Gluten-Free Is Me: Vegan Pumpkin Risotto with Rosemary

gluten-free pumpkin risotto recipe - quick, easy, and healthy! Risotto is one of my favorite dishes to teach in my cooking classes (along with paella and pilaf) because it’s gotten a bad rap over the years for being time intensive and difficult. Patience is definitely one of the key ingredients, and one that I rarely have in Sam’s Club sized supply. So luckily this vegan pumpkin risotto is as easy as risotto gets, using canned pumpkin instead of fresh to throw a bone to my laziest cooking self.

What makes risotto actually a rather great beginner dish is the stirring. For those who have more experience, this can be a meditative thing. But for those with insecurity at the stove, the fact that you can’t stir too much is rather helpful.

Vegan Pumpkin Risotto with Rosemary Quick Easy Pumpkin Risotto - the best meal idea if you're looking for something healthy and vegan! You can always sniff out an insecure cook by the number of times they feel compelled to poke, prod, or move the food in the pan. Have you ever seen the macho guy on the grill who moves the burgers every 2 minutes? And/or smushes them down with his spatula after each flip, as if to make sure every ounce of natural juices are leached out over the flames? Yeah. Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Healthy Stuffed Mushrooms with “Creamed” Kale

Gluten-Free Mini Stuffed Mushrooms with dairy-free "Creamed" Kale and Manchego Cheese - a healthy, vegetarian appetizer recipe! Perhaps it says something about my continued stubbornness when it comes to table manners, but finger food is my favorite type of food.

I remember at family holiday parties my tendency to find the door that all the cater waiters come out of and post-up right outside of it. I’ve been known to embrace similar tactics in adulthood, especially at weddings, when come cocktail hour I’m hangry enough to pounce headfirst into a tray of crab cakes.

Cremini mushroom caps for my healthy stuffed mushroom recipe with "creamed" kale healthy sauteed kale for my gluten-free stuffed mushrooms I add white bean puree to sauteed kale for a healthy, gluten-free "creamed" kale. Amazing inside baked stuffed mushroom caps! My healthy, gluten-free creamed kale using white bean puree. It's vegan and gluten-free! I use it to stuff mushroom caps for an easy baked appetizer. Mini Healthy Stuffed Mushrooms with Kale and Cheese Manchego cheese top these easy stuffed mushroom caps. The best healthy holiday party appetizer recipe. But now that I’m gluten-free and try to eat a more balanced diet, there are fewer trays that I’m able to attack. Last holiday season, I found this to be an incredibly depressing reality of my new finger food loving existence. But it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so long as you’re the one designing what goes out that swinging kitchen door. Continue reading

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Video: How to Heal Your Back Pain

How to Heal Your Back Pain // Jesse Cannone - Ways to Lose The Back Pain // Back Health Tips There are many aspects of my autoimmune disease that have made me feel like 29 going on 90. But more so than the inability to function on less than 8 hours of sleep, having to travel with several pill boxes on my person, and getting winded climbing a simple flight of stairs, what’s made me feel the most terrifyingly old is all the times I’ve thrown out my back.

Ironically, one of those times was last week as I was shooting photos of these banana birthday muffins. It’s ironic not just because it was a few days before I turned 29, but because I’ve had a Wellness Wednesday on back health on the schedule for over two months! Needless to say, the timing was eerily perfect. Continue reading

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Feeding Friends: Honey Roasted Carrots with Thyme

Honey Roasted Carrots with Thyme - oven baked with a hint of sweetness when cooked Last month I was out in the Hamptons for a wedding and got to do a little farm stand hopping on my way back to town. I love visiting summer hot spots in the off-season, especially places like Long Island which, when all the scene-iness is removed, is so full of local magic.

My friend Sarah took me to one of her favorite spots, Fair View Farms in Bridgehampton. We got to visit their pumpkin patch, shoot corn husks out of a massive launcher, and fill up our baskets with a boatload of carrots.

baked caramelized carrots with honey and thyme. perfect with these beautiful farmer's market baby carrots glazed carrots recipe with honey and thyme, roasted in the oven until candied and sweet beautiful farmer's market baby carrots before getting honey glazed. my favorite easy honey carrots recipe. honey glazed carrots right before getting roasted in the oven Sweet roasted carrots recipe cooked with honey and thyme. easy and delicious. I might have overlooked these beauties in favor of the four beautiful eggplant varieties (some which eventually became this), but Sarah told me that she’d been making honey roasted carrots all fall that were sweet as candy. So I made off with a bunch of perfectly imperfect multi-colored heirloom carrots and lugged them back to town with easy instructions on what to do with them. Continue reading

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The 7 Best Gluten-Free Crackers (Plus Easy Appetizers to Serve Them With!)

The Best Gluten-Free Crackers - my favorite brands and gluten-free dips to go with them

Holiday finger food can be a wheat-laden war zone for many people with dietary restrictions. Usually the vehicle of choice is a toasted piece of bread, a square of puff pastry, or a round water cracker. While I’ve been known to pull the pigs out of their blankets and scrape the topping off of crusty crostini, when hosting at home, I’m able to make the easy swap to serving my appetizers with gluten-free crackers.

The gluten-free aisle seems to get more and more crowded every day. So I put together my favorite gluten-free crackers and some easy gluten-free appetizer recipes to serve them with for your holiday entertaining needs.

Eat up!


Recipes Baked Fontina Recipe | The Best Gluten Free Crackers | Gluten-Free Appetizers Recipes 1. Mary’s Herb Crackers with Baked Fontina with Rosemary, Garlic, and Chilis.

These rustic gluten-free crackers are among the best I’ve ever eaten. They’re nutty and savory, which makes them great with a simple Tuscan white bean dip or this cheesy baked fontina, oozing with garlic and herbs.

Green Goddess Dip Recipe | The Best Gluten Free Crackers | Gluten-Free Appetizers Recipes
2. Kame Rice Crackers with Green Goddess Dip

Kame rice crackers were one of the first gluten-free options to come on the scene. Though they’re from the Asian persuasion, they taste good with just about everything. I particularly like them with avocado-based dips like this Green Goddess dip or Guacamole. They also taste great with spicy hummus. Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Is Me: Banana Muffins (For My Birthday!)

gluten-free banana muffins with chocolate frosting - healthy cupcakes! I turn twenty-nine this weekend, a little fact that I’ve been less than excited to celebrate. Some birthday years bring on the blues more than others. And I’m not necessarily bummed about 29, it just feels rather anti-climactic compared to all my friends who are welcoming in the wisdom of their 30’s, which I couldn’t be more excited to get a dose of myself.

Buzzfeed puts twenty-nine at number four on their 20’s rankings, which isn’t saying much, since the majority of those other mid-years are spent in the midst of a quarter-life crisis that stems from feeling like you have to get your shit together, while not having enough maturity to actually know want to do with your life.

gluten free banana muffins using Bubble Girl Bakes vegan allergy friendly flour. No Nut flours or eggs - just protein-packed flax meal. gluten free banana muffin recipe - vegan and nut-free - so healthy and light! healthy banana bread muffin recipe - Made gluten-free and with just a few dark chocolate chips - no nuts or nut flour so allergy friendly! Apparently, twenty-nine is also the year that you will first start noticing yourself turning into your parents. And if that is the case, which it might be, since I threw my back out last week, then there’s no better way to celebrate than by making gluten-free banana muffins. Continue reading

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