The 7 Best Gluten-Free Crackers (Plus Easy Appetizers to Serve Them With!)

The Best Gluten-Free Crackers - my favorite brands and gluten-free dips to go with them

Holiday finger food can be a wheat-laden war zone for many people with dietary restrictions. Usually the vehicle of choice is a toasted piece of bread, a square of puff pastry, or a round water cracker. While I’ve been known to pull the pigs out of their blankets and scrape the topping off of crusty crostini, when hosting at home, I’m able to make the easy swap to serving my appetizers with gluten-free crackers.

The gluten-free aisle seems to get more and more crowded every day. So I put together my favorite gluten-free crackers and some easy gluten-free appetizer recipes to serve them with for your holiday entertaining needs.

Eat up!


Recipes Baked Fontina Recipe | The Best Gluten Free Crackers | Gluten-Free Appetizers Recipes 1. Mary’s Herb Crackers with Baked Fontina with Rosemary, Garlic, and Chilis.

These rustic gluten-free crackers are among the best I’ve ever eaten. They’re nutty and savory, which makes them great with a simple Tuscan white bean dip or this cheesy baked fontina, oozing with garlic and herbs.

Green Goddess Dip Recipe | The Best Gluten Free Crackers | Gluten-Free Appetizers Recipes
2. Kame Rice Crackers with Green Goddess Dip

Kame rice crackers were one of the first gluten-free options to come on the scene. Though they’re from the Asian persuasion, they taste good with just about everything. I particularly like them with avocado-based dips like this Green Goddess dip or Guacamole. They also taste great with spicy hummus. Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Is Me: Banana Muffins (For My Birthday!)

gluten-free banana muffins with chocolate frosting - healthy cupcakes! I turn twenty-nine this weekend, a little fact that I’ve been less than excited to celebrate. Some birthday years bring on the blues more than others. And I’m not necessarily bummed about 29, it just feels rather anti-climactic compared to all my friends who are welcoming in the wisdom of their 30’s, which I couldn’t be more excited to get a dose of myself.

Buzzfeed puts twenty-nine at number four on their 20’s rankings, which isn’t saying much, since the majority of those other mid-years are spent in the midst of a quarter-life crisis that stems from feeling like you have to get your shit together, while not having enough maturity to actually know want to do with your life.

gluten free banana muffins using Bubble Girl Bakes vegan allergy friendly flour. No Nut flours or eggs - just protein-packed flax meal. gluten free banana muffin recipe - vegan and nut-free - so healthy and light! healthy banana bread muffin recipe - Made gluten-free and with just a few dark chocolate chips - no nuts or nut flour so allergy friendly! Apparently, twenty-nine is also the year that you will first start noticing yourself turning into your parents. And if that is the case, which it might be, since I threw my back out last week, then there’s no better way to celebrate than by making gluten-free banana muffins. Continue reading

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Feeding Friends: Roasted Brussels Sprout Salad with Radicchio, Egg Mimosa, and Bacon Vinaigrette

Roasted Brussels Sprout Salad with Radicchio, Egg Mimosa, and Bacon Vinaigrette  I get a lot of cookbooks that come through Feed Me Phoebe headquarters, especially come fall when it seems like everyone and their mother, and therefore the Kardasians and their mother, release their perfectly polished recipes on the page. For the record, I am not complaining! And Kris K, if you’re out there somewhere, I would love an opportunity to see what you and your ghostwriter have been feeding Kimye.

One of my favorite cookbooks from this season is Bitter: A Taste of the World’s Most Dangerous Flavor, With Recipes. Not only is it beautifully written and shot, but Jennifer McLagen highlights some of my favorite vegetables that I had not necessarily lumped into the category of bitter. Old loves of mine, like Brussels sprouts, white asparagus and celery, which is organized into the section “Surprisingly Bitter.”

oven roasted brussels sprouts with bacon is a great fall holiday side with bitter radicchio and egg mimosa crispy browned brussels sprouts oven roasted to perfection - about to be tossed with bacon and egg mimosa oven roasted brussels sprout salad with radicchio - a great bitter lettuce - and rich bacon vinaigrette Less surprisingly are of course the “born to be bitter” greens like endive, chicory and dandelion greens. I’ve been trying to dabble a bit more in these greens, as even Charlie is starting to get tired of my usual kale salads. Now that the temperatures have dropped I can’t bring myself to buy anymore bags of prewashed arugula. I want something warm that can stand up to a little bit of cooking, something like a roasted brussels sprout salad with radicchio and bacon. Continue reading

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Mind Body Green: 7 Ways Your Spice Rack Can Replace Your Medicine Cabinet

Mind Body Green Spice Rack over Medicine Cabinet | Healthy Natural Cold Cures My second post is now live on Mind Body Green!

It’s so easy to open up your medicine cabinet for a quick fix — be it an Advil for a headache or something more natural, like activated Charcoal for an upset stomach. But since I try to inspire people to use their kitchens as their main avenue to living a healthier lifestyle, I’ve tried to find cooking solutions that can stand in for the ever-present pill. By far the easiest, and one that’s rooted in thousands of years of history, is your spice rack.

Medications are great for when you’re in crisis, and believe me, when I’m nursing a migraine, the last thing I want to do is stand over a hot stove or chop sweet potatoes. But using certain spices, which are high in anti-inflammatory properties, can help keep medical emergencies at bay in the first place. Continue reading

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Feeding Friends: Blistered Shishito Peppers with Sumac Salt

Meatless Monday: Blistered Shishito Peppers Recipe with Sumac Salt The first time I ate blistered shishito peppers was at Sushi Samba circa 2001. It was one of the few venues that dragged me and my high school friends below 14th street, and that’s because it was one of the few venues that would look from my fake Michigan driver’s license to my Theory tube top and not laugh in my face.

Before trying our luck ordering green apple saketinis like the best of the brace-faced Carrie Bradshaw wannabes, we would order a few nibbles for the table, including these peppers. While shishito peppers are now just as commonplace as edamame on menus, at the time this was a revelation. (As was tempura-ing green beans and putting jalapenos in a sushi roll).

Ark Foods Shishito Peppers - Hot Pan Fried Peppers For Your NExt Party Appetizer Japanese Shishitos Peppers from Ark Foods - perfect sauteed with oil until blistered and tossed with salt Blistered Peppers with Salt - Sauteed Japanese Shashitos Recipe with salt But unlike edamame, which pretty much now has its own zip code in the freezer aisle, shishito peppers haven’t taken off in the home kitchen in the same way as other new millennium fad foods, even though they are arguably just as easy to throw together as a party appetizer or healthy snack. My friend Noah is trying to change that, and I for one, am super excited by his efforts to bring blistered shishitos to the masses. Continue reading

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7 Frighteningly Healthy Halloween Recipes

Healthy-Halloween Halloween season seems to kick off the initial downward spiral of our best eating intentions in favor of orange marshmallow pumpkins and general holiday gluttony. It’s hard not to give in to your sweet tooth when every end cap starts stocking Halloween candy come October 1, just begging us to impulse buy a modest two dozen Kit Kat bars when picking up the morning paper or buying toothpaste at the pharmacy.

Sure, I’d like the month of October not to devolve into one big hyperactive eating spree. But it’s no fun to sit on the sidelines while everyone else mainlines chocolate. So I put together some of my favorite signature Feed Me Phoebe dishes that can grace your harrowing Halloween table, without causing you to look frightful in your skin tight slutty angel costume.

A few bites of Zombie Scab Dip may just be what you need to step away from the plastic jack-o-lantern and put down the 5 mini candy bars.

Happy Halloween!


Recipes Creamy Vegan Cauliflower Soup with Red Curry -- Spicy and Healthy 1. Wickedly Creamy Cauliflower Soup

If you’re dressing as a Celtics player, as I did in 2006, this themed dish will take on a whole new meaning. Otherwise, just consider it a delicious (vegan!) way to line your stomach before all the cauldron-colored jello shots. Continue reading

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