Gluten-Free is Me: Sweet Potato Latkes with Scallions and Kimchi

Gluten-Free Spiced Sweet Potato Latkes Recipe with Scallions As I’m sure you’re well aware by now, fried potatoes are among my favorite things in the world, right up there with miniature ponies, massages, and videos of Taylor Swift awkwardly smashing shit with a golf club.

Come Christmakkah, I put aside my usual French fries and primary condiments in favor of some Jewish potato pancake love with far fahncier accoutrements—things like caviar and crème fraiche that they definitely never served at the shtetl.

Gluten-Free Spiced Sweet Potato Latkes Recipe with Scallions Gluten-Free Spiced Sweet Potato Latkes Recipe with Scallions Besides the condiments, there’s something else that makes potato latkes a definitive special occasion treat for me. And that’s the amount of grating that’s involved.

There are few kitchen tasks I hate more than shredding vegetables on the side of a box grater, which inevitably takes off a few of my knuckles in the process. I’m pretty sure latkes were intentionally designed this way so that Jewish mothers could make the men in their lives feel even more guilty for the blood, sweat, and tears that went into Hanukkah dinner, and therefore force them to go back for thirds. Continue reading

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Feeding Friends: Gluten-Free Crab Cakes with Pretzel Crust (and a Cookbook Giveaway!)

best crab cake recipe | easy with gluten-free  pretzel crust This summer, I had big plans to finally cross crab cakes off my list of things to gluten-free-ify. In preparation, I scoured the interwebs and virtually devoured many classic Maryland crab cake recipes, which use a much higher ratio of crabmeat to breadcrumbs than the usual hockey pucks at TGI Fridays. But making that simple crumb replacement seemed too easy. So without a more clever solution, I put gluten-free crab cakes back on the shelf and, instead, satisfied my cravings for creamy, indulgent shellfish with this dip.

gluten-free crab cakes recipe with pretzel crust | easy Baltimore-style recipe gluten-free crab cakes recipe with pretzel crust | easy Baltimore-style recipe easy crab cake recipe | gluten-free balitmore crab cakes easy crab cake recipe - gluten-free! Very few crumbs baltimore-style, just pretzel crust! But earlier this fall, I found my answer flipping through my friend Silvana Nardone’s new cookbook. We were featured together in Food & Wine’s digital awards and finally got to meet at Dana Cowin’s cookbook party. The dish I presented that night, my gluten-free meatballs, had gone through similar iterations of mental pushups. And I told the group that I had finally found the perfect breadcrumb substitution in gluten-free oats. Continue reading

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Bottoms Up: Homemade Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte Recipe, Spiked or Sober

Homemade Boozy Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte Recipe, Dairy-Free Back in March, during my detox, I gave up caffeine for the month. And my relationship with coffee has never been the same.

While I probably drink just as much as I did before going off alcohol, I’ve made a conscious effort to try to only drink coffee during times of intentional hedonism or mornings of extreme desperation, like when my alcohol consumption has exceeded expectations.

Homemade Boozy Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte Recipe, Dairy-Free Homemade Boozy Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte Recipe, Dairy-Free Homemade Pumpkin Chai Latte Recipe, Dairy-Free, Boozy Most of the time though, I love not being dependent on coffee to defog my head, even if my local hipster barista looks at me with a hint of an eye roll every time I order herbal tea out on the town. But the one thing I miss is indulging in a special drink every once in a while that takes a little more effort to make than just pouring hot water in a mug. Continue reading

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On The Job: Seared Hake Recipe with Melted Leeks and Fingerling Potatoes

Seared Hake Recipe with Melted Leeks and Fingerling Potatoes | Easy White Fish Recipe Healthy cooking on a budget is hard if you don’t have the time to commit to it. So often I hear from my cooking class students that they buy all this produce, use part of it, and then leave the remaining half a head of broccoli to die a slow death in the fridge. The next time they cook, perhaps a week or two later, they’re less inclined to invest in fresh, healthy vegetables because they’re afraid, unlike those canned beans and bags of white rice, that it won’t last.

As a self-proclaimed lazy cook, I’m all for cutting corners if it allows you to spend time at the stove instead of browsing Seamless Web. And luckily for all you busy folks, there’s a new wave of meal services that take the hassle out of planning and shopping for dinner.

Seared Hake Recipe with Melted Leeks and Fingerling Potatoes A great hake recipe with baked leeks and potatoes - they melt away in the oven! Seared Hake Recipe with Melted Leeks and Fingerling Potatoes A few weeks ago, I finally tried Blue Apron and instead of doing my usual haul back and forth to Whole Foods, a beautifully packaged box of pre-portioned ingredients arrived on my doorstep with 3 recipes to try. Since Thanksgiving was coming up and I hate turning my crisper drawer into a vegetable cemetery, it was a relief to have exactly what I needed to make the meals and no more. My back was also grateful not to have to carry anything home, and my dignity thanked Blue Apron for delaying my inevitable granny cart purchase by one more week. Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Is Me: Giant Chewy Ginger Cookies

Flourless Gluten-Free Ginger Cookies | Easy Desserts I recently came out with some confessions from my childhood. Mainly about my status as a horse nerd, who went to a camp that specialized in such dorky, horsey pursuits. But even when the summers were over, I spent the majority of my time on weekends at the barn riding, cleaning tack, and, come winter, trying to get my toe warmers to work their magic in my tall boots.

There are many rituals I miss that revolved around ponies. But the one that comes to mind today doesn’t involve trying out mane-and-tail shampoo on my hair in the shower stall. It’s the ritual that involved ginger cookies.

Flourless Gluten-Free Ginger Cookies | Easy Desserts Flourless Gluten-Free Ginger Cookies | Easy Desserts Flourless Gluten-Free Ginger Cookies | Easy Desserts Flourless Gluten-Free Ginger Cookies | Easy Desserts Since I often went out to Westchester after school, most of the time when I’d finish up at the barn it was late—around dinner time. My mom and I would stop at the closest gourmet market (a suburban rip-off of Dean and Deluca) and grab some easy things for dinner, things like string beans with caramelized shallots, curry chicken salad, and lentil soup. But to tide me over until we got home, contrary to her usual health mandates, I would get a big chewy ginger cookie for the road. After all the struggle it took to take off my tall boots, which once resulted in a broken wrist, I deserved it. Continue reading

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The 7 Best Gluten-Free Sauces and Condiments

The Best Gluten-Free Sauces and Condiments | Gluten-Free BBQ Sauce, Gluten-Free Teriyaki Sauce, Gluten-Free Spaghetti Sauce, Gluten-Free Peanut Sauce, Gluten-Free Mayonnaise, Gluten-Free Romesco and Gluten-Free Carrot-Ginger Dressing I hope everyone had the best Thanksgiving!

I know I should technically be diving right into holiday planning mode and/or helping you disguise your 5-day old turkey into curry or casseroles or croquettes. But luckily, I already did the latter last year (see here for turkey tikka masala and other treats), so I thought I’d take advantage of the rare lull to talk about something a little more practical than how to make eggnog for 18 of your boozy friends.

The biggest learning curve when I first went gluten-free was trying to navigate all the condiments and sauces that were now a landmine for wheat additives. The basic béchamels of the world were easy to spot when compared with a pulled pork taco that might have ½ a cup of non-gluten-free barbecue sauce thrown in there. Over the years I’ve gotten a lot better at asking questions at restaurants and reading the ingredient labels at store before buying anything. But more importantly, I’ve started making a lot of these gluten-free sauces at home.

I’ve put together some of my favorite easy condiment recipes and also the best store bought gluten-free sauce brands to buy if you’re looking to cut some corners this holiday season. More so than ever, you may be at the mercy of your host. So it helps to have a basic knowledge of which brands are safe and also the sauces to watch out for if they’re not homemade.

Hope you had a great gluten-free holiday!


Recipes Gluten-Free BBQ Sauce | Honey-Chipotle Barbeque Sauce
1. Chipotle-Honey Gluten-Free BBQ Sauce

My friend Tom made the distinction between primary condiments, like ketchup, mayo, and mustard, and secondary condiments like barbecue sauce, which usually contain a whole host of other premade sauces in the ingredient list. The problem with secondary condiments is there are a lot of potential sources of gluten to keep track of. Soy sauce is one of the items that can give dark BBQ sauces their color and umami flavor. And a lot of store bought brands, including Sweet Baby Rays and KC Masterpiece, use wheat to thicken their product. This is a great list of gluten-free BBQ sauces, including my personal favorites Stubbs Original and Annie’s Organic. But the best way to prepare healthy barbecue sauce is to do so yourself! This recipe for Chipotle-Honey Gluten-Free Barbecue Sauce is allergy-friendly and made with raw honey.

Gluten-Free Salad Dressing | Carrot-Ginger Dressing
2. Gluten-Free Carrot-Ginger Dressing and Gluten-Free Soy Sauce Brands

I used to have a crazy obsession with sushi restaurant salad dressing. I’d practically lick the bowl and/or use the remaining sauce to dip my sushi in. But unfortunately, like most dishes at Japanese restaurants, a lot of these dressings contain soy sauce. Luckily, that amazing orange carrot-ginger dressing is very easy to make at home with the substitution of gluten-free Tamari for the soy sauce. My favorite brands are San-J or Eden Organic. For a more traditional, slightly milder and less concentrated version, Kikkoman is now making gluten-free soy sauce too. Continue reading

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