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A Guide to Healthy Sustainable Seafood: The Best Fish to Eat & How to Cook Them

Your Summer Guide to the Healthiest Sustainable Seafood: A List of The Best Fish to Eat & How to Cook Them | Feed Me Phoebe

During The Wellness Project, one of my hardest challenges was deciding what food rules to live by. And I quickly learned that devising those healthy hedonist parameters for the land was a lot easier than doing so for the sea. Choosing seafood that is both healthy for you and also poses limited environmental risk is a tricky business–even more so than sourcing sustainable meat. For starters, you have to weigh a lot of components: mercury, omega 3 ratios, the varying quality of farming practices, the scarcity of what’s in the wild, and simply knowing how the hell to cook the species you’ve never heard of. I’ve been lucky to get a lot of practice trouble shooting the latter during my summers on Martha’s Vineyard. And since August is probably the month when you’re most likely to step outside your seafood … Continue reading

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A Portable Picnic Farmer’s Market Challenge Menu From The Crunchy Radish

I’ve been working remotely this week from my happy place. And being back in close proximity to Morning Glory Farm, has meant a lot of procrastination of the highest (kale) order. Continue reading

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7 Common Mistakes People Make When Cooking Gluten-Free Pasta

Allow me to briefly throw my significant other under the bus. Charlie and I eat a lot of gluten-free pasta as a quick (semi-lazy) weeknight meal. But when he cooks it, the end result never tastes as good as when I do. This is not simply a matter of my day job versus his. Steak and pork chops? No problem. But something as simple as pasta foils him Monday after Monday. I can see this frustrates him. And secretly, it frustrates me. Because even from the other room—where I try to sequester myself during my other half’s cooking ventures, so as to not become a backseat chef—I can see where Charlie goes wrong.

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The Wellness Project: A 6 Month Update

Last year, I decided to make some radical changes to the way I approached my health. After years of living with autoimmune disease and feeling like I was flailing, oscillating from the extremes of wellness fads, to the confusion that made me want to do nothing at all, I decided to put my New Year’s resolutions on hold. Instead, I came up with a series of monthly challenges that would help me understand what wellness practices really moved the needle, and which despite the best scientific intentions, just weren’t worth my time, money or energy. For 12 months I anchored my life to these short-term goals. And when my project was finally over in January, it took me a beat to process the impact. Those of you following along, of course, wanted to know the nitty gritty details: Did I lose weight? … Continue reading

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The Best Non-Toxic Nonstick Pans + How to Use Them Safely

The Best Non-Toxic NonStick Pans, How to Shop For Them + How to Use Them Safely in your Home | Feed Me Phoebe

Working as a private chef and teaching in people’s homes is an on-going anthropological experience that never ceases to fascinate me. I can’t tell you how many times a client will tell me that they only use organic produce and grass fed meats, but when I arrive to cook it, the only pan in their kitchen is a flimsy nonstick skillet that looks like it made contact with a very feral feline.

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Kitchen Confessions, May: My Summer Wellness Reading List

It’s starting to feel like summer in these parts, which means New York City already has its swamp on. But me and my already-frizzy hair don’t care! I’m so excited that beach weather is here. One of the things that would have made me feel like many saddie face emojis if we’d moved to LA is not getting to spend time on the Cape. I got my first little hit a few weeks ago when Charlie and I spent the weekend at the Martha’s Vineyard Wine Festival. It was such fun showing some of our friends around who’d never been to the island, and was a big reminder that I am WAY overdue for a Healthy Hedonist guide to my happy place. Consider it on the to-do list for summer.

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A Healthy Hedonist’s Guide to Los Angeles

Earlier this Spring, I decided to escape the dreary East Coast doom and gloom in favor of a month in sunny California. As some of you may remember from my confessions around that time, there was a short while when I thought I could be relocating to Los Angeles for good. When that didn’t happen, and I just couldn’t face another episode of Punked, Mother Nature Edition, I relocated Feed Me Phoebe HQ to Santa Monica for a chunk of March and April. It was an incredibly productive trip. Especially if said productivity was measured in units of raw fish and tortillas consumed per hour. So I’m excited to finally be sharing the best locations to do some healthy “work” of your own on your next trip to the city of angels.

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Happy Earth Day! 7 Delicious Ways to Eat Your Food Scraps

Like many people, I’m always trying to live a greener life. But when it comes to daily waste, especially in New York City with an absence of compost bins and backyard gardens, a lot of it inevitably comes from my kitchen. In recent years I’ve been trying to change my habits to make the most of the ingredients I buy and help keep needless trash to a minimum. Even when I’m harried and trying to get dinner on the table, I try to remember that our individual food losses have a role in worldwide hunger. And if we cut that waste in half, it would go a long way to closing the gap in food needs.

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15 Packaged Food Brands I Actually Trust

As much as the blogosphere makes me aspire to be a true frontierswoman—grinding, fermenting and canning my food into homemade pantry creations—the truth is I simply don’t have that kind of time. Recreating Juice Press’ almond-tamari kelp noodles is my idea of a fun DIY project, not making said almond butter from scratch. Though I tip my chef’s hat to all the DIY gods and goddesses out there, if I’m being honest with you and myself, I get a lot of help from packaged food brands. I’m not talking quick fix microwave pizzas. Rather, the things I stock are gateway cooking products (a jar of tomato sauce, perhaps an occasional gluten-free crust). Gateway cooking products aren’t a meal in and of themselves. But they often shave off precious weeknight time in the kitchen. And because I try to buy consciously, I rely on brands … Continue reading

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