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Thai Pumpkin Curry with Shrimp and Bok Choy

Thai Pumpkin Curry Recipe with Shrimp and Bok Choy | Spicy Pumpkin Red Curry Sauce | Gluten-Free!

One of the fun things about teaching is that it often reintroduces me to my own long-forgotten creations. And if it hadn’t been for my class at the Institute of Culinary Education in September, the inspiration for this Thai pumpkin curry recipe would have never meandered into my stomach.

A few weeks ago I had the OMG honor of meeting Gretchen Rubin, one of my personal wellness heroes and the original gangster of happiness who inspired my project. When I got home from her talk, I paged back through her latest book about finding better ways to arm wrestle our habits into submission.… Continue Reading

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The Balanced Diet: Portuguese Kale Soup (Caldo Verde) with Linguica and Cherry Tomatoes

This healthy authentic Portuguese kale soup recipe uses smoked linguica, potatoes, beans and cherry tomatoes

I know that it’s a beyond cliché thing to say the second week of September, but seriously, where the eff did the summer go?

As many of you know, summer to me is the precious time I get to spend on Martha’s Vineyard. I got two good chunks in July and August, including Labor Day weekend. But somehow I managed to miss a lot of my greatest hit traditions. There was no Minemsha sunset. No bike ride to Art Cliff Diner. And most indicative of the comings and goings of the seasons, no Portuguese kale soup.… Continue Reading

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The Balanced Diet: Vegan Tuna Salad Collard Green Wraps

Vegan Tuna Salad Collard Green Wraps | Gluten-Free Recipe

Though I eat vegan a lot of the time, thanks to my experiment with VB6 back in March, until recently, the world of meat substitutes was largely foreign to me. During rare and coveted pilgrimages to Whole Foods in college, I used to buy boxes of microwavable soy nuggets, which would mysteriously vanish from my side of the freezer after my housemates had a particularly wild night, much to my lunchtime h-anger the next day. But as a flexitarian who sometimes indulges in the real thing, a dish like vegan tuna salad never held much appeal.

Partly because of my recent work with Gardein, a plant-based frozen foods company whose products taste wonderfully and scarily like actual carnivorous favorites (i.e.… Continue Reading

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Healthy Broiled Striped Bass with Provencal Tomatoes and Olives

Broiled Striped Bass Recipe with Provencal Tomatoes and Olives | Healthy Fish Recipe

As I mentioned a few weeks ago in the newsletter, Charlie and I are officially shacking up for a few months. The cohabitation experiment will continue beyond that (assuming we don’t kill each other!), but in a much bigger space than my 400 square foot studio.

Moving in general is one of the more stressful activities that life throws at us, even when the destination is full of excitement. And even when said move just means dehoarding your cabinets and closet to make room for another human’s wardrobe.… Continue Reading

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The Balanced Diet: Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Carrots, Chickpeas, and Kale

Easy Moroccan Chicken Tagine Recipe with Kale, Chickpeas and Carrots | Healthy, Slow Cooker, Gluten-Free

The first version I ever made of this Moroccan chicken tagine was for a stew cook-off. During my first year out of college, back when every dinner was an excuse to pack 20 people into my 4th floor walk-up, my friend Keith and I started going head to head with our culinary skills, forcing our friends to eat their dinner out of two plastic bowls, and then to choose sides. Much to my surprise and delight, this sweet and spicy chicken stew  trounced Keith’s classic Beef Bourguignon.

My ego has clearly yet to recover 7 years later.… Continue Reading

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Tastetrotting: Easy Vietnamese Chicken Pho with Bok Choy and Herbs (Pho Ga)

Easy Vietnamese Chicken Pho Recipe with Bok Choy, Chilese, and Herbs (Pho Ga Recipe) | A Quick Version of the Classic | Healthy Main Course

Charlie and I took two major trips together over the past few months. In retrospect, the timing was probably a little aggressive, both for our work schedules and our budgets. But one of the things I love most about our relationship is a shared practicality-proof wanderlust. And since we’re bad enablers of each other, the travel bug took us to Vietnam for the holidays and Kenya for my friend Salima’s wedding last week.

In many ways, traveling with someone is the truest test of a relationship, even a platonic one. There are certain friends I’ve built an amazing backpacking rapport with over the years, and others with whom I barely want to navigate the outer boroughs of New York.… Continue Reading

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Eat Yourself Pretty: Easy Baked Salmon Packets with Ginger-Almond Crust

Healthy Easy Baked Salmon Recipe with Almonds, Lemon Zest, Soy, Ginger, and Coconut Oil  | Oven Roasted in Parchment Paper Packets for Simple Clean-Up!

Earlier this fall, one of my clients asked me to make an easy baked salmon recipe with ground almonds, Dijon mustard, and nearly a pound of butter. Though it wasn’t one of her recipes, as I folded the ingredients together I couldn’t quiet the resounding chorus of Ina Garten in my ear. How bad could that be?

The answer: not bad at all.… Continue Reading

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The Balanced Diet: Salmon and Quinoa Bowls with Kale and Tahini-Yogurt Sauce

Sockeye Salmon and Quinoa Bowl Recipe with Kale and Tahini Yogurt Sauce | Healthy Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas | Gluten-Free

I’m back at my desk after 9 days of amazing adventures in Vietnam and Cambodia! It took over 24 hours to make my way across the globe and I’ve been feeling pretty Zombie-like in my post-temple time haze. It hasn’t helped that I got so used to waking up every morning with a big steaming bowl of Pho for breakfast.

But aside from the rice noodles packed with herbs, and other Vietnamese specialties that were relatively healthy, my trip also involved a whole lotta crap. I must have taken down a small village of free Toblerone on the plane rides alone, much to the chagrin of the Cathay Pacific stewardesses.… Continue Reading

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