Chef Race: ‘Spend a Penny’ & Other Items from the British-American Dictionary

One of my favorite things about doing Chef Race was getting to know a lot of wacky Brits. They really tried to fuel the rivalry between the teams, so it was actually the cameramen, sound guys, producers, coordinators and such who really expanded my horizons and taught me a whole new British vocabulary to fill in for everyday objects and sayings. Sometimes, I had no idea what they were talking about. What do you mean there are crisps in the boot with my rucksack?

One of my favorite British personalities was our AP, Alex. Bianca and I took it upon ourselves to relentlessly “hen-peck” him. But I think he liked it. There was a rule that you had to stay 20-feet away from a camera at all times. During the first episode, we managed to run away and lose Alex for a period of time in a Vegas casino – which can be a very difficult place to re-find someone. Alex was not happy. Needless to say, this incident was not able to be filmed.

It often felt like members of production were our camp counselors, as their frustration levels resembled those of people don’t often deal with five-year-olds. And it was with the love of a camper for her counselor that I chose to imitate Alex when asked to do a British accent for the camera. I didn’t think the footage would ever see the light of day. But lo and behold, here is the result of my mischief at the end of a very long, hot tiring day.

People have asked on my facebook wall if we were drunk when we did these impressions. The answer would usually be yes. But in this case, I think we were all just high on exhaustion. And boy, did we find ourselves funny.

I took the liberty of telling you this story so that you don’t think I believe all British people have slight lisps. People, come on. I was a musical theater nerd – I’ve done whole plays with a bad British accent! This particular rendition was pure Alex, who’s voice is still in my head at 6am, telling me to go get my rucksack.





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  1. Frankie says:

    Based on this video, I can’t wait to see the show! Your accent is terrible!

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