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Your Healthy Hedonist Holiday Gift Guide: Wellness Stocking Stuffers and Practical Presents For the Whole Fam

One of the reasons I started The Wellness Project was to try to figure out what products are actually worth the money we spend on them. For years I felt like I was bleeding green on everything from foam rollers to green juice to magnetic back braces. My experiments were designed to cut the fat and focus on the bigger picture. But of course, despite my attempt to be discerning, I acquired lots of things along the way that, until my move in February, were mostly collecting dust in my hallway. This year, I’m all for making holiday gifts about the practical things that will actually better your loved ones’ lives on a daily basis. No one needs more crap! Trust me, you will be a healthier human without drawers full of soon-to-be outdated gadgets, useless doodads and weird socks. (Though some would beg … Continue reading

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The 12 Best Gluten Free Beer and Cider Brands

Happy Oktoberfest, friends! Since ’tis the season for both Sunday football and Bavarian day drinking, I wanted to take a little time away from wings and cheese bread to talk about the second most important part of your fall recreational meals: beer. Specifically, for us special diet folks, gluten-free beer and cider brands that will help you blend in with the crowd, regardless of whether said crowd is wearing jerseys or lederhosen. I’ve recently hit my 5 year gluten-free anniversary. Which is crazy, because it feels like a lifetime ago that I could go to a sports bar and actually eat something besides peanuts. The things I miss most are still bread baskets, fried clams on the side of the road, and homemade pastas at hole-in-the-wall red sauce joints. But each summer, beer moves to the top of the list. Sure, … Continue reading

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The Best Non-Toxic Nonstick Pans + How to Use Them Safely

The Best Non-Toxic NonStick Pans, How to Shop For Them + How to Use Them Safely in your Home | Feed Me Phoebe

Working as a private chef and teaching in people’s homes is an on-going anthropological experience that never ceases to fascinate me. I can’t tell you how many times a client will tell me that they only use organic produce and grass fed meats, but when I arrive to cook it, the only pan in their kitchen is a flimsy nonstick skillet that looks like it made contact with a very feral feline.

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The 25 Best Healthy Boozy Recipes for Whiskey, Rum, Tequila, and Beyond

The liquor cabinet may not seem like an obvious extension of your kitchen pantry. But it is indeed the final frontier of my hoarding tendencies. As I mentioned last year in this post, I’m not the biggest mover and shaker when it comes to cocktails. For a date night, it just seems like a hassle to whip up 3 types of infused this and that to create something intricate and swoon-worthy. And mixing bespoke concoctions to order for more than ten people isn’t exactly fun either.

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15 Packaged Food Brands I Actually Trust

As much as the blogosphere makes me aspire to be a true frontierswoman—grinding, fermenting and canning my food into homemade pantry creations—the truth is I simply don’t have that kind of time. Recreating Juice Press’ almond-tamari kelp noodles is my idea of a fun DIY project, not making said almond butter from scratch. Though I tip my chef’s hat to all the DIY gods and goddesses out there, if I’m being honest with you and myself, I get a lot of help from packaged food brands. I’m not talking quick fix microwave pizzas. Rather, the things I stock are gateway cooking products (a jar of tomato sauce, perhaps an occasional gluten-free crust). Gateway cooking products aren’t a meal in and of themselves. But they often shave off precious weeknight time in the kitchen. And because I try to buy consciously, I rely on brands … Continue reading

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25 Healthy Weeknight Bean Recipes for Black, Pinto, and Beyond

It’s #SpringPantryPurge month, friends! And if you thought I was going to quit at just a few creations from the deep depths of my kitchen cabinets, well, you were wrong. Today I’m showing some shelf-stable love to one of my favorite humble ingredients: beans. Ah, beans. So often maligned in children’s rhymes, and yet such a healthy weeknight staple. I’ve long relied on dried and canned beans as a budget crutch. But in the last year, since starting The Wellness Project, I’ve come to realize how central beans and legumes are to a healthy diet. They are one of the world’s oldest superfoods, and were the strongest constant in the diets of every centenarian population studied in Dan Buettner’s The Blue Zones Solution. And it’s no surprise that all of these fiber- and complex-carb-rich foods are also favorites of your industrious … Continue reading

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The Best Low FODMAP Recipes

I don’t usually do a deep dive into the latest and greatest diet trends. For one thing, I’m a pretty omission-free kind of gal. Even my early days of being gluten-free were far from perfect, and more often than not, included pizza exemption clauses. It wasn’t until I truly understood how my body reacted to this protein, and how it therefore affected my autoimmune disease, that I started to adopt a more cut and dry approach for the sake of my antibodies. We all deal with the health hand we’re dealt in different ways. And recently I’ve been hearing more from those of you who have tried to eliminate FODMAPs from your diet for a period of time. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my post from a few weeks ago where I explain the … Continue reading

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Bridge of Northern Spy Cocktails and Other 2016 Oscar Party Recipes

2016 Oscar Night Party Recipes From the Best Picture Nominees | Feed Me Phoebe

Being both a dedicated foodie and movie buff, Oscar night is one of my favorite occasions of the year to put on my hostess hat, get pun-y with the menu, and stuff my face with food while starving starlets parade down the red carpet. Last year I was super negligent and forgot to round-up some Best Picture themed recipes for your Oscar night party. So for 2016, I took it up a notch with a fully coursed menu, full of homemade bear claws, mars bars, Big shortbread cookies, and Irish-Catholic favorites.

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Your 10 Favorite Feed Me Phoebe Recipes of 2015!

Ola from sunny Brazil!! Charlie and I made it to Rio in one piece. And I managed to hand in my manuscript in the nick of time before we boarded the plane on Christmas Day, which was the best gift I could ever ask for. I will be celebrating the accomplishment with many caipirinhas in the days to come.

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