Wellness Wednesday: Everyday Fitness and Nutrition

#WellnessWednesdays-Flyer_EverydayFitness As I mentioned last week when I introduced the concept of my new Google Hangout series, #WellnessWednesday, I am pretty terrible at making room in my life for “official” exercise. Sure, I’m not the laziest person on earth like Hannah Horvath (though sometimes I too use my chest as a tray). But getting my tukus to the gym is something I’ve struggle with since leaving my day job, when my days had more structure and the boredom necessitated some serious stair master action to maintain sanity.

This week my hangout is going to be focused on everyday fitness and nutrition. I have the latter down, but I know others’ are still looking for convenient ways to get necessary vitamins. One new option for women is the drink VROU, which recently hit the market and can now be found at Whole Foods. The brand was founded by my friend Kathryn Moos, who was an all-star college athlete and found herself struggling to stay fit and well-fed during her first few years in the real world.

For a little male perspective, I’ve paired Kathryn with the Ab-evangelist Coach Be Moore. Last year, I helped Coach Be shoot some cooking lessons for his Eating For Abs program, which takes a joint approach to getting in shape through diet and exercise.

I can’t wait to pick Kathryn and Be’s brains about some of the baby steps I can take to getting back in shape, and other great ways to simplify your life through everyday nutrition.

Make sure to sign up for the google hangout here so it will be added to your calendar!

Also, if you missed last week’s chat on Green Beauty, you can watch it here. I learned SO much from the lovely Kristen Arnett and Britta Plug, including why fragrance is the worst thing for your body and how a handful of pumpkin seeds before bed can be a game changer for your skin.



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