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Video: How to Heal Your Back Pain

How to Heal Your Back Pain // Jesse Cannone - Ways to Lose The Back Pain // Back Health Tips

There are many aspects of my autoimmune disease that have made me feel like 29 going on 90. But more so than the inability to function on less than 8 hours of sleep, having to travel with several pill boxes on my person, and getting winded climbing a simple flight of stairs, what’s made me feel the most terrifyingly old is all the times I’ve thrown out my back.

Ironically, one of those times was last week as I was shooting photos of these banana birthday muffins. It’s ironic not just because it was a few days before I turned 29, but because I’ve had a Wellness Wednesday on back health on the schedule for over two months!… Continue Reading

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Video: Recipes For Creating Rituals


Have you ever struggled to integrate new habits and practices into your daily life? Or beat yourself up for not being able to create a morning routine or make it to yoga on weeknights after work? Then this week’s Wellness Wendesday is for you!

I hope you’ll tune in to hear Barbara Biziou, author of The Joy of Rituals, talk about simple choices that lead to big changes, creating meaning and intention in everyday life, and how ancient spiritual practices can keep your life anchored in the modern world. Her book is fascinating, including the stories and context behind some of the rituals that have been passed down to us through the generations that we don’t think twice about.… Continue Reading

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Video: The Healing Power of Tea

Medicinal benefits of green tea, how to brew the perfect cup of tea, and more wisdom from T Salon's Miriam Novalle

It’s amazing how far behind the rest of the world we are when it comes to tea. Our global commerce is pretty much epitomized by the Starbucks that have popped up on every corner of the world. But in the last decade I’ve noticed that people have started to shift their allegiances from the morning espresso to a green tea, even if I still get weird stares when ordering a cup of Ginger Peach at my local hipster coffee spot. … Continue Reading

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Fox Business: Side Chef + Feed Me Phoebe on Risk & Reward

I filmed this segment a few weeks ago for Fox Business’ show Risk & Reward and it finally aired today! I was on air with Side Chef CEO Kevin Yu to talk about their exciting new app (featuring Feed Me Phoebe recipes) and how tech can help new cooks in the kitchen. The screenshot above is unfortunate, so to watch me in action (wearing more makeup then I put on my face in the course of a month), click here.Continue Reading

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Video: How to Eat and Apply Your Way to Healthier Hair

Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 9.06.56 AM

I was so thrilled to sit down with my friend Alexis Wolfer to talk natural ways you can eat and apply your way to better hair. Alexis is the founder of The Beauty Bean and her new book Recipe For Radiance is full of amazing recipes for everything from razor burn to puffy eyes–all using ingredients you may already have in your fridge and pantry. (Including this recipe for better nails). Tune into the video to find out why towel drying is your hair’s worst nightmare and what this sour cream scalp mask is all about.… Continue Reading

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Video: How to Feng Shui Your Small Space

Small Space Feng Shui

I had the best time hanging out with Dana Claudet of The Tao of Dana and Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam to talk designing your dream space with limited resources. I learned so much about how color can have an impact on energy flow, why investing in good curtains might pay off in the long run, and how naming your plants could indeed prevent you from killing them. Make sure to tune into the video to learn more about the tenets of Feng Shui and how you too can apply them to your home without wasting a lot of time and money.… Continue Reading

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Video: How to Make Healthy Family Cooking a Habit at Home

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.34.16 AM

Laurie David’s new cookbook, co-written with long-time collaborator Kirstin Uhrenholdt, is all about inspiring parents and kids to take control of what they eat by making it themselves. I’m obviously also a huge believer that healthy eating habits begin by cooking at home and taking agency over the ingredients you put in your body. It was great chatting  with her and Jennifer Perillo, editor of Working Mom Magazine, about tactics for doing just that when you’re a busy parent.

More about the Wellness Wednesday series here.… Continue Reading

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Video: How to Heal Hypothyroidism with Diet

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.38.56 AM

This was one of my favorite installments of Wellness Wednesday so far. Heidi Lovie and Amie Valpone of The Healthy Apple joined me to chat about the various ways you can treat hypothryroidism with diet. They also talked about their own experiences with the disease, and what anyone who suffers with auto-immune issues should be doing to eat anti-inflammatory foods. Tune in above.

More on my Wellness Wednesday series here.… Continue Reading

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