Step into my Studio

Ever since I introduced you to my new virtual home, I’ve been meaning to actually open up the doors of my small Chelsea studio to you. It took slightly less time to decorate and make habitable than where you’re sitting right now. And one of these days I’ll take a break from pointing my Rebel lens at lettuce and finally get some good shots of my arm chairs that don’t require an Instagram filter to set the mood.

In the meantime, I was lucky enough to have one of the lovely ladies of Decorative Traces grace my humble abode with her presence. If my eyes don’t look like they’re smiling in that photo, it’s probably because I spent the 24 hours prior anally rearranging my cookbooks and spice jars like a freak.

Click here for Decorative Traces’ slideshow of my “grown-up” apartment. (Danielle added the quotation marks, not me.) DT is an online muse and guide to the world of decoration, so make sure to poke around and check out the interior spaces of a bunch of other cool people I’ve just added to my must-stalk list.




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