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Feeding Friends: Roasted Carrots with Za’atar

Roasted Carrots with Za'atar

A few weeks ago I had my friend Rachel over for dinner. Her book Cooking Up a Business recently hit stands and is a must read for anyone who’s ever dreamed of launching their own food brand.

Since I didn’t go to culinary school and have never held an official food-related job outside the confines of my apartment, I don’t have a ton of friends in the industry. So I always look forward to getting together with my few food soul sisters and talking shop.

Rachel and I met a few years ago right before my cookbook came out. I was doing the editor circuit trying to pitch concepts like “how to throw a semi-adult spring bread party” for magazine coverage.… Continue Reading

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Feeding Friends: Oscar Night Gravitinis

Lemon and Vodka Martinis

Ever since an unfortunate night of mistranslations and failed ordering in Majorca, I’ve had a hard time looking at a gin martini without turning green. But that’s a story to be told over a different kind of cocktail…

I’m always reminded at my friend Adam’s Super Bowl party how much I like vodka martinis with a twist. Every year his family friend Eddie wears corduroy pants with little martini glasses all over them and plays bartender for the night. One year, he bought Adam a matching smoking jacket for his birthday. So basically, this is the best possible person to get you back on the martini bandwagon.… Continue Reading

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Feeding Friends: Cheese Fondue For Two

Cheese Fondue for Two

I don’t normally advocate sitting in front of a vat of cheese and calling it dinner. But at certain times and for special occasions, cheese fondue might just be one of the more intimate and fun ways to spend time with friends. If you’re a little bit better than I am at not getting melted cheese all over your face and garments, it can also be rather romantic.

I’ve been a longtime fan of the secret back area of Café Select. It used to be a mythical place that you’d find your way to (through the kitchen) at 1 in the morning, and then wake up the next day unsure whether or not the whiskey cider and house music was all a dream.… Continue Reading

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Feeding Friends: Oven Baked Ribs with Tex-Mex BBQ Sauce

Oven Baked Ribs with Tex-Mex BBQ Sauce

Though I’m very vocal about not being a Hamptons person, my friend Kate manages to drag me off my high horse (bound for the vineyard) a few times a summer. I always have fun at her share house, which gets progressively nicer over the years as the ratio of 24-year-olds to beds decreases. This past summer, there were no 24 year olds at all. So that was a plus.

Back in the old days though, cooking at the share house was a bit of a nightmare. There is an infamous story of one particular 24-year-old almost burning down the house by trying to make a grilled cheese directly on the electric stove burner.… Continue Reading

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Feeding Friends: Shakshouka with Red Chard

Shakshouka with Red Chard

A few weeks ago my mother came over for lunch. This is the perk of being part of a family that is completely self-employed. The non-perks of course being the occasional lack of a pay check and the soul-sucking amount of time spent on twitter proving to the world that we’re worthy of one. But I digress…

Ordinarily, I would serve my mother a vat of mayonnaise with a side of some of type of food. But for whatever reason that day I wasn’t feeling it. Who knows, I had probably eaten a bowl of leftover peanut noodles for breakfast and then decided I was craving eggs for lunch.… Continue Reading

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Tastetrotting: Stir-Fried Collard Greens with Ginger and Jalapeno

Stir-Fried Collard Greens with Ginger and Jalapeno

I’m kind of ashamed to admit that I’ve never cooked collard greens before. And the only ones I’ve ever eaten were so smoky and pork-laden, if I’d closed my eyes, I wouldn’t have even known I was eating a green vegetable. But in preparing for my very Southern New Year’s Eve, I’m diving into all kinds of unchartered culinary territory.

I knew I wanted to try my hand at collards in a more Yankee way, i.e. without the use of pig products, and with a method that would make my leafy greens look like they came from the field and not the barnyard.… Continue Reading

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