Mind Body Green: End Your Back Pain with These 7 Lifestyle Changes

The Best Natural Back Pain Tips and Cures | 5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Posture and Alignment You may or may not have noticed that I look a little catch-up month with my Wellness Project coverage. Sadly, my ladyscaping portion of the book curriculum got cut in favor of more useful cooking and food tips. So I decided to take a little time to get back on track with my manuscript and not share all my hair experiments with you as promised. You can get some of the best practices by watching my Wellness Wednesday with Alexis Wolfer here. And one day I’ll tell you all about what it was like to go several weeks “au natural,” all over.  Continue reading

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Feeding Friends: Roasted Beet Hummus with Lemony Yogurt

Roasted Beet Hummus Recipe with Lemon Yogurt Sauce | A Great Healthy July 4th Dip, Served With Blue Potato Chips | Easy Summer Appetizers On most days I wake up and can’t believe that people actually pay me to write and cook for a living. My afternoons of toiling in corporate big beauty seem more distant with every batch of gluten-free carrot cake pancakes. And on days when I get to leisurely eat said pancakes in front of an equally indulgent mid-afternoon episode of Orange Is The New Black, life is truly sweet.

But like any job, there are also the days of bureaucratic boredom and frustration; the difficult clients, scheduling annoyances, and creative pursuits that, when confined to a rushed 2-hour time slot, feel all at once laborious and half-assed. These everyday pitfalls, even if they happen within the comfort of my own home, can leave me feeling exhausted and out of sorts–like, I’m destined to still be “faking it til I make it” at age 45. Continue reading

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Video: How to Make Mango Salsa on Healthination

easy-mango-salsa-recipe Mango salsa is one of my favorite summer condiments, especially for anything charred off the grill. Last year, my recipe was featured on Cup of Jo. And now you can get the step by step instructions for how to peel a mango, without it slipping out of your hands into a pulpy mess on the floor, in video form. Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: French Lentil Salad with Roasted Baby Potatoes and Herbs

French Lentil Salad Recipe with Roasted Potatoes, Dijon Vinaigrette and Fresh Herbs | Easy Healthy Summer Salad | Great Served Warm or Cold! | Vegetarian When I was down in Sewanee earlier this spring at a writer’s colony, pretty much the only distraction I had from my manuscript was making dinner, visiting new pony friends at a neighboring farm, and reading cookbooks.

I had been looking forward to the two-week trip as the light at the end of my writer’s block tunnel, and had unrealistically planned to spend every waking minute poring over research and plunking away at my keyboard. I didn’t realize, until a few days in, when I was already starting to go a bit crazy, how much my brain needs some mindless downtime in front of The Daily Mail or Sex and the City marathons. Continue reading

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Video: Gluten-Free Cauliflower Pizza on Healthination

Wild Mushroom Pizza with The Best Cauliflower Crust Over the last two years, I’ve been working with Healthination to bring some of my favorite wheat-free recipes to life on the show Gluten-Free Tasty.

I keep meaning to share these videos with you, but laziness and extreme discomfort at having to watch myself on camera has created a vortex of inertia. In an effort to get over it, every Friday this summer I’m going to bring you another video from my Healthination archives. Last week, it was the first episode of my guide to healthy summer grilling. Continue reading

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Tastetrotting: Greek Lamb Burgers with Mint Tzatziki

The Best Greek Lamb Burger Recipe with Mint Tzatziki | Healthy, Grilled Dinner I can’t believe that this time last year I was porpoising in the Aegean sea, eating my weight in lemony potatoes and Greek salad, and stalking rich shipping magnates to see where they were having dinner after exiting their yachts.

Last June, when I was traveling solo on Spetses Island, I had also just started experimenting with some challenges for The Wellness Project. I was deep into the book proposal process, and had hoped to finish in time for my vacation. But alas, that deadline came and went, leaving me with plenty of time to ponder my ideas while wandering the white walled towns of Greece. Continue reading

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Video: Grilled Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas on Healthination

Easy Grilled Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas with Yogurt Sauce | Gluten-Free, Healthy Recipe I can’t believe a year has passed since I hunkered down in the Hamptons with my friends at Healthination to shoot a slew of healthy recipes for the grill. Finally, those videos are making their internet debut, starting with these Skinny Grilled Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas. Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Asian Braised Red Cabbage Slaw with Black Rice, Arugula and Avocado

Asian Braised Red Cabbage Recipe with Black Rice, Avocado and Arugula | Warm Purple Cabbage Slaw | Easy, Healthy Salad My diet has been going through a bit of a cabbage renaissance lately.

Ever since The Farmer’s Market Challenge, when I realized how far one humble head of cabbage can stretch, I seem to have a few cups of this shredded crucifer in the fridge at all times.

That said, I’ve mostly reserved my cabbage eating for when I’m cooking meals for myself and being a couch potato. A bowl of braised red cabbage is something that joins the ranks of sardines on toast and black beans straight from the can as a bachelor meal that’s best consumed behind closed doors, far from the judgment of other humans. Continue reading

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