Easy Baked Tortilla Espanola with Zucchini and Smoked Paprika Aioli

This easy tortilla espanola recipe is baked in the oven - no pan necessary. Potato is combined with zucchini for a healthy version of the Spanish omelet, and served with lemon-paprika aioli | www.feedmephoebe.com

When I first quit my corporate job to become a full-time food babe, I took on pretty much any gig that involved buttercream and not my naked body. I worked long hours in front of my computer bouncing between tabs of various recipe projects. I spent my days teaching 9-year olds how to bake homemade granola bars, and my nights lugging hundreds of mini meatballs to upscale Fashion Week parties, where no one wanted to eat them. And being a desperate freelancer trying to build word of mouth and make a name for myself, at the beginning, I often cooked a lot of these meals for free.

That all changed with the great Tortilla Espanola fiasco of 2011.

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Kitchen Confessions, May: My Summer Wellness Reading List

2016 Summer Wellness Reading List | Feed Me Phoebe | www.feedmephoebe.com

It’s starting to feel like summer in these parts, which means New York City already has its swamp on. But me and my already-frizzy hair don’t care! I’m so excited that beach weather is here.

One of the things that would have made me feel like many saddie face emojis if we’d moved to LA is not getting to spend time on the Cape. I got my first little hit a few weeks ago when Charlie and I spent the weekend at the Martha’s Vineyard Wine Festival. It was such fun showing some of our friends around who’d never been to the island, and was a big reminder that I am WAY overdue for a Healthy Hedonist guide to my happy place. Consider it on the to-do list for summer. Continue reading

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Herb Marinated Steak Gyros Plates with Tomato-Onion Salad and Green Tahini Sauce

Homemade Herb Marinated Steak Gyros Plates with Tomato-Onion Salad, Gluten-Free Pitas, and Green Tahini-Yogurt Sauce | Get the healthy recipe on www.feedmephoebe.com

I didn’t think it was humanly possible. But after a month in Southern California, followed by a month of Cinco de Mayo recipe testing anticipation, followed by a week (Uno through Siete) of celebrating said holiday, I may have officially OD-ed on tortilla chips.

I came to this realization on Sunday evening while I stood over yet another vat of homemade guacamole, wrapping yet another stack of corn tortillas in foil to get warm and toasty for fish tacos. Luckily the novelty of the situation (teaching a healthy Mexican cooking class in the comfort of my home!), coupled with the fact that I will never (not ever) OD on mashed avocado, meant that I still inhaled those ‘tillas like a champ. But all of this is to say: while usually I would serve up something like this, this or this for a holiday weekend, I’m going to shake up my Memorial Day grill game with a little Mediterranean inspiration. Specifically, these herb marinated steak gyros from the Plated Cookbook. Continue reading

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Golden Milk Oatmeal with Pepita Brittle

This easy vegan oatmeal recipe uses turmeric-rich Golden Milk as the base, and is topped with pepita brittle. It's both vibrant, healthy and delicious!

Ever since ExpoWest, when you couldn’t turn a corner without running into a new turmeric product, I’ve been dying to try my hand at a golden milk recipe.

This vibrant, frothy concoction is deeply rooted in Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-inflammatory healing power. My general rule of thumb for any type of anti-inflammatory eating is to eat the rainbow—a little trick that my acupuncturist, Heidi, taught me. And turmeric is pretty much as colorful, and as versatile to cook with, as it gets.  Continue reading

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Easy Asian Chicken Salad with Peanut Dressing

This Easy Asian Chicken Salad Recipe combines carrots, cabbage + romaine with creamy peanut dressing - a crunchy, healthy version of Chinese chicken salad! | www.feedmephoebe.com

During my youth, I had a tendency to eat the same thing for lunch every day. Around the age of 6, I went through a tuna salad sandwich phase. And being the demanding creature of habit that I was, I would shame my mother into making one for my brown bag morning after morning until, three months later, I OD-ed and never wanted to see or smell tuna fish ever again. (Probably much to the relief of my Kindergarden classmates. That shiz is invasive.)

The same thing happened with Nutella and Peanut Butter Sandwiches, then Turkey and Salami. And eventually, by my college years, when I had retired every weird sandwich combination in rotation, I even ruined Asian Chicken Salad for myself. Continue reading

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5-Ingredient Za’atar Roasted Beet Toasts + Belated April Confessions

5-Ingredient Za'atar Roasted Beet Toasts | A Quick and Easy Roasted Beet Recipe | www.feedmephoebe.com

I completely failed you on my April confessions. So before we get into this simple 5-ingredient roasted beet recipe, let me quickly bring you up to speed.

The main thing I wanted to recap was the #SpringPantryPurge! Holy moly, it was so amazing to see what other bloggers dug out from the depths of their cupboards. It made me feel much less alone in my hoarding ways, and like I was doing my small part to fight the depressing reality of food waste in this country. Continue reading

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A Healthy Hedonist’s Guide to Los Angeles

The Best Healthy Restaurants in Los Angeles | www.feedmephoebe.com

Earlier this Spring, I decided to escape the dreary East Coast doom and gloom in favor of a month in sunny California. As some of you may remember from my confessions around that time, there was a short while when I thought I could be relocating to Los Angeles for good. When that didn’t happen, and I just couldn’t face another episode of Punked, Mother Nature Edition, I relocated Feed Me Phoebe HQ to Santa Monica for a chunk of March and April.

It was an incredibly productive trip. Especially if said productivity was measured in units of raw fish and tortillas consumed per hour. So I’m excited to finally be sharing the best locations to do some healthy “work” of your own on your next trip to the city of angels. Continue reading

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Horchata White Chocolate Bark with Almonds and Cinnamon

Horchata White Chocolate Bark Recipe with Almonds and Cinnamon | Easy | www.feedmephoebe.com

Cinco de Mayo is nearly upon us, my healthy hedonists!!

I know you’ve likely already lined up your margarita and taco offerings. So I’m going to use my 11th hour holiday PSA to talk about a much overlooked fiesta course: dessert. Specifically, this white chocolate bark recipe with lots of horchata pizazz.

I don’t doubt that you’ll have successfully fulfilled your daily sugar quota by the end of the first round of cocktails (unless you make my fresh raspberry versions from scratch). And some of you lucky fools may get to experience more via a multi-colored paper donkey that rains Laffy Taffy, Smarties and other candies that no one ever eats unless purchased in bulk.
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