Mind Body Green: 3 Essential Tips To Stock Your Pantry For Less Money


Keeping a well-stocked pantry is one of the best gateway cooking habits. It may be intimidating to invest a chunk of change upfront, but so long as your cabinets contain the makings of a well-balanced meal, you’ll be that much less likely to be tempted by takeout. Continue reading

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A Cozy, Vegan Farmer’s Market Challenge Menu From With Food + Love

The Best Vegan Recipes From Sherrie Castellano | Winter

When I put my head down to design the curriculum for The Wellness Project the goal was to tackle all my shortcomings, one at a time. Some areas were obvious and understandable–too much weeknight wine, not enough sleep, inconsistent exercise. But acknowledging that I often failed to nourish myself in the kitchen—the very place I hope to inspire others to do right by their own bodies—was a bitter pill to swallow.

Now that the year is over though, I can say that (for equally obvious and understandable reasons) it was also the most enjoyable challenge area to fix. Continue reading

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Healthy French Onion Dip with Leeks and Shallots

Healthy French Onion Dip Recipe with Caramelized Onions, Shallots and Leeks. Served with Sweet Potato Chips! No Soup Mix Required.

I’m aware that there are many people who do not share my love of the white stuff. Mayo, that is. And for those who think that it is, indeed, Satan’s sandwich spread, I have good news for you: this healthy French onion dip recipe doesn’t require even a dollop.

Everyone has a different interpretation of what it means to eat “healthy.” (I know this thanks to the many snarky remarks I’ve received in the comments section). As I mentioned last week, my definition used to be a lot looser–meaning, pretty much anything that came out of my kitchen, even if it had an absurd amount of cheese involved. Continue reading

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What I Learned from My Year of Wellness + How to Apply it to Your Life in 2016

The Wellness Project | Phoebe Lapine

Guys, I know this official, definitive conclusion of my year of wellness is nearly a month overdue! And the truth is, I’ve been procrastinating writing it like whoa. (But you kind of knew that already, right?).

There were some benefits to writing a book about my wellness challenges in tandem with actually doing them. One of them being: I couldn’t procrastinate! I feverishly recorded my experiences in real time, and wrote shorter recaps of them right here. But it also meant that I had to constantly push forward towards my deadline, when at times what I really craved was more time to pause and reflect. Continue reading

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White Cheddar Mac and Cheese Casserole

White Cheddar Mac and Cheese Casserole
The first half of my food career I made healthy comfort food that wasn’t exactly what most people would consider “healthy.” At the time though, I pretty much thought anything homemade was more or less good for you–that a mac and cheese casserole, even if it was laced with too much cheddar, was far better than a bowl of microwaved macaroni in orange cheese powder.

That’s still my philosophy to this day, even if it feels a little weird here to be serving something as unselfconsciously gooey as the below. I developed this white cheddar mac and cheese casserole recipe for Food and Wine’s website a few years back. And since ‘tis the season for game day indulgences, I figured now was as good a time as any to share it with you. Continue reading

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Baked Butternut Squash Fries with Sage and Anchovy Aioli

Baked Butternut Squash Fries with Sage and Anchovy Aioli | Healthy Comfort Food

It’s no secret that my biggest guilty pleasure (of many guilty pleasures) is a parchment paper cone of crispy French fries. I talk about it so often that several of you have actually asked whether my twitter profile occupation “competitive French fry eater” is actually legit. Bless your hearts!

Though a girl can dream, my French fry eating has yet to win me any professional accolades. Mainly, it wins me disgruntled dinner mates who are less than pleased when the “share” plate of fries somehow goes missing halfway through their entrees.
Continue reading

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Tropical Ginger-Pineapple Smoothies + #MaderasLife in Nicaragua!

Tropical Pineapple Smoothie Recipe with Ginger, Mint, Cucumber and Coconut Water | Healthy Smoothies

I first came into contact with this tropical pineapple smoothie in Nicaragua, which, given the strong beach and jungle vibes, is not the craziest place in the world to find a tropical drink in your hand.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may recall a spell in October in which I posted impressive pictures of myself galloping on horseback, holding a surfboard while standing semi-upright, and attempting to edit my book in a hammock without fully falling prey to that seductive temptress, relaxation.

If these vignettes are any indication, the trip was a mix of work and play. I more or less managed to put blinders on and plug through a few chapters of my book while those around me, who were already engaged in relaxation’s minxy little games, sipped watermelon rum cocktails over rounds of jungle croquet. But I also indulged in my fair share of beach activities and fruity concoctions. Continue reading

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Quick and Easy Gluten-Free Bread Recipes For Every Day of the Week (+ A Giveaway!)


I feel like a gluten-free fraud for saying this, but since it’s the New Year, I should probably come clean: I’ve never made my own GF bread before. I had some mild pangs of guilt about this fact in Brazil. Every morning as I stuffed my face with pão de queijo, I thought to myself, I wonder if this is hard to make?

It hasn’t reached full resolution status, but tackling some gluten-free bread recipes in 2016 is definitely on my list, including recreating those magical Brazilian cheese rolls. (My mouth literally started salivating as I wrote that). In the meantime, though, I feel very fortunate to have some excellent advice to share with you from my friend Alexandra Stafford who, in addition to being an all-around food and photography mega talent, is my bread baking sensei. Continue reading

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