Chef Race: Meet Don PV, the Madonna of the Culinary World

I’m winding down my coverage of Chef Race Team USA‘s “all-American” recipes. To review, click here. Today, I’m very excited to present to you the one and only, fabulous Chef Don Peavy (PV). To try to explain the shenanigans of Team US on the road, I sent my parents this video of Don. My dad just responded: “yikes.”

Chef PV is the Madonna of the food world with a culinary history informed by the various chefs in his family. Growing up among the oil field elites in Texas, Don’s fancy private school friends from abroad gave him some of his early food experiences and helped developed his fearless palate.

Don began his professional career in San Francisco working as an Account Executive for a boutique Public Relations firm. A year of corporate life took its toll on Don’s soul and his friend hooked him up with an assistant private chef-ing gig for a Billionaire in Northern California. After leaving that position a few years later, Don jumped to that other side of the pond to study British Media and Theatre in London.

Upon returning to the US, PV took up residence in NYC where he ran into an ex-Blue Man Group colleague who had written a musical about Pilates. Don was hired to produce the Pilates musical. During the year of training he endured, he noticed his body yearning for something more than his regular diet and he became a strict Raw Foodist.

After he began noticing others’ interests in raw foods, Don began holding Mary Kay-type parties to expose the amazing world of vegan cuisine to his peers. Ultimately he found himself working as a Sous Chef for a popular Raw Food restaurant in Brooklyn in addition to becoming a fly-by-night music sensation.

Currently, Don is a party chef for the largest catering company on the East Coast, dishing up grub for Spike Lee, Mayor Bloomberg and the like. He has also had the pleasure of cooking for our nation’s leader, though found out later the Secret Service wouldn’t allow President Obama to eat it. Additionally he has created the most delicious nut butter on Planet Earth, RAWSTACHIO, which is sold online and in markets throughout New York City.

The premiere is only two days away! We have some great bloggers on board for the virtual viewing party & potluck – including The Naptime Chef, Cooking with Books, Umami Girl, One Hungry Mama, and many more! And don’t forget about the giveaway bundle of Red, White, and Blue items from Le Creuset, Edgeware, and Dream Farm.

Don shared with us his healthy version of the classic Elvis Sandwich, in hopes that you’ll all live a little longer than The King. Check it out below, and stay tuned tomorrow for my last teammates recipe. Oh, and I’ll be posting mine on Monday!



Elvis Sandwich 2.0, a la Don PV

There is nothing more American than Elvis Presley. Well, maybe there is, but work with me here. We have all heard about that famous, artery-clogging Banana, Peanut Butter and, yeah I’m gonna say it, BACON sandwich that paved the path he took to meet his maker. Well I’ve taken that American Classic and am bringing it into the modern era for Americans who know better. To be clear, many of these ingredients may seem obscure, but they really aren’t. This is 2012 after all so if you can’t get something in your local markets then go online. I mean really, where the hell have you been living. I’ve also substituted Avocado for the Bacon, but if you season it as I tell yo ass then you won’t miss that fatty bacon. WERK IT OUT IN YO MOUTH!!!!


  • 2 Slices RAYO DE SOL BREAD
  • 1 Organic Banana, Peeled and Sliced
  • ½ Avocado Sliced, Seasoned with Aleppo Pepper and Fennel Pollen
  • 2 tbsp raw honey


  1. Take 1 Slice of Bread. Loosely spread 3 TBSP of RASTACHIO.
  2. Arrange the banana in an even layer. Drizzle with the honey. Layer on the avocado.
  3. Place other slice of bread with remaining RAWSTACHIO on top.
  4. WERK.

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