Food & Wine: Fried Rice Recipes


One of the recipe categories I developed for Food & Wine earlier this year was fried rice. You may remember my instagram feed looking a lot like this. It’s been great to be able to share the recipes with you as they get published. And I was particularly excited that all these fried rice dishes were published in time for Christmas.

The only joy of a Jewish Christmas is getting to spend the evening with other Jews in a Chinese restaurant, while all other venues are shuddered or serving expensive prix fix menus. But I always love the holidays for the excuse to gather people in your home around an overly involved meal. And the good news about Jewish Christmas is that Chinese food at home is a lot less involved than a whole roasted leg of lamb. If you’re feeling less Grinch-like this year, here are plenty of ideas to make it a Chinese Christmas at home.

1. Salmon Fried Rice with Carrots and Cabbage | 2. Thai Basil Fried Rice with Radishes | 3. Fried Rice with Three Peas | 4. Cabbage Fried Rice | 5. Fried Brown Rice with Scallions and Eggs | 6. Kielbasa Fried Rice | 7. Smoked Tofu Fried Brown Rice with Sweet Peas


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