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Horchata White Chocolate Bark with Almonds and Cinnamon

Horchata White Chocolate Bark Recipe with Almonds and Cinnamon | Easy |

Cinco de Mayo is nearly upon us, my healthy hedonists!! I know you’ve likely already lined up your margarita and taco offerings. So I’m going to use my 11th hour holiday PSA to talk about a much overlooked fiesta course: dessert. Specifically, this white chocolate bark recipe with lots of horchata pizazz. I don’t doubt that you’ll have successfully fulfilled your daily sugar quota by the end of the first round of cocktails (unless you make my fresh raspberry versions from scratch). And some of you lucky fools may get to experience more via a multi-colored paper donkey that rains Laffy Taffy, Smarties and other candies that no one ever eats unless purchased in bulk.

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Maple-Pecan Gluten-Free Banana Bread + The #SpringPantryPurge!

Easy Maple-Pecan Gluten-Free Banana Bread Recipe |

My mother was the OG of crunchy health food. Before a little supermarket chain out of Austin made niche ingredients like millet mainstream, she was feeding me bowls of it in place of Easy Mac. Like all good daughters, I spent most of my childhood rebelling against her moratorium on the cottonseed oil in generic packaged foods. And I did this by going over to friends’ houses and having a Fruit-By-The-Foot free-for-all. If my current vocation is any indication, all that quinoa I begrudgingly ate as a kid eventually caught up with me. But at the time, the only homemade baked good that I would have hands down preferred over the Oreos in my friends’ pantries, was mom’s banana bread. Dotted with a healthy ratio of organic chocolate chips to batter, her loaf was always dense, moist and cake-y. I remember … Continue reading

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Warm Butternut Squash Dip with Gruyere and Pistachios

Warm Butternut Squash Dip with Gruyere and Pistachios

I have a love/hate relationship with butternut squash. I love eating it. But every time I perch one on my cutting board to peel, I think to myself: today will finally be the day when I call Charlie from the emergency room having just accidentally amputated a finger. Not having to peel any gourds is just one of the many reasons to love this cheesy, warm butternut squash dip. But it may be the biggest revelation.

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Creamy Roasted Carrot Soup with Miso and Black Sesame

Vegan Easy Roasted Carrot Soup with Creamy Potatoes, Leeks, Miso and Black Sesame

We’ve never served a soup course at our Thanksgiving, but I love the idea for quainter family gatherings. When your table has grown to include over forty heads, you don’t mess with the finer logistics of spoons and bowls. That said, this roasted carrot soup recipe would have been the perfect thing to thaw the unfortunate “climate” of our holiday meal a few years ago. Thanksgiving has historically been the holiday that belonged to our branch of the family. That might sound like we carried more than our fair share. But when you’re Jewish, there’s a lot of hosting that happens throughout the year. And we never did any of it until November.

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Video: Gluten-Free Tortilla-Crusted Hot Crab Dip

Gluten-Free Hot Crab Dip | Healthination Gluten-Free Tasty | Video

It’s officially football season, I think. As you can see, this concept is not something I’m intimately familiar with in my household. But now that I have a roommate with a pair of cojones, I presume that I will become acquainted very soon. I’ve already returned home to the TV set on ESPN on more than one occasion. Which, I suppose, must be just as jarring as it is for Charlie to turn it on and find the Kardashians staring back at him.

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Feeding Friends: Roasted Beet Hummus with Lemony Yogurt

Roasted Beet Hummus Recipe with Lemon Yogurt Sauce | A Great Healthy July 4th Dip, Served With Blue Potato Chips | Easy Summer Appetizers

On most days I wake up and can’t believe that people actually pay me to write and cook for a living. My afternoons of toiling in corporate big beauty seem more distant with every batch of gluten-free carrot cake pancakes. And on days when I get to leisurely eat said pancakes in front of an equally indulgent mid-afternoon episode of Orange Is The New Black, life is truly sweet. But like any job, there are also the days of bureaucratic boredom and frustration; the difficult clients, scheduling annoyances, and creative pursuits that, when confined to a rushed 2-hour time slot, feel all at once laborious and half-assed. These everyday pitfalls, even if they happen within the comfort of my own home, can leave me feeling exhausted and out of sorts–like, I’m destined to still be “faking it til I make it” … Continue reading

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3 Years of Feeding You! + Healthy Banana Pudding with Maple-Rum Compote

Healthy Banana Pudding Recipe with Rum Compote | Gluten-Free, Refined Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free | Easy Desserts | Southern

Feed Me Phoebe turns 3 this week!! It’s always such a trip to look back over old posts and peer into my mindset from one year ago. My blog two’s were certainly far from terrible, but they did include some quarter-life soul searching. Last April, I was just in the beginning stages of introducing wellness content to the site via my monthly hangout series. After only two years of feeding you, I was nervous about shaking things up with posts that weren’t directly related to cooking, and topics that I wasn’t necessarily an expert in. But the question of how to find a middle ground between health and hedonism was haunting me, and I knew that I wanted to explore what that meant outside the kitchen.

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Chinese Five Spice Roasted Peking Chicken For Christmakkah

Chinese Five Spice Roasted Peking Chicken | Gluten-Free, Healthy | Peking Duck Style Lettuce Wraps with Scallions

I made this Peking chicken a few weeks ago as part of a premature Christmakkah dinner for a few of my blogger friends. I’ve been craving a get together with some of my favorite virtual amigos for a long time now. But it seems I’m not quite as good at getting people over to my offline home. Luckily, the potluck I helped Dana Cowin put together for her cookbook helped inspire me to make good on seeing some of these lovely ladies in person more often. I still weirdly get nervous cooking for other food people. But after doing so for Dana, Deb, Amanda and Merrill, I kind of got over it. The evening also gave me permission to not be embarrassed about hosting people around a coffee table. My beat-up old Moroccan floor poufs might be a far cry … Continue reading

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