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Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Cookies with Buckwheat and Sea Salt

The holiday season breeds FOMO like a virus. And the condition worsens if you happen to also catch an actual virus, forcing you to leave your friend’s holiday party early or not attend at all. Such was the case for Charlie on Saturday night. Now that I’m officially in my thirties, I don’t stress as much about the nights I elect to wear grey sweat pants instead of a cocktail dress. For me, the FOMO comes mostly in bite-sized form. Usually in the shape of a non-gluten-free fried potato or doughy chocolate chip disk. It’s not the type of FOMO that sets in when you’re home alone watching a Sandra Bullock marathon on AMC with a bowl of pad thai balanced on your chest. No—these days, I only get hit when I’m surrounded by friends in ugly sweaters and dogs in homemade … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day! 7 Delicious Ways to Eat Your Food Scraps

Like many people, I’m always trying to live a greener life. But when it comes to daily waste, especially in New York City with an absence of compost bins and backyard gardens, a lot of it inevitably comes from my kitchen. In recent years I’ve been trying to change my habits to make the most of the ingredients I buy and help keep needless trash to a minimum. Even when I’m harried and trying to get dinner on the table, I try to remember that our individual food losses have a role in worldwide hunger. And if we cut that waste in half, it would go a long way to closing the gap in food needs.

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Green Eggs, No Ham: 5 Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes For St. Patrick’s Day and Beyond

To make sure you get your veggies in before balancing out those healthy choices with another “healthy” dose of stout this weekend, I’ve put together some of my favorite greens-centric vegetarian breakfast recipes, no food coloring necessary. Head on over to Mind Body Green to check them out!

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Greatist: 29 Delicious Grain Bowls That Make Dinner a No-Brainer

Check out my Salmon and Quinoa Bowls With Kale and Tahini-Yogurt Sauce and the 28 other great Grain Bowls featured on Greatist!

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5 Ways To Make Eating Clean Easy & Budget-Friendly

It’s officially March. So by now, some of you have probably started to revert to bad habits you promised yourself you’d leave behind in 2015. Especially on the cooking front, I understand how easily good intentions can devolve into once again ordering in Thai food on the couch. Without the proper plan for execution, preparing clean meals from scratch every day can feel like an impossible burden.

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10 Healthy Habits That Are Worth the Time and Money

One of my biggest goals for last year’s wellness project was to boil my health equation down to its most essential elements in order to figure out what products and experiences were actually worth the time, money, and energy we spend on them. Now that I’m on the other side, after trying my hand at many practices and researching the hell out of them in the process, I’ve distilled which strategies improved my life and which, despite the best scientific and spiritual intentions, just didn’t.

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Mind Body Green: A Wholesome Super Bowl Party Snack That Won’t Disappoint

Hop over to Mind Body Green for this quick, healthy Super Bowl snack recipe.  

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Mind Body Green: 3 Essential Tips To Stock Your Pantry For Less Money

Keeping a well-stocked pantry is one of the best gateway cooking habits. It may be intimidating to invest a chunk of change upfront, but so long as your cabinets contain the makings of a well-balanced meal, you’ll be that much less likely to be tempted by takeout.

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Yahoo Health: What I Learned From My Year of Mini Health Challenges

Since I kept you waiting so long for all my newfound wellness project wisdom, I blew it out big time and wrote up a whole other set of lessons for Yahoo Health. If you’re newer to my grand pursuits of 2015, then click on over for some explanation on why I decided to take on these health “mini sprints” instead of actual resolutions, and the big lessons I learned in the process.

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