Easy Vegetarian Meatballs with Lentils and Quinoa (Gluten-Free)

Easy Vegetarian Meatballs Recipe with Lentils and Quinoa | Meatless Meatballs

Friends, HAPPY 2016!

I know we’re almost two weeks into reinvention season and I have yet to bring you my definitive recap of The Wellness Project. Forgive me! I’d love to tell you that I’m working on it. But if I’m being honest, mama needs a vacation.

All of the medium-rare steaks, French macaroons and hours on my butt I gave up in the process of making over my life last year paled in comparison to the juggernaut of book writing. The weight of the project cranked me into a whole new gear of anxiety and self-loathing. It nearly broke my spirit at the end, right when I was technically supposed to be tackling the “spirit” portion of my wellness to-do list. Continue reading

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Your 10 Favorite Feed Me Phoebe Recipes of 2015!


Ola from sunny Brazil!!

Charlie and I made it to Rio in one piece. And I managed to hand in my manuscript in the nick of time before we boarded the plane on Christmas Day, which was the best gift I could ever ask for. I will be celebrating the accomplishment with many caipirinhas in the days to come. Continue reading

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The 10 Best Wellness Books of 2015 (Plus a Few More)


This year I logged a personal reading record, thanks to all the research I had to do for The Wellness Project. And all the health books I got to pore over was one off the most enjoyable parts of my own book writing process.

I’ve mentioned some of my favorites here and there during my monthly recaps, but I wanted to finally put together a comprehensive list of the best new wellness reads from 2015. Continue reading

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Warm Butternut Squash Dip with Gruyere and Pistachios

Warm Butternut Squash Dip with Gruyere and Pistachios I have a love/hate relationship with butternut squash. I love eating it. But every time I perch one on my cutting board to peel, I think to myself: today will finally be the day when I call Charlie from the emergency room having just accidentally amputated a finger.

Not having to peel any gourds is just one of the many reasons to love this cheesy, warm butternut squash dip. But it may be the biggest revelation. Continue reading

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The Best Whole Grain Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Best Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe | Using America's Test Kitchen Whole Grain Blend
It’s sad to be the lone gluttard at a cookie swap. Not only will you be forced to lick the cream out of the center of a homemade non-gluten-free Oreo, for lack of any other option. But it’s also quite possible that no one will want your sad contribution. In other words, you may just be swapping cookies with yourself.

That was my fear, anyway. And in order to not make it a reality, it was my mission to track down the best gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe in all the land. Continue reading

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The Best Wellness Stocking Stuffers From My Year of Products

The Best Wellness Stocking Stuffers and Gift Certificate Ideas

One of the reasons I started The Wellness Project was to try to figure out what products (including foods) are actually worth the money we spend on them.

For years I felt like I was bleeding green on everything from foam rollers to green juice to magnetic back braces. My experiments were designed to cut the fat and focus on the bigger picture. But of course, despite my attempt to be discerning, I acquired lots of things along the way that are still collecting dust in my hallway. Continue reading

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What I Learned from My Month of Meditating and Perfecting My Mornings

What I Learned From My Month of Meditating | How-To Meditate

As an only child with no coworkers, I’m no stranger to “me time.”

Even with long days alone at the office, it’s still something I need to reset. After the holiday party haul or a wedding weekend away, I’ll find myself craving several nights of kale salad, cashmere pajama pants, and Adam Levine to recover.

But when I started considering the concept of a morning routine, I realized that most of my “me time” was reactionary. It came off the back of a social overdose. Too much raw bar action, white wine, and small talk. Not enough veggies and vegging out in front of mindless vocal talent shows. Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Brussels Sprout Latkes with Anchovy Aioli

Gluten-Free Brussels Sprout Latkes with Anchovy Aioli | Healthy Appetizers
This batch of gluten-free latkes might be the first time my own blood didn’t make an unintentional appearance on the ingredient list.

Grating potatoes—or anything for that matter—might be one of my least favorite kitchen tasks. I usually manage to stay pretty clear of my chef’s knife blade. But when muscling a slippery vegetable through sharp holes of death, all bets are off.

I’m pretty sure that having scabby knuckles by the end of the Hanukkah season is an important cultural part of being Jewish. It just gives the old Yentas in the kitchen another reason to make their offspring feel guilty about not having a fifth serving. Continue reading

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