Vegan Strawberry Banana Ice Cream with Peanut Butter “Fudge” Sauce

Vegan Strawberry Banana Ice Cream with Peanut Butter "Fudge" Sauce | Healthy Ice Cream Recipe | Sugar-Free / No Added Sugar! I spent a few post-college years convinced that I was lactose intolerant. This was pre-gluten diagnosis, and because wheat belly was not yet a well documented symptom, I just assumed that feeling sick after eating baked pasta, grilled cheese sandwiches, and greasy pizza was because of the dairy, and not the vehicle that transported it into my mouth.

Ironically, the things I was most scared of eating were ice cream and bisques. So my consumption of black raspberry scoops in summertime and creamy tomato soup come winter shrank to very lame proportions. Of course, minus the bread bowls and waffle cones, I probably would have been way better off designing my meals around these items instead of peanut noodles and banana bread. But you live and learn. And in the process, I’ve made up for a lot of lost time on the ice cream front. Continue reading

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August Wellness Challenge: Moon Sisterhood

Hormone Health and Moon Sisterhood; How to find the natural birth control options that are right for you When I was first prescribed the pill at sixteen, I wasn’t yet having sex and I was too young to even begin to understand what was going on inside my body. Like the fifty-eight percent of women who are on hormonal birth control for reasons other than for use as contraception, it was given to me because my period was irregular.

Being a teenager, I was at an age when I wanted to cover up any bodily abnormality at all costs, whether it was via a padded bra or a little pink tablet that would make my period come every 28 days, just like everybody else. But birth control soon became a mindless part of everyday life. And like a lot of people, I ended up staying on it for over a decade without giving it a second thought. Continue reading

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Healthy Broiled Striped Bass with Provencal Tomatoes and Olives

Broiled Striped Bass Recipe with Provencal Tomatoes and Olives | Healthy Fish Recipe As I mentioned a few weeks ago in the newsletter, Charlie and I are officially shacking up for a few months. The cohabitation experiment will continue beyond that (assuming we don’t kill each other!), but in a much bigger space than my 400 square foot studio.

Moving in general is one of the more stressful activities that life throws at us, even when the destination is full of excitement. And even when said move just means dehoarding your cabinets and closet to make room for another human’s wardrobe. Continue reading

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What I Learned From My Month of Movement

How to Create An Exercise Habit | Fitting Fitness Into Everyday Life | How Much Exercise is Enough? For July’s wellness experiments I finally kicked my butt into gear and tried to make movement a priority for 30 minutes everyday. I also forced myself to experience some of the city’s hottest and hardest fitness classes in an attempt to feed my body as many different kinds of movement nutrients as possible.

I had many pounds of dread to shed leading up to these challenges. And the biggest one—which, perhaps got me into this weak, shapeless mess in the first place—was my back.

I talked a little bit about this in my intro to exercise month. But what I didn’t mention was one important lesson from my back rehabilitation. Continue reading

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Summer Salad Farmer’s Market Challenge Menu From The Healthy Apple

FMC-Menu-TheHealthyApple | Amie Valpone Kale Summer Salad Recipes When the weather dips below 30 degrees, I admit that my best Farmer’s Market intentions usually fall victim to a fleece blanket and my Seamless web app. But come summer, I make up for lost time.

Martha’s Vineyard is my happy place, and there’s nowhere else in the world where I’d rather load up my basket with goodness from the garden and spend all week cooking it. Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Moroccan Eggplant Caponata Pasta

Moroccan Eggplant Caponata Pasta Salad | Easy Summer Recipe Eggplant caponata always brings me back to my semester abroad in Rome. The cramped three-bedroom apartment I shared with six other students was where a lot of my small kitchen experiments began.

Our galley kitchen probably had less counter space than my current Manhattan studio, and barely contained enough silverware and plates to feed all the roommates at once. And yet, being budget-conscious students in an overpriced touristy part of town, we didn’t have much choice but to visit the nearby outdoor market in Campo dei Fiori and cook for ourselves. Continue reading

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Video: Grilled Mushroom Cheddar Melts on Healthination

Grilled Mushroom Cheddar Melts | Healthy Grilled Cheese Recipe It was incredibly painful to crisp up these oozy mushroom cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches on the barbie and not be able to take a bite. I’ll be recreating a gluten-free version on my own grill this summer. Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Vegan Greek Kale Salad

Greek Kale Salad with Chick’n | Healthy Salad Recipes | Vegan As those of you who are familiar with the site know, aside from being gluten-free, I don’t really subscribe to any specific diet. My going philosophy is to eat a lot of good, with a little bad. Which ensures that my diet is equal parts French fries and kale.

But after my research for The Wellness Project’s Gut Guilt month, I’ve begun to take a slightly different stance on where meat falls on the good-bad spectrum. Despite the carb-free, high protein trends, the majority of scientific studies lean towards the idea that we could all benefit from eating less animal protein. Continue reading

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