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The Balanced Diet: Dill Salmon Burgers

Dill Salmon Burgers

I shudder when I think about my early days of “professional” cooking. Everyone has to start somewhere. But without having gone to cooking school or gotten any real world restaurant experience, I was particularly clueless and ill equipped for my first few private chef gigs.

Shortly after I quit my day job to blog and work on my cookbook full-time, one of my family friends in a gesture of good will hired me to cook for a dinner party. Not only did I have no idea what to charge him, I wasn’t even an experienced enough host to know the right kind of thing to serve a group of adults that was creative, easy to execute and didn’t feel like I was trying too hard.… Continue Reading

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The Balanced Diet: Minestrone Soup with Turkey Sausage and Fennel

Minestrone Soup with Turkey Sausage and Fennel

The weather on the East Coast has become a sick joke. I swear Mother Nature already has her April Fool’s Day all planned out and it’s going to be 20 degrees and snowing.

I’ve been dying to jump into spring cooking and start experimenting with all my favorite green vegetables. But my body is still craving stews and soups. March is always a weird time of year for recipe planning. So for the past few weeks I’ve tried to focus on hardy late winter fare that takes well to a little Springification.

I made this easy minestrone soup recipe a few weeks ago when the temperatures were taking a turn for the arctic again.… Continue Reading

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The Balanced Diet: Bangers and Spinach Mash with Cider Onions

Bangers and Spinach Mash with Cider Onions

As some of you may remember from my egregious posting of many white pony pictures on instagram, I was in Ireland earlier this fall for a wedding. The country has historically gotten a pretty bad rap for its food scene (even more so than its weather). So I went into the trip knowing that my main adventures were going to be in the saddle rather than at pub. (Well, at least during dinner hours).


That said, I’m a total sucker for classic pub food. Before I became gluten-free, I could eat my weight in Fish and Chips.… Continue Reading

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Meatless Monday: Root Vegetable Tagine with Kale

Root Vegetable Tagine with Kale

I’m a day late, 20 pesos short on this Meatless Monday post. But I was having such a ball yesterday exploring San Miguel de Allende, that I couldn’t bring myself to open the computer.

So forgive me if I keep this short and sweet, because somewhere in the city, there’s a big plate of chilaquiles with my name on it.

For the first time in Feed Me Phoebe history, I forgot to send my Sunday newsletter. Even when I was wandering the streets of San Sebastian, I managed to keep up with my work. But this weekend I really needed to embrace the people at my fingertips and partake in a much needed digital cleanse.… Continue Reading

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The Balanced Diet: Thai Chicken Burgers with Sriracha Mayo

Thai Chicken Burgers with Sriracha Mayonnaise

Burger buns are one of the things that I have yet to find a decent gluten-free replacement for. And while I’ve had no qualms about asking several airport Quiznos employees to send a sandwich through the toaster on my bread, it’s slightly less appropriate to request that a $26 Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern be served to you on your own amaranth-millet-oat bun. But that’s ok, because unfortunately most of the bun options out there are so dry, they make the dead cow you put on them would roll in its grave.

My only solution at restaurants is to ask for two extra large lettuce leaves on the side In & Out protein style.… Continue Reading

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The Balanced Diet: Shrimp Stir Fry with Brown Rice, Bok Choy, and Peanut Sauce

Shrimp Stir Fry with Brown Rice, Bok Choy, and Peanut Sauce

When I think about peanut sauce, especially when I’m forced to look at food porny images of it, like right now, it kicks one of my saliva glands so high into gear that I literally start to drool. Even though it technically lasts for weeks in the fridge, fresh peanut sauce rarely sticks around for a very long time in my kitchen.

Those of you who are familiar with the stuff can probably sympathize. Last month, before I left for vacation with my family, I had a slew of recipes to test. My friend Sarah was coming over for lunch and I was planning on pawning off a few of the dishes on her.… Continue Reading

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