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#4WeekstoWellness: A Roadmap for Bettering Your Relationship with Endometriosis, One Day at a Time with Jessica Murnane

The idea for my wellness project entered my life when I was at a loss. After years of denial, it was finally clear that many of the symptoms I was suffering from—crushing fatigue, numb appendages, prepubescent-level acne, and menopausal-grade hot flashes, to name a few—were a result of my Hashimotos Thyroiditis. I had started doing my own research and tracking down sound, holistic medical advice. In other words, I was ready to heal. But once the laundry list of dietary labor and lifestyle measures that were required to do so were in my hand, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to change. Some people who approach habits with more of an all or nothing attitude may have no problem turning their lives upside down overnight. For me, it was just too much all at once. I felt like a … Continue reading

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Beyond the Filet: An Ethical Butcher’s Guide to Cheap Cuts of Beef

Project elimination diet has forced me to grapple once again with my red meat consumption. An uptick in carne is the price that many paleo, Whole30 folk have to pay when shifting our carb intakes to other food groups. And price is the operative word. No matter where your beliefs fall on the vegan-paleo continuum, it’s hard to argue that the further you move away from humble plant-based ingredients, the more money tends to get dropped on your grocery bill. Last week, I shared some tips on for how to be a conscious meat eater without blowing your budget at the supermarket. One of them was to think beyond the filet mignon. And since Valentine’s Day, our star steakhouse holiday, is swiftly approaching, I thought we could do a bit of a deep dive on the subject. Because there’s … Continue reading

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5 Thyroid “Super” Foods to Try in 2017

How is January treating my healthy hedonists so far? Are you still waking up early to go to the gym? Staying dry and tequila-free? Or have you broken your elimination diet by eating an entire bag of Swedish fish at the women’s march…?

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How to Do an Elimination Diet: Choose Your Own Omission Adventure

My stomach has been off recently. Not emergency, keep-a-bathroom-in-my-field-of-vision-at-all-times off. But off all the same. Charlie’s stomach has been off for the last decade. So to help him figure out the root cause, I’m going to dedicate the second half of January to something that I haven’t explored in a while: an elimination diet. What is an elimination diet? I’m so glad you asked! An elimination diet is when you remove irritating foods from your meals for a short period of time—usually, three weeks—to give your digestive system time to reboot, and more importantly, to discover your own particular set of intolerances and sensitives.

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How to Design your own Wellness Project: A Guide

Two years ago today, I decided to give resolutions the boot and take on a different type of health odyssey. The failure rate for the annual promises we make ourselves is high (92 percent!), with the biggest drop-off date hitting just around the one month mark. The reason why is simple: we make too many resolutions, we make them too vague or ambitious, and we try to do all of the above all at once. For me, these lofty goals made me feel like a failure year-round—not just on February 1st when things started to slip, but every time I went to the doctor. Like my own personal resolution school marm, she would look at my bloodwork and rattle off another laundry list of lifestyle labor that made me feel like I was destined to spend my days dry brushing, trampoline hopping, and … Continue reading

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Your Healthy Hedonist Holiday Gift Guide: Wellness Stocking Stuffers and Practical Presents For the Whole Fam

One of the reasons I started The Wellness Project was to try to figure out what products are actually worth the money we spend on them. For years I felt like I was bleeding green on everything from foam rollers to green juice to magnetic back braces. My experiments were designed to cut the fat and focus on the bigger picture. But of course, despite my attempt to be discerning, I acquired lots of things along the way that, until my move in February, were mostly collecting dust in my hallway. This year, I’m all for making holiday gifts about the practical things that will actually better your loved ones’ lives on a daily basis. No one needs more crap! Trust me, you will be a healthier human without drawers full of soon-to-be outdated gadgets, useless doodads and weird socks. (Though some would beg … Continue reading

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The 12 Best Gluten Free Beer and Cider Brands

Happy Oktoberfest, friends! Since ’tis the season for both Sunday football and Bavarian day drinking, I wanted to take a little time away from wings and cheese bread to talk about the second most important part of your fall recreational meals: beer. Specifically, for us special diet folks, gluten-free beer and cider brands that will help you blend in with the crowd, regardless of whether said crowd is wearing jerseys or lederhosen. I’ve recently hit my 5 year gluten-free anniversary. Which is crazy, because it feels like a lifetime ago that I could go to a sports bar and actually eat something besides peanuts. The things I miss most are still bread baskets, fried clams on the side of the road, and homemade pastas at hole-in-the-wall red sauce joints. But each summer, beer moves to the top of the list. Sure, … Continue reading

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Odd Food Jobs: How to Make Money Beyond Your Blog While Still Doing What You Love

A few weeks ago, I got an email from an aspiring food writer who was struggling to get her website off the ground. She asked me, flat out, is it even possible to make a full-time living as a food blogger? My response to that million dollar (er, thousand dollar?) question was yes and no. For blockbuster bloggers, the answer is of course. A dip in search engine traffic isn’t going to break the bank when you’re Deb Perlman and getting millions of pageviews a month. For the rest of us a few tiers below though, the answer depends on your general financial situation: how expensive your city is, the number of private school educations you are currently (or plan on) paying for, how many weddings you’re attending every year, the scale of your kombucha addiction etc. etc. And, of … Continue reading

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A Summer Bowl Farmer’s Market Challenge Menu From Clean Food, Dirty City

My batch cooking usually falls by the wayside in the summer months, and this year was no different. For one thing, endless wedding season means I’ve been traveling non-stop. And since Sunday afternoons are usually my time to prepare meals for the week ahead, being out of town every summer weekend puts a damper in that habit. The second reason, though, is counter-intuitive. It’s that I’m actually cooking more. When I do make it to the Farmer’s Market during the summertime, especially if I’m on Martha’s Vineyard, my overbuying tendencies go into overdrive. And for the following week, my cup runneth over with cherry tomatoes and summer squash, bell peppers and string beans. Sometimes, its greens and nothing but greens. So much produce, so little time. But unlike the winter months, you actually don’t need much time at all to prepare them. A weeknight dinner, like this soup, … Continue reading

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