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Bottoms Up: Green Giant Smoothie with Banana, Spinach, and Almond Butter

Green Giant Smoothie with Spinach, Banana, and Almond Butter

As I mentioned in yesterday’s newsletter, I’m doing my own version of a detox this month – no alcohol, caffeine, or sugar. I’d like to call the experiment: Jews Do Lent.

The alcohol has weirdly been the least emotionally problematic of these three vices. This weekend I managed to soberly survive an afternoon brunch dance party followed by an even more dancey wedding. The biggest learning experience is that without alcohol (and its subsequent hair tosses and flailing limbs) I am acutely aware of my lack of rhythm. Being in on the dance floor felt a little bit like being forced to watch videos of myself doing bad camp skits as a brace-faced adolescent (i.e.… Continue Reading

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Bottoms Up: BLT Cocktail

BLT Cocktail - Bourbon, Lemon, and Tonic

Ever since I discovered that Maker’s Mark was gluten-free, I’ve been drinking a lot more of it. As the weather cools down, bourbon just seems like the right choice. After all, it’s a lot less likely to permanently stain your pale green bridesmaid’s dress than a glass of red wine when you inevitably miss your mouth and pour it all over yourself.

A few weeks ago I was up at my friend Sophie’s wedding in Maine. When I wasn’t sipping red wine in motor boats in the middle of the lake (yes, I spilled), I was drinking my new favorite drink: the BLT Cocktail.… Continue Reading

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The 6 Best Gluten-Free Liquor & Hard Alcohol Brands

The Best Gluten-Free Hard Liquors and Alcohols

One of the most frustrating parts of having an allergy is that it tends to get in the way of your fun. No one wants to be that girl asking the diner waiter at 4am whether or not the French fries are dredged in flour as the rest of her friends begin housing mozzarella sticks.

So I’ve been a little negligent when it comes to being choosy about my alcohol when out. And it took me a while to overcome my denial that not all vodkas and gins are actually gluten-free, even though in theory, like many old world fare, their original production was very much so.… Continue Reading

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Bottoms Up: Bloody Marias


I’m a big fan of the Small Batch column on Food52. Last summer I worked on this homemade tahini for them. So I reached out again to see if there was anything on their bucket list that I could take on. When I got an email reply that contained the words Bloody Mary Mix, I knew it was meant to be.

Like any good drinker, I’ve been known to been a tad particular about my Bloody Marys. That’s not to say snobby. One of the best I’ve ever had was in a super-sized to-go cup on Bourbon Street. On the other hand, one of the worst Bloody Marys I’ve ever consumed was from an organic restaurant that made their own tomato vodka.… Continue Reading

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Bottoms Up: Banana-Chai Smoothies


Breakfast is such an idiosyncratic ritual.

I’ve never been the biggest eater in the morning, but I’ve certainly cycled through my fair share of phases. In high school, it was yogurt. In college, it was cereal. Today, it’s Kind bars (or leftovers). If you can’t tell from that list, weekday breakfast is one of the few meals that does not involve cooking. And until there’s a man waking up next to me, I’d like to keep it that way.

It’s probably because of this that I’ve never shared a smoothie recipe with you. I love drinking smoothies – they’re pretty much the only way I get fruit in my system.… Continue Reading

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The 7 Best Gluten Free Beer and Cider Brands


I’ve recently hit my 2 year gluten-free anniversary. Which is crazy, because it feels like a lifetime. The things I miss most are still bread baskets, fried clams on the side of the road, and homemade pastas at hole-in-the-wall red sauce joints. But each summer, beer moves to the top of the list.

Sure, when it’s warm outside and you’re feeling like a little mid-afternoon siesta, without loosing your mental cool, there’s nothing better than a cold frosty brewski. But for me it’s really the social aspect – the summertime chilling by the pool, the coolers at the beach. A vodka soda just doesn’t cut it under those conditions.… Continue Reading

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