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A Hungry Girl’s Guide to San Sebastian


The longest stretch of time I spent traveling alone was in southern Spain. I was 21 at the time, and spoke no Spanish. I hopped from hostel to hostel, staying only 2 nights (max) at a time in each city. I drank many a glass of sangria, ate many a delicious tapas, and made friends with many a cute Australian.

When my friend Nathalie decided to have her bachelorette party in Ibiza, after getting over the initial shock of having to travel to Europe for a weekend, I knew that the trip would be an excellent excuse to test my solo travel prowess a little later in life, get inspired by Basque cuisine, and mentally recharge.… Continue Reading

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A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Nashville


I may have missed the ball on getting you my snapshots of my trip to Nashville. But the good news is, that gave me time to put together a whole stinkin’ guide.

Ever since becoming mildly obsessed with the TV show, I’ve been wanting to go to Nashville to take in the tunes at the Bluebird Café and find Connie Britton in her trailer and convince her to be my best friend. Luckily, my current (real) best friend Sarah was right there with me and decided to choose the city as her bachelorette destination.

Our itinerary was planned by the Maid of Honor who, lucky for us, also just started a travel blog, Bon Voyaging. She beat me to the punch in writing up a mini guide to Nashville.… Continue Reading

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Chef Race Episode 5 Rewrites: Meals (and Tantrums) on Wheels


It was clear to all of us, from the minute this challenge started in Fort Smith, that we were in for a trip to crazytown. Cody had forgotten to take his happy pills, and it was his way or a tantrum-filled highway.

The Brits were allowed to choose one member of our team to come over the pond to theirs. It was between Bianca and myself, and boy was I jealous of her when team America unraveled.

Cody kept lecturing us that our truck was the exact layout of his Mexican food truck in New York, so we needed to cook his entire menu exactly, or we were bound to fail.… Continue Reading

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Chef Race: Cornmeal-Crusted Catfish with Tomato-Zucchini Rice and Radish Slaw


There’s a lot that needs rewriting from this past week’s Chef Race episode. Among them, Stan and my midpoint challenge cook-off against Caroline and Bianca, which they cut entirely. I am partially relieved because it means they cut Richard Corrigan telling me I should go learn how to use my knives. But it also means you missed us winning! (not that he ate his words or anything).

I’ll have all the behind-the-scenes dirt for you, as always, in my upcoming recap of the show. In the meantime, I wanted to share our winning recipe from that checkpoint in Little Rock. The challenge was catfish and rice, and for anyone who’s ever tried to make rice on a grill, you know it ain’t no picnic.… Continue Reading

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Chef Race Episode 4 Rewrites: The Brits’ Balls Finally Drop

american flag.php

Last week’s episode was a fun one, both in real life and on the small screen. I mean, what could be better than being given free license to say dick and balls as much as you please to a bunch of God-fearing Midwesterners on national television? This might be the last shred of fun we saw on Chef Race, if scenes from tonight’s episode are any indication, so it’s the fun I’m going to focus on in this re-cap.

The people of Dodge City, Kansas were probably the nicest and most generous of anyone we encountered. Not only did the ladies of Boot Hill Museum offer us their kitchen, banquet hall, and fridges full of brisket, but they also gave us costumes.… Continue Reading

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Chef Race Episode 3 Rewrites: She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain, or Not


I was pretty nervous to watch last week’s episode. Mainly because it was the first (of many) times I broke my cardinal rule of reality television participation: I cried. But it turned out I had nothing to worry about, because like the first two episodes, they reordered the timeline and conveniently passed over the parts when I was dying on the side of a mountain.

I’m not sure why the producers starved us in the first place if they weren’t even going to reap the benefits of the drama that unfolded. But I guess they quickly reached their quota in this episode when a 37-year-old man (child) called a 19-year-old girl a “see you next Tuesday” to compensate for the size of his fishing rod.… Continue Reading

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