Watermelon-Cucumber Kombucha Coolers (Tequila Optional)

I had some unexpected realizations during hydration month of the wellness project. Mainly, that my consumption of green juice was causing me to bleed green. I’ve since managed to balance my beverage budget. For the most part, I don’t buy coffee or coconut water out on the town. But the one bottle I’m still a die-hard sucker for is kombucha. And after I managed to spend $10 in a two-hour window on a concoction similar to this watermelon kombucha recipe, I knew it was time take matters into my own hands at home.

A Watermelon Kombucha Recipe with Cucumber (Tequila Optional!) | Healthy Drinks | Feed Me Phoebe

The scene of this spending spree was a little coffee shop in Seattle. I tagged along on Charlie’s business trip a few weeks ago, and after several days of working remotely from the hotel lobby, I decided to take FMP headquarters to greener, more organically caffeinated pastures.

As any freelancer or home-bound workhorse knows, finding a good coffee shop for your mobile office might just be more difficult than sourcing a flattering pair of white skinny jeans, bad picture of Ryan Gosling, or intelligent statement from Ryan Lochte (depending on your interests/hobbies). The coffee and free Wifi have to be strong, the music soft, and the tables amble and sparsely occupied. Starbucks never seems to fit the bill, even in its hometown. So after a few pit stops for gluten-free bread and sustainable seafood, I was grateful to find Victrola Coffee Roasters, which not only checked all the necessary boxes, but also served up watermelon-cucumber kombucha on tap. Continue reading

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Bell Pepper and Beef Taco Skillet with Chipotle Cashew Cream

Spiralized Bell Pepper and Beef Taco Skillet with Fresh Corn, Avocado and Chipotle Cashew Cream | Feed Me Phoebe

For a professional food babe, I’m surprisingly suspicious of kitchen gadgetry. So when my first spiralizing apparatus landed on my doorstep, designed by none other than the doyenne of inspiralization, it took me a few weeks to get up the courage to rip open the package and let the blades go to town on the bell peppers in this beef taco skillet recipe from her new cookbook Inspiralize Everything.

I’ve gotten to know Ali Maffucci over the last year through my #friendsinfood events in New York, and become slightly hypnotized by the volume and beauty of all the squiggly veggies spiraling out of her kitchen. Between that, and being a gluten-free recovering carboholic, you might think I’d have ditched the kelp noodles and jumped on the spiralizing bandwagon sooner. But I couldn’t bring myself to buy the machine. Continue reading

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Creamy Zucchini Soup with Scallions and Brazil Nut Chili Oil (Vegan)

Creamy Zucchini Soup Recipe with Avocado, Scallions, Basil and Brazil Nut Chili Oil | VEGAN | Feed Me Phoebe

It doesn’t escape me that every time I post something overtly meat-related, I immediately lose about 20 Instagram followers. Sadly, this is also what happens with every picture I post of Charlie. This makes both of us sad, but perhaps some people just aren’t into hunks of man meat either?

Luckily, shellfish hasn’t been quite as offensive, but I’ve still taken your social media behavior as an implicit request to throw more veggie options into the mix. So in honor of Meatless Monday, and in the name of my post-road trip detox, I’m interrupting this month’s #summerseafoodchallenge programming to bring you a creamy vegan zucchini soup recipe. Continue reading

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Steamed Clams with Chorizo, Tomatoes and Kale

Easy Steamed Clams Recipe with Chorizo, Tomatoes, Potatoes, White Wine and Kale | Great as a healthy one pot meal or served over linguine | Feed Me Phoebe

Ever since I made this steamed clam recipe in the comfort of my Brooklyn apartment (in another episode of “Phoebe Versus the Snapchat Timer”), I’ve been on the move. Summer (and endless wedding season), usually means I’m barely home during July and August. But this year I decided to tag along on Charlie’s work travels to LA and Seattle, taking my suitcase nomadry skills up a notch.

My travels, though, have been feeding this site more than usual. I decided a few months ago that I wanted to dedicate August on the site to sustainable seafood and easy weeknight meals to make with varieties outside the typical salmon-tuna-shrimp trio. A weekend in Martha’s Vineyard led me to a talk with Paul Greenberg on the subject. And now these two weeks in the Pacific Northwest seem to be another case of what I like to call “synchronicity highway,” seafood edition. Continue reading

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Baked Bluefish with Anchovy Kale, Crispy Potatoes, and Garlic-Thyme Pangritata

A Baked Bluefish Recipe with Anchovy Kale, Crispy Potatoes, and Garlic-Thyme Pangritata | 3 Ingredients in its simplest form, but even more outstanding as a complete meal with these other elements! | Feed Me Phoebe

There’s an on-going shtick in my family around my dad’s hatred of bluefish.

Every summer, when I make my pilgrimage to Martha’s Vineyard, my mom asks me what I want for dinner on my first night back. “How about bluefish?” I suggest. To which she replies, with a sigh: “well, you know your father.”

Many years ago, my dad developed a prejudice towards bluefish. I won’t go and say it had anything to do with its darker flesh. But probably as a result of a bad experience in a restaurant, he found it to be too oily and fishy. And yes, the darker bottom bits—the kind you’ll experience on a salmon fillet to a lesser extent—didn’t thrill him either.

Only, that was then and this is now. Continue reading

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Acai Bowls with Coconut-Cashew Granola + More Brazilian Recipes to Get You Through the Summer Games

A Frozen Acai Bowl Recipe with Cashew-Coconut Granola | A Healthy Version of the Traditional Brazilian Smoothie Bowl! | Feed Me Phoebe

In keeping with the tradition of the last few weeks, I’m bringing you a quick Brazilian treat to light up your Fri-yay and get you excited for tonight’s Olympic kick-off.

Somehow all the mayhem in the media around this summer’s games has only gotten me more excited to see what will go down in Rio tonight. Will the Russian athletes look like hallowed out versions of their former selves? Will the outdoor swimmers be able to do the breast stroke in hazmat suits? And will the country make up for its lack of expensive pyrotechnics (and half-built stadium?) by outfitting the entertainment in the region’s finest neon thong bikinis? Continue reading

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Your Summer Guide to Healthy Sustainable Seafood: The Best Fish to Eat & How to Cook Them

Your Summer Guide to the Healthiest Sustainable Seafood: A List of The Best Fish to Eat & How to Cook Them | Feed Me Phoebe During The Wellness Project, one of my hardest challenges was deciding what food rules to live by. And I quickly learned that devising those healthy hedonist parameters for the land was a lot easier than doing so for the sea.

Choosing seafood that is both healthy for you and also poses limited environmental risk is a tricky business–even more so than sourcing sustainable meat. For starters, you have to weigh a lot of components: mercury, omega 3 ratios, the varying quality of farming practices, the scarcity of what’s in the wild, and simply knowing how the hell to cook the species you’ve never heard of.

I’ve been lucky to get a lot of practice trouble shooting the latter during my summers on Martha’s Vineyard. And since August is probably the month when you’re most likely to step outside your seafood comfort zone, I thought it would be an opportune time to take on a #summerseafoodchallenge and dedicate a few weeks on the blog to talking about the best fish to eat and how to cook them. Continue reading

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Brazilian-Style “Moqueca” Fish Packets with Coconut Milk and Tomatoes

Moqueca Fish Packets with Coconut Milk and Tomatoes | A Quick, Easy Spin on the Classic Brazilian Fish Stew Recipe| Healthy Seafood | Feed Me Phoebe

I discovered the hard way that moqueca—the coconut-based Brazilian fish stew—is a dish that’s meant for sharing.

After our first few days in Rio last winter, Charlie and I decided to escape the beaches full of Amazonian floral thongs and speedos, in favor of a beach with more chill, less touristy vibes (albeit, the same swimwear). When we arrived at our eco hotel on the large, aptly named island of Ilha Grande, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we’d be sharing the grounds with just a few other couples. And we were even more surprised that we were the only Americans on the premises.

Usually the only times I’ve found myself as the lone American in a tourist oasis is when I’ve rented an AirBNB by myself. Needless to say, we were incredibly proud of our research prowess for managing to find somewhere “authentic” where only Brazilian “locals” knew to go. That is the travel dream, yes? Continue reading

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Pao de Queijo a.k.a. Gluten-Free Brazilian Cheese Bread Heaven

Phoebe Lapine_Sausage-Stuffed Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pao de Queijo) -

There’s been a lot of talk and no action regarding these gluten-free Brazilian cheese breads. I know I’ve been promising a pao de queijo recipe since January, when I returned from the land of these magical cheese puffs. And you may think I’ve just failed to deliver. But the truth is I’ve been hoarding many a Brazilian delicacy for you, much as I did many a cheesy roll from our Rio breakfast buffet.

Now that the summer games are almost upon us, and I finally rolled out my epic healthy hedonist travel guide to Rio, I’d be remiss in letting you go another day without one of these puppies in your hand. Continue reading

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