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A Guide to Healthy Sustainable Seafood: The Best Fish to Eat & How to Cook Them

Your Summer Guide to the Healthiest Sustainable Seafood: A List of The Best Fish to Eat & How to Cook Them | Feed Me Phoebe

During The Wellness Project, one of my hardest challenges was deciding what food rules to live by. And I quickly learned that devising those healthy hedonist parameters for the land was a lot easier than doing so for the sea. Choosing seafood that is both healthy for you and also poses limited environmental risk is a tricky business–even more so than sourcing sustainable meat. For starters, you have to weigh a lot of components: mercury, omega 3 ratios, the varying quality of farming practices, the scarcity of what’s in the wild, and simply knowing how the hell to cook the species you’ve never heard of. I’ve been lucky to get a lot of practice trouble shooting the latter during my summers on Martha’s Vineyard. And since August is probably the month when you’re most likely to step outside your seafood … Continue reading

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Monday Market Special: Seafood Ceviche Recipe

This summer seems to be full of adventures. Last weekend I was out at my friend Kate’s share house in Montouk. On Sunday, one of her housemates arranged a little fishing excursion. Normally going to sleep at 1am and waking up 6 hours later to get on a boat would not be my idea of a good time. But I’d only ever been fishing once in my life (sorry, city mouse over here), so I decided to get on board. I thought maybe we’d come back with a few fish and did not have high hopes for my own ability to catch one. Wrong. The first catch of the day was too small to bring back to shore, so the fisherman filleted it on site and broke out some soy sauce for a little 9am sashimi breakfast. The fish was … Continue reading

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Monday Market Special: Fresh Pasta

These days you are more likely to find me teaching a cooking class than taking one. But what a shame that is! I am always learning new things in the kitchen. As a self-taught cook, you often do. And I realized recently the huge breath of things that I’d like to learn more about and get better at. So educational food adventures has been my theme this month. I’ve trekked out to Amagansett to fillet fish with Charlotte of Stuart’s Seafood. I’ve broken down a 250 pound pig with my pals at Knickerbocker Meats around the corner from my apartment. I’ve brushed up on my knife skills at ICE. And as of this past weekend, I have foraged with Wildman Steve in Central Park for mustard greens and sorrel. A little while back, I learned about the new start-up Course … Continue reading

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