The 7 Best Healthy Meat and Potato Recipes for Father’s Day

The Best Healthy Meat and Potato Recipes for Father's Day

I feel some daughterly Jewish guilt about being out of town for Father’s Day this year. And now that guilt is compounded by the fact that I’m celebrating the holiday virtually with an array of meats that my dad no longer eats. Next year, I’ll be sure to put together a fish and potatoes menu for the modern pescaterian’s Father’s Day. But in the meantime, I’m going to satisfy the cravings of all the stereotypical dads out there who think kale salads are for sissies.

Part of honoring dad should not only be about catering to his taste buds, but wishing him a long, healthy life with a meal that’s more likely to get him there than an 8-ounce Man Burger with French fries. I’ve put together some of my favorite recipes that will allow you to cave to your father or husband’s cravings, without clogging too many of his arteries in the process. These dishes are not stereotypically healthy, so hopefully he’ll be too distracted by the meat and potatoes to notice a few stealth veggies mixed in along the way.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend with dad!


1. Broccoli, Bacon, and Potato Frittata | 2. Homemade Chicken Sausage with Olive and Oregano | 3. Bangers with Spinach Mash | 4. Oven Roasted Baby Potatoes with Sumac | 5. Oven Baked Chicken with Olive, Capers, and Tomatoes | 6. My Mom’s Shepard Pie | 7. Chicken Paillard with Chopped Salad Nicoise 


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  1. Frankie says:

    He’s not around anymore, but my father would have wept to eat your shepherd’s pie.

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