Whether you’re dealing with Hashimoto’s, the MTHR gene, or simply a sluggish liver, sometimes we all need a little reset. These easy detox recipes are the perfect way for your liver to detox naturally. People tend to get really hung up on the concept of detox. They purchase expensive powders, supplements, juice cleanses and protocols. The reality though is that your liver doesn’t need anything from you to detox other than getting out of its way.

Recipe for Detox 

1. Avoiding insult The three biggest vices for your liver (besides environmental chemicals) are sugar, caffeine and alcohol. This is why detox drinks are usually low sugar and caffeine free.

2. Adding nutrients The best detox recipes focus on anti-inflammatory foods. A great trick for recognizing an anti-inflammatory food is to simply eat for color, which is a great indication of a food’s antioxidant content. The more diverse the colors on your plate, the more different nutrients.

3. Supporting digestion If half your food ends up in whole pieces in the toilet, it doesn’t matter how many nutrients were in your meal. Your body is not processing it properly or reaping the rewards.

Some version of this healing kitchari recipe has been on rotation in my kitchen for years, ever since I began learning more about healing my autoimmune disease and writing books about it.

Ayurvedic Cleansing Green Kitchari Bowl

Detox Red Beet Soup with Coconut & Lime

Anti-inflammatory beets are one of the best ingredients you can design a detox soup recipe around. This version is made ultra creamy thanks to coconut milk, and the delicious combination of fresh, cleansing lime juice can’t be beat.

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One of the fun things about teaching is that it often reintroduces me to my own long-forgotten creations. And if it hadn’t been for my class at the Institute of Culinary Education last year, the inspiration for this Thai pumpkin curry recipe would have never meandered into my stomach.

Thai Pumpkin Curry with Shrimp & Bok Choy

This hibiscus raspberry drink is one of my all time favorite detox smoothie recipes, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and blood sugar supporting ingredients.

Low Sugar Hibiscus Smoothies with Ginger, Raspberries & Zucchini

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This detox drink recipe is a salad in a glass. It’s similar to a green juice but is made in a blender so retains some of the fiber.

The Flu Busting, Immune Boosting Green Drink