The Balanced Diet: Portuguese Kale Soup (Caldo Verde) with Linguica and Cherry Tomatoes

Caldo Verde: This healthy authentic Portuguese kale soup recipe uses smoked linguica, potatoes, beans and cherry tomatoes I know that it’s a beyond cliché thing to say the second week of September, but seriously, where the eff did the summer go?

As many of you know, summer to me is the precious time I get to spend on Martha’s Vineyard. I got two good chunks in July and August, including Labor Day weekend. But somehow I managed to miss a lot of my greatest hit traditions. There was no Minemsha sunset. No bike ride to Art Cliff Diner. And most indicative of the comings and goings of the seasons, no Portuguese kale soup. Continue reading

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Video: Peanut Butter Banana Milkshake on Healthination

Healthy Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Recipe with Chocolate Cacao Nibs | Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free This peanut butter banana smoothie was one of my most popular recipes of last year. It also happens to be one that I consume on a weekly basis. You can call it a smoothie if you’re drinking it before 10am, but it also doubles as a healthy “milkshake” in the afternoon, especially if you use frozen bananas. Continue reading

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September Wellness Challenge: Pillow Talk

How much sleep do you need // The Wellness Project Sleep Month // The Best Sleep Hygeine // The Best Natural Sleep Aids When I was little, I was hyperactive. I had so much trouble falling asleep my parents would give me a cocktail of melatonin, valerian root drops, and, catnip (which apparently has a very different effect on humans than it does on felines). When that failed, they’d sit with me doing breathing exercises until I finally conked out (or pretended to).

I’ve resorted to those same breathing exercises many times in my adult life, especially in college, when my mind would race so much thinking about exams and jobs and boys that I would often stay up until morning in a state of mental mania. Continue reading

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Video: How to Make Yemista a.k.a. Greek Baked Stuffed Tomatoes on Healthination!

Greek Baked Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe with Rice (Yemista) | Vegetarian I became a serious evangelist for yemista (the Greek term for baked stuffed vegetables) last summer when I traveled around the Aegean. Before that I was a bit of a hater when it came to stuffed vegetable side dishes. They always just seemed a bit hokey and disappointing as a vehicle, like a stale ABP bread bowl.

But that all changed in Greece. And now stuffing whole tomatoes with arborio rice, diced zucchini, and plenty of herbs is one of my favorite vegetarian meals. It’s also an amazing way to use up the last of the season’s tomatoes. Because lezbehonest, we’re all running a little low on ideas right about now… Continue reading

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What I Learned From My Month of Becoming One with My Cycle

Natural Birth Control Methods: How to Chart Your Cycle with the Fertility Awareness Method During moon sister month of my project, I wanted to put all the pieces of my lady puzzle together and better understand how I can fuel my life, love, and desires according to my cycle.

Part one was learning to chart my fertility, which I started experimenting with back in May. Some amazing new apps have made the process that much easier, though there are still some lifestyle annoyances (more on those below). The second part was about getting in tune with my flow; exercising and eating according to my moon time to promote healthy balanced hormones. Continue reading

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The Balanced Diet: Vegan Tuna Salad Collard Green Wraps

Vegan Tuna Salad Collard Green Wraps | Gluten-Free Recipe Though I eat vegan a lot of the time, thanks to my experiment with VB6 back in March, until recently, the world of meat substitutes was largely foreign to me. During rare and coveted pilgrimages to Whole Foods in college, I used to buy boxes of microwavable soy nuggets, which would mysteriously vanish from my side of the freezer after my housemates had a particularly wild night, much to my lunchtime h-anger the next day. But as a flexitarian who sometimes indulges in the real thing, a dish like vegan tuna salad never held much appeal.

Partly because of my recent work with Gardein, a plant-based frozen foods company whose products taste wonderfully and scarily like actual carnivorous favorites (i.e. much better than those long forgotten soy nuggets), I’ve begun experimenting a little more with vegan alternatives. So when I got my hands on Rich Roll and Julie Piatt’s new cookbook The Plant Power Way, after having the pleasure of meeting them at Mind Body Green Revitalize, I was very intrigued to try their take on Portabella Parmesana, Fettuccini Alfredo, and Strawberry Mint Cacao Cheesecake. Continue reading

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Video: Grilled Strawberry Bellinis on Healthination

Grilled Strawberry Bellini Recipe | Easy Summer Champagne Cocktails Summer is sadly winding down. So I thought I’d lift your spirits a bit by resurrecting one of my favorite seasonal cocktail recipes: the grilled strawberry bellini. Calling this a recipe is generous, as it’s stupid easy. Soak a few skewers, thread your fruit, and char it slightly over a high flame so that all those juices get muddled in your glass. Continue reading

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Video: How to Heal Your Hormones and Find Your Flo

how to find your natural hormone balance and fix your fertility with Alisa Vitti I know I’ve been a little negligent this year about bringing regular Wellness Wednesday videos your way. But this week’s guest makes up for every missed month with her awesomeness. And I’m SO psyched I managed to line up the interview just in time for my August Moon Sisterhood challenge.

I read Alisa Vitti’s fabulous book WomanCode last year during the early stages of putting together my curriculum for The Wellness Project. And it shed some much needed light on how hormones rule the body and play a central role in so many mysterious ailments. Continue reading

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