Mind Body Green: 3 Essential Tips To Stock Your Pantry For Less Money


Keeping a well-stocked pantry is one of the best gateway cooking habits. It may be intimidating to invest a chunk of change upfront, but so long as your cabinets contain the makings of a well-balanced meal, you’ll be that much less likely to be tempted by takeout.

Hop over to Mind Body Green for a short video on how to build a healthy whole foods pantry for less. And if you’re looking for more tips like this on how to make healthy meals on a budget and in a time crunch, my e-course that’s dedicated to the habit of cooking, is on sale this week!


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One Response to Mind Body Green: 3 Essential Tips To Stock Your Pantry For Less Money

  1. Excellent advice Phoebe! We also buy some food in bulk, like various olives, sold here in 2-3kg containers, in brine, or pulses etc.
    We also buy more on sales, recently we visited a “special” farmers market, where producers sell directly in large quantities with great discount. This is organized once per month and we always visit.
    We also take advantage of the freezer, especially in the summer, when there’s too many ripe tomatoes; we grate them and store them in small bags in the freezer. This way we don’t buy canned tomatoes in the winter season, we have amazing August’s tomatoes which we’re using:)
    Great job Phoebe!

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