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The Best Biodynamic and Organic Wines For Under $30


As I admitted a few weeks ago, one of the results of my month-long sobriety is that I’ve become a bit of a fancy pants when it comes to wine. Since I got back on the sauce, I’ve not only been trying to drink better wines, but also cleaner wines that are responsibly made.

Organic wines have been cropping up more and more these days. These wines are made using organic farming and harvesting practices – no pesticides and such. You’ll notice that wine stores have started putting green tags or labels on some of these bottles. If they don’t, you can simply ask the wine buyer at a store.… Continue Reading

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Wellness Wednesday: How to Heal Hypothyroidism


The year after I graduated college, I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis. My doctor, who I’d been seeing since I was a teenager, casually explained that it was an autoimmune thyroid disorder and was fairly common in women my age. She told me not to worry – it was completely treatable with Synthroid, the widely prescribed hormone replacement drug. But I’d probably need to be on some form of medication for the rest of my life.

Obviously this last piece of news did not sit well with me. I was pretty wary of medication, even though I turned a blind eye to the fact that birth control fell into that category.… Continue Reading

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The Best Natural and Organic Makeup Brands


Hanging out the other week with my friends from Green Beauty Team gave me the kick in the butt I needed to start giving my bathroom a serious natural makeover with some of their best organic brands.

One of my main excuses for not taking the plunge had previously been $$$. If organic vegetables cost me that much more on every grocery bill, I couldn’t imagine what replacing an entire cabinet full of products in one trip to Whole Body would do for my bank account.

But Kristen Arnett had answers for almost all of my worries. As far as the financial aspect was concerned, she actually pointed out that generic products use a lot more water to pad their products.… Continue Reading

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Wellness Wednesday: Everyday Fitness and Nutrition


As I mentioned last week when I introduced the concept of my new Google Hangout series, #WellnessWednesday, I am pretty terrible at making room in my life for “official” exercise. Sure, I’m not the laziest person on earth like Hannah Horvath (though sometimes I too use my chest as a tray). But getting my tukus to the gym is something I’ve struggle with since leaving my day job, when my days had more structure and the boredom necessitated some serious stair master action to maintain sanity.

This week my hangout is going to be focused on everyday fitness and nutrition. I have the latter down, but I know others’ are still looking for convenient ways to get necessary vitamins.… Continue Reading

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Introducing #WellnessWednesday on Google Hangout


A few months ago, I wrote this piece on why I love to cook. I realize now that it was one of the first times on the site that I talked about having an autoimmune disease. This is strange, because I’m usually an open book, as much so here as anywhere. So I don’t know why I felt it was TMI to clue you in on this part of my culinary journey, which is the reason why I’m gluten-free in the first place.

So here’s a little background…

I was diagnosed with a gluten-allergy almost three years ago, precisely one week before my cookbook came out.… Continue Reading

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Your 10 Favorite FMP Recipes of 2013


Happy New Year!

I feel like I said this every day of December – but where the heck did the year go? I can’t believe it’s 2014.

When I think about it though, a lot of delicious things have happened. I cooked over 100 new recipes for this site, and 5 times as many people stopped by to check them out as last year – surpassing all my goals and expectations. I am so humbled by and grateful for your readership, and for making my wacky little food career possible.

It was interesting to look back and see which 10 recipes were the most popular in 2013.… Continue Reading

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