A Portable Picnic Farmer’s Market Challenge Menu From The Crunchy Radish

A Farmer's Market Challenge Menu From The Crunchy Radish | Feed Me Phoebe

I’ve been working remotely this week from my happy place. And being back in close proximity to Morning Glory Farm, has meant a lot of procrastination of the highest (kale) order.

I’ll admit amidst a busy Spring I had a hard time getting into the Farmer’s Market groove. There’s a new weekly stand that opened up in DUMBO around the corner from my apartment, so I’m hoping to make it a habit to get there every Wednesday once I’m back in town. The offerings pale in comparison to the island bounty I’m currently being spoiled rotten by. But hopefully that will just mean the ability to show a type of restraint that won’t doom both food and girl for spoilage.

In the meantime, I’m bringing back Farmer’s Market Challenge Menus!

You may remember the FMC from my year of wellness, and then again as I enlisted some veg-centric batch cooking inspiration from my talented food babe friends. I’m a little sad that I didn’t seize the day back in Spring when her blog name was more seasonally appropriate, but regardless, I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing some summery recipes from Miranda Hammer of The Crunchy Radish!

Miranda catapulted to Instagram super-stardom thanks to her simple, plant-forward cooking, and welcoming wellness ethos. She’s also a real deal dietician, with lots of letters after her name, and as of a few months ago, an official graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute’s Chef Training Program.

Speaking of which…I have some exciting news: I’m going to be teaching a new lecture series at NGI this fall all about food blogging! I’ll be sharing more details as the date gets closer, but wanted to give you a little taste of some of the insane talent joining me to talk about everything from SEO tips, to how to develop a voice, to getting a blog-to-book deal.

Miranda is going to be giving us her wisdom during the social media session, specifically on how she’s used Instagram to build all her other platforms. You can get an early bird discount, thanks to Meatless Monday, by using the code MMBlogger15. I’ll be revealing some of the other guest speakers soon (hint: some have been past Farmer’s Market Challenge menu makers).

In the meantime, if easy, healthy recipes are what you’re after, read on for Miranda’s make ahead dishes that would be perfect for a summer picnic, quick weeknight dinner, or some solo #brownbagswag for your lunchtime delights. And for the NYC set, if you want to taste Miranda’s food for yourself, she’s got an upcoming dinner open to the public!


A Farmer's Market Challenge Menu From The Crunchy Radish | Greek Grain Salad Greek Grain Salad

To make this in advance and take to work, I recommend combining all the ingredients except the romaine the night before. In the morning, top your grain mixture with chopped romaine and tote your dressing on the side – ready to be mixed before you eat. You could also toss the farro and chickpea mixture with dressing the night before, allowing the flavors to marinate, and add in the romaine when you are about to eat. For those of you who are gluten-free, whole grain sorghum is a good alternative to farro.

A Farmer's Market Challenge Menu From The Crunchy Radish | Slow Roasted Tomato and Eggplant Pasta Slow Roasted Tomato and Eggplant Pasta

The flavors of the sauce are better the next day, giving you the incentive of wanting to eat your leftovers! If you don’t want to go low and slow for the tomatoes, up the cooking temp to 375 and keep a close eye on the oven. Depending on the size, they should roast in about 30 minutes or less.

A Farmer's Market Challenge Menu From The Crunchy Radish | Mustard Roasted Salmon Salad Mustard Roasted Salmon Salad

All of these ingredients are great to eat cold and can even benefit from marinating in the dressing overnight. Just hold off on adding in the leafy greens until you are ready to eat.

A Farmer's Market Challenge Menu From The Crunchy Radish | Zucchini and Cherry Tomato Frittata Zucchini and Cherry Tomato Frittata

Frittata’s are the ideal make-ahead meal, and are truly enjoyable any time of day, hot or cold. This recipe calls for summery zucchini and cherry tomatoes, but it is completely adaptable depending on the season or whatever you may have in your CSA box.

A Farmer's Market Challenge Menu From The Crunchy Radish | Peach and Blueberry Crumble Peach and Blueberry Crumble

Healthy enough to eat for breakfast, hot or cold. This crumble tastes great straight out of the oven or a day or two after when the juices from the fruit have really melded together with the cinnamon and maple.

–Miranda Hammer of The Crunchy Radish

Want more Farmer’s Market inspiration? Check out past menus from other fab food babes here


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    Thanks Phoebe! Can’t wait for your class in September!!!

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