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Meatless Monday: Asparagus Potato Leek Soup

Asparagus Potato Leek Soup

I can’t believe that I successfully made it though my 30 day detox. I hit a really dark patch on the third weekend, as I sat around the dinner table and watched my friends drink a nice decanted Vacqueyras while eating gluten-free chocolate cake. But other than that, the month kind of flew by.

The process of retox-ing this weekend with wine, chocolate, and green tea was almost as interesting as the elimination experiment itself. People talk a lot about mindful eating. But as I was faced with my first glass of grape juice in a month, I think I learned what mindful drinking feels and tastes like.… Continue Reading

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Meatless Monday: Red Quinoa Salad with Roasted Carrots, Parnsips, and Green Tahini Dressing

Quinoa Salad with Roasted Carrots, Parnsips, and Green Tahini Dressing

Yesterday, I semi-successfully completed my third weekend in a row of alcohol-free amusement. This one was a bit tougher than last. As it turns out, I’m a lot better at sober dance parties than sitting around a table with friends while they drink lambrusco and eat chocolate cake. The FOMO is just too much to handle.

For this next stage of my liver spring cleaning, I’m adding on a few more challenges. My acupuncturist Heidi (who you’ll meet this Wellness Wednesday!) happened to post this on her site last week about liver cleanses, and it made me realize that there were a few more things I should probably weed out if I want my excruciating month of vice-free living to actually be effective.… Continue Reading

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Bottoms Up: Green Giant Smoothie with Banana, Spinach, and Almond Butter

Green Giant Smoothie with Spinach, Banana, and Almond Butter

As I mentioned in yesterday’s newsletter, I’m doing my own version of a detox this month – no alcohol, caffeine, or sugar. I’d like to call the experiment: Jews Do Lent.

The alcohol has weirdly been the least emotionally problematic of these three vices. This weekend I managed to soberly survive an afternoon brunch dance party followed by an even more dancey wedding. The biggest learning experience is that without alcohol (and its subsequent hair tosses and flailing limbs) I am acutely aware of my lack of rhythm. Being in on the dance floor felt a little bit like being forced to watch videos of myself doing bad camp skits as a brace-faced adolescent (i.e.… Continue Reading

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Meatless Monday: Root Vegetable Tagine with Kale

Root Vegetable Tagine with Kale

I’m a day late, 20 pesos short on this Meatless Monday post. But I was having such a ball yesterday exploring San Miguel de Allende, that I couldn’t bring myself to open the computer.

So forgive me if I keep this short and sweet, because somewhere in the city, there’s a big plate of chilaquiles with my name on it.

For the first time in Feed Me Phoebe history, I forgot to send my Sunday newsletter. Even when I was wandering the streets of San Sebastian, I managed to keep up with my work. But this weekend I really needed to embrace the people at my fingertips and partake in a much needed digital cleanse.… Continue Reading

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Meatless Monday: Somali Pirate’s Booty Popcorn

Garam Masala Popcorn

As you may remember from last year, brainstorming pun-y Oscar party food is one of my favorite food-related past times. This year I decided to fill in a few holes in the Feed Me Phoebe recipe archive by adding a couple new Best Picture themed dishes to the mix.

Captain Phillips and Philomena had some easy store bought options: Pirate’s Booty and Body of Christ Wafers, respectively. But since I’ve never done any flavored popcorn recipes on the site, I decided to develop my own version of this popular snack, Somali-style.

According to Wikapedia, the resource for all of my obscure cuisine queries, Somali cuisine is a melting pot of surrounding areas, including dishes from India, Turkey and Ethiopia.… Continue Reading

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Meatless Monday: Red Lentil and Spinach Masala

Red Lentil and Spinach Masala

I’m currently participating in my own winter Olympics of sorts, so please forgive that this is not being written in real time. Camp No Counselors resumed for a crazy winter session in Vermont. Since I’m not much of a skier, I hung back at the lodge yesterday and taught cooking classes. Other activities included a Chili Cook-Off, bracelet crafting, and tarot card reading. I was charged with project managing dinner for all 100 campers last night, so my classes may have been a veiled attempt at recruiting slave labor to prep the majority of the meal. I’ll give a full report when I return.… Continue Reading

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