A Portable Picnic Farmer’s Market Challenge From The Crunchy Radish

A Farmer's Market Challenge Menu From The Crunchy Radish | Feed Me Phoebe

I’ve been working remotely this week from my happy place. And being back in close proximity to Morning Glory Farm, has meant a lot of procrastination of the highest (kale) order.

I’ll admit amidst a busy Spring I had a hard time getting into the Farmer’s Market groove. There’s a new weekly stand that opened up in DUMBO around the corner from my apartment, so I’m hoping to make it a habit to get there every Wednesday once I’m back in town. The offerings pale in comparison to the island bounty I’m currently being spoiled rotten by. But hopefully that will just mean the ability to show a type of restraint that won’t doom both food and girl for spoilage.

In the meantime, I’m bringing back Farmer’s Market Challenge Menus! Continue reading

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Sweet and Spicy Corn Pasta with Ricotta and Chives (Gluten-Free)

Sweet and Spicy Corn Pasta with Ricotta and Chives (Gluten-Free) | A Quick Weeknight Dinner Recipe, Kicked Up With Fresh Sweet Corn and Cayenne | Feed Me Phoebe

Last Wednesday, I gathered with 2,000 meditators in Central Park for ir collective evening of silence. After weeks of feeling like the world was on fire—a feeling that seemed unlikely to dissipate then, and has indeed in the last 24 hours, only gotten worse—it was a welcome reminder that the best way to fight fear is through unity and love, a sentiment that The Big Quiet calls “radical inclusiveness.”

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what this means around my table. In times of radical pain and ugliness it’s easy to retreat. To feel helpless, and then eventually, desensitized. It’s easy to feel that what you do in the world is trite. And as someone who feels barely qualified to solve the complex issues of gluten-free donuts, let alone world peace, I’ll admit to grappling with all of the above. Continue reading

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Speedy Five-Spice Pulled Pork Burrito Bowls with Quinoa and Kefir-Jalapeno Crema

The quick pulled pork for this healthy burrito bowl recipe is a quick sweet and sour spin on Mexican carnitas. It's perfect with quinoa, avocado, pickled shallots and kefir jalapeno crema! | Feed Me Phoebe

A few weeks ago a beautiful new cookbook landed on my doorstep.

As a psycho like myself is prone to do, I immediately went through with a pad of sticky arrows to determine the first recipe that should be initiated into my kitchen. And after a brief flirtation with dukka salmon patties and firefly falafel, I knew that I had to have this super speedy five spice pulled pork, and I knew that I had to have it as part of a tricked out burrito bowl recipe. And true to its speedy promise, it only took me an hour to get everything I wanted.

If only life always happened this way. Sigh. Continue reading

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7 Common Mistakes People Make When Cooking Gluten-Free Pasta

7 Mistakes People Make When Cooking Gluten-Free Pasta and How to Fix Them | Feed Me Phoebe Allow me to briefly throw my significant other under the bus.

Charlie and I eat a lot of gluten-free pasta as a quick (semi-lazy) weeknight meal. But when he cooks it, the end result never tastes as good as when I do. This is not simply a matter of my day job versus his. Steak and pork chops? No problem. But something as simple as pasta foils him Monday after Monday.

I can see this frustrates him. And secretly, it frustrates me. Because even from the other room—where I try to sequester myself during my other half’s cooking ventures, so as to not become a backseat chef—I can see where Charlie goes wrong. Continue reading

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3-Ingredient Hearts of Palm and Bacon Bites

An Easy 3-Ingredient Hearts of Palm Appetizer Recipe. Wrapped with Bacon, crisped in the oven, and served alongside pesto. A Brazilian party favorite! | Feed Me Phoebe

Between the July 4th holiday, and the fact that I am currently in the air en route to Vegas (pray for me), it’s been a short and hectic week here at FMP headquarters. I put a lot of my guts on the table this past Wednesday, and if you made it through that epic Wellness Project 6 month update, then by George, you certainly deserve an easy hearts of palm appetizer for your efforts.

I know that the biggest party of the summer is now behind us, but I’m hoping you haven’t forsaken all the other opportunities for al fresco glory that lie in front of you. That said, if you’re still as exhausted as I am after the long weekend’s cooking extravaganza, you’re going to need something mindless and foolproof. Something that involves bacon and only two other ingredients. Something like a plate of bacon-wrapped hearts of palm bites. Continue reading

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The Wellness Project: A 6 Month Update

The Wellness Project: a 6 Month Update on my year of healthy hedonism | Feed Me Phoebe

Last year, I decided to make some radical changes to the way I approached my health. After years of living with autoimmune disease and feeling like I was flailing, oscillating from the extremes of wellness fads, to the confusion that made me want to do nothing at all, I decided to put my New Year’s resolutions on hold. Instead, I came up with a series of monthly challenges that would help me understand what wellness practices really moved the needle, and which despite the best scientific intentions, just weren’t worth my time, money or energy.

For 12 months I anchored my life to these short-term goals. And when my project was finally over in January, it took me a beat to process the impact.

Those of you following along, of course, wanted to know the nitty gritty details: Did I lose weight? Did I wake up every day with a T-Swift star-spangled inferno of energy?
Had I found the magic recipe for healthy hedonism that allowed me to feel good while indulging in all life’s pleasures? Was I fully healed? Continue reading

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Creamy Red Potato Salad with Radishes, Capers and Chives

This is truly the best easy red potato salad recipe. Packed with mustard, capers, chives and (secret ingredient!) radishes--it's creamy while still being healthy, and so simple | Feed Me Phoebe

I’m usually not that effusive when it comes to the recipes on this site. Instead of spending my virtual real estate selling you on them, I usually prefer to focus on the story behind the dish, or practical ways to work it into your cooking routine. But my gloves are off, friends. Because this red potato salad recipe is truly the most delicious in all the land. And I want you to love it so hard – i.e. as much as I do.

The FMP archives are littered with some of my oldest go-to recipes, honored by unflattering lighting, questionable props (i.e. the dirty mixing bowl I made it in), and camera angles that would make even the most porn-worthy salted caramel sundae look like a pile of smiling poop emojis. (I invoke again the Ira Glass quote from a few weeks ago). Continue reading

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Red, White and Blueberry Galettes (Gluten-Free)

Red, White and Blueberry Galettes | A Gluten-Free Tart, Packed with Strawberries, Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream, and Perfect for the Fourth of July | Feed Me Phoebe

Friends, do you ever have those moments when you’re convinced you’ve F-ed up big time?

As someone who’s building a freelance life that involves a lot of “firsts,” and someone who is particularly prone to imposter’s syndrome, this is a sensation I experience on a daily basis. But I’ll leave my self-analysis of self-deprecation for another time (I know you can’t wait!). No, today I’m talking about the feeling of failure that involves burnt vegetables, curdled egg nog, or, in the case of this blueberry galette recipe, a gluten-free crust that crumbles into nothingness.

Continue reading

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