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My New Mind Body Green Video E-Course! How to Cook Healthy Meals on a Budget and in a Time Crunch

You guys, I’ve been looking forward to sharing this with you for months! At long last, the cooking e-course I created with Mind Body Green is LIVE. As much as I love teaching small groups privately in peoples’ homes, it was one of my goals for this year to figure out how to do it on a slightly larger scale, so I could help more of you figure out how to make home cooking a more sustainable part of your every day lives.

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Video: Gluten-Free Jalapeno Mac and Cheese

There were days when my recipe hedonism used to get a lot more randy. And this gluten-free jalapeno mac and cheese is from that golden era. I don’t really cook as much with dairy anymore, but when I do, it’s something like this sinful, gooey baked pasta that I embrace in proper go big or go home fashion.

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Video: How to Make Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup

This spicy chicken tortilla soup recipe is one of my favorite things to make when that first fall chill hits the air. For one thing, the change of seasons means I inevitably get a cold. And there’s nothing like a little ancho chile powder to kick some life back into your stuffy sinuses.

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Video: Gluten-Free Tortilla-Crusted Hot Crab Dip

It’s officially football season, I think. As you can see, this concept is not something I’m intimately familiar with in my household. But now that I have a roommate with a pair of cojones, I presume that I will become acquainted very soon. I’ve already returned home to the TV set on ESPN on more than one occasion. Which, I suppose, must be just as jarring as it is for Charlie to turn it on and find the Kardashians staring back at him.

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Wall Street Journal Lunch Break: The Flexitarian Diet

In case you missed me on The Wall Street Journal LIVE today, you can catch the clip of my Lunch Break appearance, where I talk about why being a part-time vegetarian is all the rage among my fellow millennials. More on these plant-happy meals here.

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Video: How to Make Yemista a.k.a. Greek Baked Stuffed Tomatoes on Healthination!

I became a serious evangelist for yemista (the Greek term for baked stuffed vegetables) last summer when I traveled around the Aegean. Before that I was a bit of a hater when it came to stuffed vegetable side dishes. They always just seemed a bit hokey and disappointing as a vehicle, like a stale ABP bread bowl. But that all changed in Greece. And now stuffing whole tomatoes with arborio rice, diced zucchini, and plenty of herbs is one of my favorite vegetarian meals. It’s also an amazing way to use up the last of the season’s tomatoes. Because lezbehonest, we’re all running a little low on ideas right about now…

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Video: Grilled Strawberry Bellinis on Healthination

Summer is sadly winding down. So I thought I’d lift your spirits a bit by resurrecting one of my favorite seasonal cocktail recipes: the grilled strawberry bellini. Calling this a recipe is generous, as it’s stupid easy. Soak a few skewers, thread your fruit, and char it slightly over a high flame so that all those juices get muddled in your glass.

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Video: How to Heal Your Hormones and Find Your Flo

I know I’ve been a little negligent this year about bringing regular Wellness Wednesday videos your way. But this week’s guest makes up for every missed month with her awesomeness. And I’m SO psyched I managed to line up the interview just in time for my August Moon Sisterhood challenge. I read Alisa Vitti’s fabulous book WomanCode last year during the early stages of putting together my curriculum for The Wellness Project. And it shed some much needed light on how hormones rule the body and play a central role in so many mysterious ailments.

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Video: Grilled Corn on the Cob with Chive Butter

I feel ashamed to say that I have yet to taste the magic of corn on the cob this season (though there may still be some in my teeth from last year). My favorite farm on Martha’s Vineyard grows the best corn in the whole damn world, and having not been back since the crop came into season, my tastebuds have been boycotting all inferior varieties.

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