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Meatless Monday: Japanese Miso Eggplant

Japanese Eggplant with Miso Glaze - Easy, quick and healthy!

Most kids reserve some right to pickiness when it comes to food. I was certainly no exception, if my latent adult fruit phobia is any indication. But I was never picky in the traditional white foods supreme kind of way that so many parents talk about and battle against. I ate my vegetables like it was a competitive sport, the greener the better.

Still, there were a few vegetables that escaped me for textural reasons and one of those was eggplant. It wasn’t until I discovered the small ones at Japanese restaurants—baked until the flesh is silky soft, and slathered with a miso glaze—that I welcomed eggplant into my heart without exception.… Continue Reading

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The Balanced Diet: Easy Quinoa Paella with Clams, Chorizo and Winter Greens

Easy Quinoa Paella with Clams, Chorizo and Winter Greens

I realize that I’ve spent a good chunk of my time here this past year attempting to quinoa-fy things. It’s honest, important work. Especially if the fruits of your labor include quinoa fried rice and tabouli. But I can’t say that it’s always particularly challenging.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or Nathan Myhrvold) to swap out cooked rice or bulgar wheat for one of their healthier, gluten-free grain friends. So when I got back to New York this fall, I wanted to really experiment—to push my quinoafication to the next level. I wanted to make something crazy. Something like quinoa paella.… Continue Reading

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Gluten-Free is Me: Italian Baked Chicken Meatballs (and a Giveaway!)

Gluten-Free Baked Chicken Meatballs | Easy, Healthy Italian Recipe

Like all those cooks out there who’ve had the chutzpah to admit their failures (and, presumably, those annoying beacons of perfection who have not), I’ve made my fair share of mistakes in the kitchen.

In reflecting on them this past week, I’d say that most fall into one of two categories. The first is careless negligence, which includes things like forgetting the brussels sprouts in the oven until they resemble something that Khaleesi’s dragons might have sneezed on. A historical favorite is the time I poured cold stock from the fridge into a straight-from-the-oven Pyrex dish, causing it to shatter/explode dramatically and my neighbors to stop by to make sure everything was okay.… Continue Reading

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Gluten-Free is Me: Hot Crab Dip with Jalapenos and Scallions

Easy Hot Crab Dip Recipe with Jalapenos and Scallions | Gluten-Free Warm Dip

I’m all for high-low dishes (after all, Ina Garten turned me onto the magic of potato chips and caviar at a young age). But I’ve always thought that hot crab dip seemed like a foolish use of a $30 a pound protein. It’s the same kind of philosophical problem I have with putting Foie Gras on burgers and lobster in tacos. I’ll admit that I do enjoy these things at restaurants from time to time, otherwise I’d have to figure out a foot-in-mouth emoji and post it on this image.

At restaurants when someone else is doing the work and partially amortizing expensive ingredients across other menu items, that’s one thing.… Continue Reading

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Gluten-Free is Me: Creamy Spanish Gazpacho (Salmorejo Cordobes)

Salmorejo Cordobes - Creamy Spanish Gazpacho | Cold Tomato and Bread Soup Recipe | Gluten-Free, Healthy, Easy

The first time I tasted Salmorejo Cordobes was not in Cordoba. It was in a small town in Southwestern Spain, about half an hour up the coast from Cadiz, one of the oldest port cities in Andalusia.

I was traveling by myself after college graduation and had just come off of a rather unfortunate three days in Malaga, where I spent most of my time curled up in the fetal position on my hostel bunk bed, making non-so-discrete trips to and from the communal bathroom every 20 minutes. The one afternoon I was well enough to venture out, 5 blocks from the hostel I was jumped by a group of 13-year-olds with leopard spotted buzz cuts.… Continue Reading

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Gluten-Free is Me: Red, White & Blue Coconut Panna Cotta with Berry Compote

Red, White & Blue Coconut Panna Cotta with Summer Blueberry Strawberry Compote | Gluten and Dairy Free Desserts | Healthy

Since becoming gluten-free, dessert out at restaurants has been a much less joyous affair—unless, of course, there’s a salted caramel ice cream sundae on the menu, and then I’m IN. But most of the time there are only one or two options. And since most restaurants follow a certain formula with their dessert menus, those options are usually ice cream, crème brulee, or panna cotta.

For years I was resistant to panna cotta as my default dessert choice. It wasn’t something I would have ever ordered before I was gluten-free, so why waste my sugar consumption on something that didn’t make me want to do Meg Ryan impressions at the table?… Continue Reading

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