila Chipotle Glaze

This easy baked chicken wings recipe is sponsored by Altos Tequila. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this site (and my personal fiestas) possible! I’m a firm believer that wing night is not something that needs to be confined to watching the big game with friends. In fact, I’ve found through recent personal experience that consuming a plate of these Honey-Lime Baked Chicken Wings all by yourself while watching a Rom Com marathon is an ideal Friday night. With those high high’s and low low’s, on and off screen, what could be better than eating your feelings and letting that pile of napkins serve double duty for your fingers and tear ducts? I’ve been known to be what many call an “ugly crier.” And since it takes far less than a … Continue reading

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Grilled Oysters with Chipotle Bourbon Butter

The path of my relationship could potentially be traced in discarded oyster shells. In the case of our recent trip to Seattle, Oregon and California—and the grilled oysters from Hog Island that inspired today’s recipe—those bivalves were coupled with lots of happy food memories. But on a few occasions towards the beginning of our courtship (nearly three years ago!), oysters were the centerpiece of awkwardness–the kind that often plagues first encounters with someone you have a big, radiating crush on. For our second dinner date, Charlie took me to one of his favorite restaurants in Brooklyn. Unsurprisingly, for I already knew he was a class A hedonist, his ideal meal from the menu consisted of a dozen oysters and a fois gras terrine to start, followed by the venison. He also told me that when he lived in the area, he often sat … Continue reading

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3-Ingredient Hearts of Palm and Bacon Bites

Between the July 4th holiday, and the fact that I am currently in the air en route to Vegas (pray for me), it’s been a short and hectic week here at FMP headquarters. I put a lot of my guts on the table this past Wednesday, and if you made it through that epic Wellness Project 6 month update, then by George, you certainly deserve an easy hearts of palm appetizer for your efforts. I know that the biggest party of the summer is now behind us, but I’m hoping you haven’t forsaken all the other opportunities for al fresco glory that lie in front of you. That said, if you’re still as exhausted as I am after the long weekend’s cooking extravaganza, you’re going to need something mindless and foolproof. Something that involves bacon and only two other ingredients. Something … Continue reading

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Creamy Red Potato Salad with Radishes, Capers and Chives

I’m usually not that effusive when it comes to the recipes on this site. Instead of spending my virtual real estate selling you on them, I usually prefer to focus on the story behind the dish, or practical ways to work it into your cooking routine. But my gloves are off, friends. Because this red potato salad recipe is truly the most delicious in all the land. And I want you to love it so hard – i.e. as much as I do. The FMP archives are littered with some of my oldest go-to recipes, honored by unflattering lighting, questionable props (i.e. the dirty mixing bowl I made it in), and camera angles that would make even the most porn-worthy salted caramel sundae look like a pile of smiling poop emojis. (I invoke again the Ira Glass quote from a … Continue reading

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Elote Corn and Chicken Quesadillas with Cotija Cheese

I’ve had a long love affair with Elote—the charred Mexican street corn that’s coated in a glorious heart attack mixture of sour cream, Cotija cheese and mayonnaise. Since I enjoy any excuse to use the latter (mayo is my happy place of condiments) I thought I’d get really crazy and create a slightly lighter, deconstructed version to stuff inside a corn tortilla. And in the process of creating this “elote-style” easy chicken quesadilla recipe, I got to break out my grill pan for the first time in my new apartment, and discover if it was somehow immune to the inevitable cyclone of smoke that usually envelops all my belongings. The answer? No, sir. It was not.

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Easy Baked Tortilla Espanola with Zucchini and Smoked Paprika Aioli

When I first quit my corporate job to become a full-time food babe, I took on pretty much any gig that involved buttercream and not my naked body. I worked long hours in front of my computer bouncing between tabs of various recipe projects. I spent my days teaching 9-year olds how to bake homemade granola bars, and my nights lugging hundreds of mini meatballs to upscale Fashion Week parties, where no one wanted to eat them. And being a desperate freelancer trying to build word of mouth and make a name for myself, at the beginning, I often cooked a lot of these meals for free. That all changed with the great Tortilla Espanola fiasco of 2011.

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Horchata White Chocolate Bark with Almonds and Cinnamon

Cinco de Mayo is nearly upon us, my healthy hedonists!! I know you’ve likely already lined up your margarita and taco offerings. So I’m going to use my 11th hour holiday PSA to talk about a much overlooked fiesta course: dessert. Specifically, this white chocolate bark recipe with lots of horchata pizazz. I don’t doubt that you’ll have successfully fulfilled your daily sugar quota by the end of the first round of cocktails (unless you make my fresh raspberry versions from scratch). And some of you lucky fools may get to experience more via a multi-colored paper donkey that rains Laffy Taffy, Smarties and other candies that no one ever eats unless purchased in bulk.

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Maple-Pecan Gluten-Free Banana Bread + The #SpringPantryPurge!

My mother was the OG of crunchy health food. Before a little supermarket chain out of Austin made niche ingredients like millet mainstream, she was feeding me bowls of it in place of Easy Mac. Like all good daughters, I spent most of my childhood rebelling against her moratorium on the cottonseed oil in generic packaged foods. And I did this by going over to friends’ houses and having a Fruit-By-The-Foot free-for-all. If my current vocation is any indication, all that quinoa I begrudgingly ate as a kid eventually caught up with me. But at the time, the only homemade baked good that I would have hands down preferred over the Oreos in my friends’ pantries, was mom’s banana bread. Dotted with a healthy ratio of organic chocolate chips to batter, her loaf was always dense, moist and cake-y. I remember … Continue reading

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Warm Butternut Squash Dip with Gruyere and Pistachios

I have a love/hate relationship with butternut squash. I love eating it. But every time I perch one on my cutting board to peel, I think to myself: today will finally be the day when I call Charlie from the emergency room having just accidentally amputated a finger. Not having to peel any gourds is just one of the many reasons to love this cheesy, warm butternut squash dip. But it may be the biggest revelation.

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