Phoebe Lapine - Feed Me Phoebe - gluten-free recipe and food blog Phoebe Lapine, here! Thank you so much for stopping by.

I’m a food woman of many trades, born and raised in New York City, where I continue to live and eat.

For the last few years, Feed Me Phoebe has been my virtual home away from home where I document my healthy comfort food, gluten-free finds, kitchen confessions, snap shots of my professional cooking world, and recipes for living a more balanced life beyond what’s on your plate.

You’ll notice that I preach eating a lot of good with a little bad (perhaps because the key to my heart, a close second to a good foot massage, is a parchment paper cone of very crispy French fries). And though no certified health coach has ever told me so, I believe that kale margaritas are better for your mind, body and spirit than no margaritas at all.

My real home is a cute little studio in Chelsea, where I constantly bang my head on the ceiling of my sleeping loft. It’s where I shoot all the dishes for this site, develop recipes for magazines, balance trays of canapés for 80-person catering events on my coffee table, and attempt to write every morning with a cup of tea and, occasionally, pants.

At the beginning of 2015, in the midst of resolution angst and after years of health woes, I took a huge leap and decided to recommit to all the self-care practices that fell by the wayside when I left the corporate world to become a professional chef and writer.

The Wellness Project is my yearlong blog series (and upcoming memoir) about how I’m attempting to find balance between health and hedonism in my life. You can find out more about the inspiration behind the project and get the monthly theme schedule here. To see past challenges and follow along with future experiments, click here.

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People are always asking me how I ended up in the food biz. Sometimes my answer is simply: boredom. I was so starved for creativity during my first job out of college that I ended up starting a blog on the side to feel some sort of purpose and re-find my sanity.

I got my start in the professional cooking world in the least professional of settings – quite literally, in my 6 x 4 square foot kitchen, feeding friends from a pot of chili with a measuring cup instead of a ladle. My first site was a how-to by life example, with stories and recipes from that night of chili. My hope was to inspire my peer group to get in the kitchen and get cooking, and the concept spawned my first cookbook, In the Small Kitchen, which was published by Harper Collins in May 2011. Ina Garten, who’s been my kitchen fairy godmother over the years, wrote the foreword.

Like many people, I grew up knowing the value of good food. My mom was an early adopter of the organic movement. Long before Whole Foods popularized it, she was feeding me bowls of millet instead of Easy Mac. But what really compelled me to quit my day job, and what drives me now, even when a long day over the stove feels like a chore, is the power of a meal to nourish the body and soul.

My own definition of nourishment has changed over the years. Since I started Feed Me Phoebe, my focus has been on helping fellow home cooks find accessible ways of embracing a more balanced diet. I think feeling good about your body, your food, and the effect it has on your environment, is one of the most compelling reasons to get in the kitchen. Michael Pollan said it best (as he usually does) that what you choose to eat is a political act. When people ask me about what I do for a living, I often joke that I’m saving the world one kale salad at a time. But on a certain level, I believe it!

Anyone who’s ever been inside a Juice Press knows that being healthy can be expensive. But being sick is more expensive. In the years since being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and a gluten sensitivity, I’ve come to realize how harmful the processed snack foods we’re faced with everyday can be on our bodies, and how a little bit of leafy green goodness can go a long way. Exploring healthy living through your kitchen is the most affordable way of getting the nourishment you need.

I ultimately love home cooked food because it gives me the emotional and physical fuel I need to live a healthier happier life. I’m all about baby steps and eating the good with the bad. Because the most important thing is that you get in the kitchen in the first place. Everyone is nourished in different ways, and cooking gives you the power to put your own special brand of love on the plate, for all to share.

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I’ve been seen eating truffle pasta and blueberry muffins on The Barefoot Contessa. Occasionally I pop up on Better TV and the New York area morning shows.

In September 2013, Feed Me Phoebe was recognized by Food & Wine Magazine as part of their first annual Digital Awards. (Humble brag.)

I’m a regular contributor to Mind Body Green, The Huffington Post, Food52, Kitchen Daily and Yahoo Health. My recipes, writing, and cookbook have also been featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Food & Wine, SELF, The New York Daily News, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, O! Magazine, and Glamour, and online by Time Out New York, Saveur, Brides, Paper, Tasting Table, and Design*Sponge.

For a full list of Phoebe-related press, click here. You can also request a media kit and information about paid sponsorship opportunities on this site by contacting me here.

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Though I work a variety of odd food jobs in order to make ends meet, this site is one of my main sources of income. I wish it were my soul source! Ah, dreeaaamz.

In order to be able to dedicate as much time as I would like to bringing you creative healthy comfort food and wellness tips, I have to occasionally take on opportunities for paid sponsorship and work with advertisers to provide banner and native ads. Any products you see cycled through the later are not officially endorsed by Feed Me Phoebe and I have limited control over the brands featured. In terms of how advertisers I work with use your personal information and cookies, you can see my privacy policy here.

As always, everything I write about in the body of this site has to stay in line with my core message and mission, which is that cooking for yourself is the single healthiest choice you can make. I try to make sure that products I write about marry well with my wellness ethos, and trust that I turn away a good number of paid opportunities that don’t.