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How-To Cook for a Low FODMAP Diet

Warm Butternut Squash Dip with Gruyere and Pistachios | Easy healthy appetizer recipes

Recently, I’ve been noticing that the dietary restriction du jour has shifted from gluten to FODMAPS. As a veteran of the GF trend, I have spent the last five years feeling sorry for myself at Italian restaurants and ramen stands. But after hearing from some of you about your latest dietary travails, I feel like I have it easy. Eliminating FODMAP foods is no picnic. Doing so while eating out is pretty much impossible. And friends who try to feed themselves in the comfort of their own kitchens have reported feeling like a daily contestant on Chopped.

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The 10 Best Wellness Books of 2015 (Plus a Few More)


This year I logged a personal reading record, thanks to all the research I had to do for The Wellness Project. And all the health books I got to pore over was one off the most enjoyable parts of my own book writing process. I’ve mentioned some of my favorites here and there during my monthly recaps, but I wanted to finally put together a comprehensive list of the best new wellness reads from 2015.

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The Best Water Filters and Other At Home Hydration Products

The Best Water Filters and At- Home Hydration Products | Pitchers, Sink top, Japanese Charcoal, Water Bottles | Best Brands and Products

Health is a big business. For years I felt like I was bleeding green on everything from foam rollers to green juice to magnetic back braces. One of the reasons I started The Wellness Project was to try to figure out what products (including foods) are actually worth the money we spend on them. Building a water habit is something you can easily do for free. In fact, one of the experiments I suggested for this month was to go on a beverage aisle ban, which will end up saving you a lot of money of you’re someone who can’t resist a bespoke bottle of kombucha.

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The 8 Best Natural, Organic Skincare Brands and Products

The Best Natural Skincare Products | Organic Brands for Face and Body |

Since kicking off Green Beauty month, I keep getting emails and messages asking about my favorite natural cosmetics brands. Last year, I put together a list of the great organic makeup items I started integrating into my routine. But since skincare is really the first place to start, it seems silly that I haven’t given you that specific leg up into the world of naturals for your body and face.

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A Simple Timeline For Switching to Natural Beauty Products

Last spring I went through the first few steps of transitioning to natural beauty products. I’ve made it through stage 2, to be exact. As part of The Wellness Project’s green beauty month I’m going to try to make even more progress, including finding one go-to red lipstick that’s natural. I’ve put it further down on my timeline because for me it’s not an everyday item. But it’s estimated that the average woman will eat 4 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. So there’s that…

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The 7 Best Healthy Hangover Brunch Recipes + A Toaster Giveaway!

7 Best Healthy Hangover Brunch Recipes | Gluten-Free Pancakes, Healthy Baked Eggs and Apple Pie Oatmeal

Aside from the morning after your 21st birthday, New Year’s Day is the most famous and socially acceptable time of the year to sleep until noon and pour yourself a morning cocktail in the form of some combination of bloody Mary and Pepto. But since New Year’s Eve doesn’t sneak up on you in the same way as that random Wednesday night of pickleback shots with your coworkers, you can plan ahead for the mind-crushing aftermath of all your bad decisions with brunch. The best hangover brunches are easy to prepare—preferably make-ahead so that most of the physical activity the morning of can be relegated to easy tasks like turning on the oven and pouring orange juice into your mimosa. I’ve put together some of my favorite hangover brunch dishes that will require just as much brainpower and energy as … Continue reading

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6 New Rituals to Anchor Your Days in the New Year


Even if you’re not religious per say, this time of year does feature a lot more traditions in the collective consciousness than any other. There’s the lighting of the Hanukkah candles, the significance of which I learned at some point during Hebrew school and now just remember as something to do with freaky super-strength oil that justifies our mass consumption of greasy fried potatoes. Then there’s the lighting of the Christmas tree, and the eating of countless mini crab cakes off cater waiter trays, which, depending on who made them, could very well be a religious experience. I haven’t had too many traditions to speak of in my life aside from the Jewish ones I arbitrarily observe, depending on the year and whether fasting falls on a weekend. Because of this, I never thought about the difference between these annual … Continue reading

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The 7 Best Gluten-Free Sauces and Condiments

The Best Gluten-Free Sauces and Condiments | Gluten-Free BBQ Sauce, Gluten-Free Teriyaki Sauce, Gluten-Free Spaghetti Sauce, Gluten-Free Peanut Sauce, Gluten-Free Mayonnaise, Gluten-Free Romesco and Gluten-Free Carrot-Ginger Dressing

I hope everyone had the best Thanksgiving! I know I should technically be diving right into holiday planning mode and/or helping you disguise your 5-day old turkey into curry or casseroles or croquettes. But luckily, I already did the latter last year (see here for turkey tikka masala and other treats), so I thought I’d take advantage of the rare lull to talk about something a little more practical than how to make eggnog for 18 of your boozy friends. The biggest learning curve when I first went gluten-free was trying to navigate all the condiments and sauces that were now a landmine for wheat additives. The basic béchamels of the world were easy to spot when compared with a pulled pork taco that might have ½ a cup of non-gluten-free barbecue sauce thrown in there. Over the years I’ve … Continue reading

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