A Simple Timeline For Switching to Natural Beauty Products

The Best Organic Natural Beauty Products - How to Make the Switch + My Tips on the Best Brands! to Buy! Last spring I went through the first few steps of transitioning to natural beauty products. I’ve made it through stage 2, to be exact.

As part of The Wellness Project’s green beauty month I’m going to try to make even more progress, including finding one go-to red lipstick that’s natural. I’ve put it further down on my timeline because for me it’s not an everyday item. But it’s estimated that the average woman will eat 4 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. So there’s that… Continue reading

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Dark Chocolate Beauty Bark with Chia Seeds, Pepitas, and Goji Berries

Beauty Bark! A Quick and Easy Dark Chocolate Bark Recipe with Chia Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas) and Goji Berries | A Great Healthy Snack or Dessert! One of the things I missed most during my sugar detox was having a little nibble of dark chocolate at the end of meals. This is a habit I learned from my mother, who, up until earlier this year when she gave up sugar for good, used to have an entire pantry cabinet dedicated to fancy dark chocolate bars of various cacao densities and flavors.

I couldn’t always afford this type of pantry-loading. Cherry dark chocolate with sea salt doesn’t come cheap, especially when you eat 3 meals a day at home, and 1 square can easily turn into the whole bar by 3pm. So I started keeping dark chocolate chips in the fridge instead as my go-to meal end-cap. Continue reading

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February Wellness Challenge: Green Beauty

Phoebe-1399 Having spent my pre-food professional years working for L’Oreal, I have a warped sense of loyalty towards the generic products that have made me feel so much prettier over the years.

But as a wise woman and fellow former L’Oreal employee once said: pretty hurts.

Through making an effort to do right by my endocrine system and heal my thyroid, I’ve learned a lot about the chemicals in consumer products–information I wish I could take a little MOB red memory pen to. But unfortunately Tommy Lee Jones has turned down all my dinner invitations, so here we are.

For much of last year my face was a poppyfield of adult acne, perioral dermititis and rosacea. My friends don’t remember this–mainly because I wore a shit load of makeup. Despite my efforts to cover it all up, I worried at the time that my adolescent skin was starting to look a lot like what my pre-teen idol Cher Horowitz would call a “full on Monet.” Fine from far away, but up close, a big old mess. It was one of the biggest catalysts for me to start taking my wellness journey in this new direction. Vanity is a powerful motivator, my friends. Continue reading

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Moroccan Roasted Beet Salad with Almonds and Pomegranate Seeds

Moroccan Oven Roasted Beet Salad Recipe with Almonds and Pomegranate Seeds | Healthy, Gluten-Free Side Dish Since this month’s wellness challenge theme is all about natural ways to love the skin you’re in, I thought I’d dedicate February to dishes that will help you eat yourself pretty.

Whenever I’m feeling rundown and in need of a detox (and don’t feel like going off of these bad boys for an extended period of time), the first ingredient I turn to is the bodacious beet. Continue reading

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What I Learned From My Month of No Sugar, Alcohol and Caffeine

Natural Liver Detox Foods and Tips - How I Survived My Sugar-free Alcohol-Free, and Caffeine Free Cleanse! …like, that I really really love wine.

For those of you who were confused by the tequila that graced your computer screens last week, I kicked off my year of monthly wellness challenges with a detox-retox theme. BUT I didn’t actually eliminate alcohol or caffeine myself this January.

My choice to go off those two vices, along with added sugar, was something I did last March. The experiment, though incredibly difficult, was probably one of the most important things I’ve ever done for my health. Aside from gluten, it was the strictest I’ve been in overhauling my habits. And the positive results ended up inspiring this entire yearlong series.

So needless to say, I’ve been chomping at the bit for almost a year to give you the full run down on my detox experience. Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Chicken Chile Verde

Gluten-Free Chicken Chile Verde | Easy Healthy Chili Recipes I feel a little bit guilty about cutting back on the number of recipes I’ve been serving up here. So as much as I’ve been LOVING sharing my wellness tips, it feels kind of nice to just curl up with you and this bowl of healthy chicken chile verde and gossip about tomatillos.

Aside from the cornstarch, which I used in place of AP flour as a thickener, this homey Tex-Mex stew is pretty much healthy hedonism in a bowl. And despite ghosts from my West Coast past, it couldn’t be easier to make.

For whatever reason, I’ve always found tomatillos to be a little intimidating. Perhaps it’s because you don’t really see them at the Farmer’s market on the East Coast, and my mental image of someone who really knows how to wield one involves Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are Alright and some semi-erotic de-husking. Continue reading

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Mind Body Green: 6 Ways To Bounce Back When You Fall Off The Detox Wagon

how to detox and then retox in a healthy way This year instead of resolutions, I decided to take on a different wellness challenge every month. The idea was that by pushing myself for a short period of time to change a habit, I wouldn’t face that horrible feeling of failure when I’d revert back to my old ways. Instead, I could revert back to them no matter what, having accomplished something major for a few short weeks.

Even if you’re sticking with the more traditional rules approach to turning over a new leaf, falling off the wagon doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. By exploring extremes at one time or another, and doing so with awareness, you can create a path forward that honors some of the healthy lessons you learned, but still leaves room for those other hedonistic non-negotiables. Continue reading

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Bottoms Up: Mean Green Kale Margaritas

Mean Green Kale Margaritas with Lime and Cilantro | Healthy Skinny Cocktail Recipe I discovered the beauty of kale margaritas last year at a little bar in the East Village. I love kale in pretty much anything, but had never actually used it to chase my tequila before. And three glasses in, I was definitely a fan.

The concoction not only had the added benefits of leafy greens, but it was also refreshing, not overly sweet and totally delicious. I’ve been dying to try my hand at these mean green margaritas ever since. But without a juicer to my name, it felt silly to pick up a $10 bottle of green goodness from Juice Press just to use as a mixer.

So when I started to play around with recipes for these Plum Vida pouches, the first thing that came to mind immediately was a green margarita. I knew the Pear, Kale, Apple Spinach blend would be perfect with a dose of lime juice and some added herbs. Continue reading

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