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The 7 Best Healthy Take Out Recipes


I’m just as prone as most people to the lure of seamless web. Sure, convenience is 50 percent of the battle. But the other half is simply craving-related. I love me some Pad Thai and Fried Rice—they just aren’t things that are usually at the top of my from-scratch cooking list since the alternative can arrive so quickly via bike messenger.

But the biggest incentive to making some of your favorite takeout dishes at home is the health factor. I usually dial back the sugar and add some leafy greens to make the contents of my favorite to-go containers MSG-free and full of nutrients.… Continue Reading

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The Best Natural and Organic Makeup Brands


Hanging out the other week with my friends from Green Beauty Team gave me the kick in the butt I needed to start giving my bathroom a serious natural makeover.

One of my main excuses for not taking the plunge had previously been $$$. If organic vegetables cost me that much more on every grocery bill, I couldn’t imagine what replacing an entire cabinet full of products in one trip to Whole Body would do for my bank account.

But Kristen Arnett had answers for almost all of my worries. As far as the financial aspect was concerned, she actually pointed out that generic products use a lot more water to pad their products.… Continue Reading

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7 Best Cold Fighting Recipes


While the Polar Vortex has given my immune system a serious run for its money, I usually find my seasonal colds hit me just as the weather starts to turn – right when you least expect it. To keep my body on its toes this March, I’ve been eating a lot of cold-fighting foods.

Most key immune system boosters – garlic, ginger, turmeric – are things I usually add to my cooking. In addition to being incredibly good for you, these dishes are packed with flavor. And it’s always important when eating healthy to make sure your food leaves you feeling satisfied, so that the good stuff doesn’t also have to fight off the junk food that might follow.… Continue Reading

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9 Best Picture Themed Oscar Party Dishes, 2014 Edition


I’m heading to Mexico today for a retreat with a group of inspiring fellow creative entrepreneurs. I’ve been looking forward to this all year. But one unanticipated consequence: I’m going to miss the Oscars!

As you may remember from last year, Oscars Night is one of my favorite holidays. Stuffing your face with pirate’s booty popcorn and other pun-y dishes while watching starlettes parade (and fall) in their size 2 gowns is one of my favorite masochistic delights. This year the Best Picture category gave me a lot of regional things to work with for my hypothetical Oscar party food.… Continue Reading

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7 Healthy Weeknight Meals For Two

Healthy Weeknight Dinners for 2

I’m generally not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. But since it comes along so close to the New Year, I think it can be a nice to time to check-in and set intentions for your relationship. For those of you who add some sort of healthy eating resolution to your list every year, this might be the time to make a pact together on how you’re actually going to make good on those promises.

Sometimes it’s our significant other that actually feeds some of these bad eating habits – something I talked about around this time last year on CBS Live From The Couch.… Continue Reading

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7 Best Cozy Apres Ski Recipes


New York has been so snowy lately, I’ve felt like I’ve been holed up in a little ski chalet working from home. Next weekend I’ll be off for real to a big lodge in Vermont. The same crew that organized my Labor Day adventures is bringing back Camp No Counselors for a winter session. I’ll be helping out with the Sunday night dinner and also in the judging of our chili cook-off. To get in the spirit of the slopes, I thought I’d put together some cozy après ski recipes for all you bunnies out there who prefer to hang around the lodge and cook.… Continue Reading

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