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Golden Milk Oatmeal with Pepita Brittle

This easy vegan oatmeal recipe uses turmeric-rich Golden Milk as the base, and is topped with pepita brittle. It's both vibrant, healthy and delicious!

Ever since ExpoWest, when you couldn’t turn a corner without running into a new turmeric product, I’ve been dying to try my hand at a golden milk recipe. This vibrant, frothy concoction is deeply rooted in Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-inflammatory healing power. My general rule of thumb for any type of anti-inflammatory eating is to eat the rainbow—a little trick that my acupuncturist, Heidi, taught me. And turmeric is pretty much as colorful, and as versatile to cook with, as it gets. 

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5-Ingredient Za’atar Roasted Beet Toasts + Belated April Confessions

5-Ingredient Za'atar Roasted Beet Toasts | A Quick and Easy Roasted Beet Recipe |

I completely failed you on my April confessions. So before we get into this simple 5-ingredient roasted beet recipe, let me quickly bring you up to speed. The main thing I wanted to recap was the #SpringPantryPurge! Holy moly, it was so amazing to see what other bloggers dug out from the depths of their cupboards. It made me feel much less alone in my hoarding ways, and like I was doing my small part to fight the depressing reality of food waste in this country.

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Meatless Monday: Veggie Taco Pie with Sweet Potato, Beans, and Kale

Easy Veggie Taco Pie Recipe with Tortillas, Sweet Potato, Kale and Beans |

Frozen veggie burgers were one of my four main food groups in college. When I lived off campus junior and senior year, the closest supermarket was a Whole Foods a mile away, which for those of us living in the bubble of college hill, might as well have been in a different city. So once a month I would make my pilgrimage there and stock up in the freezer aisle on healthy staples that would offset the biweekly late night pizza and chicken finger Fridays. Half the time I would come home to discover my go-to boxes of veggie patties and soy nuggets lying empty, ravaged by one of my drunk housemates the night before, and then considerately placed back on the freezer shelf. But on more auspicious evenings, usually during exams, I’d try to figure out interesting ways to … Continue reading

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Spring Quinoa Mujadara with Asparagus

Spring Quinoa Mujadara Recipe with Asparagus | A Spin on an Authentic Lebanese Lentil Recipe | Easy, Healthy, Gluten-Free |

Occasionally when I’m feeling stuck, uninspired or in a kitchen rut, a little food angel arrives on my doorstep with a little dose of inspiration. This can happen in the form of a new cookbook (thank you, Love and Lemons) or a delicious restaurant dish (thank you, Los Angeles). But like many crumbs from the universe these days, the idea for this mujadara recipe came via facebook (thank you, Zuck). I’ve had the entire country of Lebanon on my culinary to-do list for some time now. And like kohlrabi and gluten-free donuts, I’m talking 4+ years. Enter my college friend Christen.

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25 Healthy Weeknight Bean Recipes for Black, Pinto, and Beyond

BestHealthyWeeknightBeanRecipes |

It’s #SpringPantryPurge month, friends! And if you thought I was going to quit at just a few creations from the deep depths of my kitchen cabinets, well, you were wrong. Today I’m showing some shelf-stable love to one of my favorite humble ingredients: beans. Ah, beans. So often maligned in children’s rhymes, and yet such a healthy weeknight staple. I’ve long relied on dried and canned beans as a budget crutch. But in the last year, since starting The Wellness Project, I’ve come to realize how central beans and legumes are to a healthy diet. They are one of the world’s oldest superfoods, and were the strongest constant in the diets of every centenarian population studied in Dan Buettner’s The Blue Zones Solution. And it’s no surprise that all of these fiber- and complex-carb-rich foods are also favorites of your industrious … Continue reading

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Tastetrotting: Vegetable Biryani Broth

Vegetable Biryani Broth Recipe |

By far the most stressful part of my move last month was packing up my kitchen. And the processed confirmed a sad fact: I am a pantry hoarder. I think Marie Kondo would have had a heart attack if she saw the row of condiments in my fridge that had been developing their own special patina for four years. Needless to say, the pre-move purge was necessary and productive. But three garbage bags later, it also made me feel extremely wasteful.

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Sunrise Nori Wraps with Spicy Tahini Drizzle

Sunshine Nori Wraps with Spicy Miso Tahini Sauce

Compared to many people, my autoimmune story was fairly tame and straight forward. There were no epic climaxes in the form of bodily collapses, misdiagnoses, or hospitalizations. My body’s unraveling contained subtler warning signs—the kinds that didn’t always capture my attention. But eventually they added together into the same narrative through line that all of us with chronic illness experience: what the hell is wrong with me? My friend Amie Valpone’s story was on the other side of side of the spectrum. It contained traumas I can’t possibly fathom—a bone marrow biopsy, a cancer scare, and a laundry list of medical practitioners that could fill two corporate softball teams. She tells it beautifully, and with a dash of humor, in her new cookbook and detox manifesto, Eating Clean.

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Creamy Vegan Broccoli Soup with Curried Chickpeas

Creamy Vegan Broccoli Soup Recipe with Curried Chickpeas | Easy, healthy, gluten-free - no cheese! |

This weekend we got a little premature taste of Spring in New York. And the day I spent frolicking around my new neighborhood in 60-degree sunshine was almost enough to erase the memories of the frigid winds coming off the East river, which had my nose in permanent Rudolph mode for the first few days of my new living situation–and made this warming vegan broccoli soup very necessary for emotional and physical survival. A few weeks ago, when the weather was even less peach-y, I was charged with the task of bringing my friend Anna some homemade food to carry her through the week. She had just given birth to her first child at the end of December, and given the number of amazing meals she’d cooked for friends over the years, a group rallied together to return the favor.

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