The Wellness Project: My Year of Balancing Health & Hedonism

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Phoebe- The Wellness Project - Healthy Hedonism

For a lot of us the first sign that our body is not in fact invincible comes in our twenties. And it did for me in the form of an autoimmune disease.

The year after I graduated college, I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis. My doctor casually explained that it was an autoimmune thyroid disorder and was fairly common in women my age. She told me not to worry – it was completely treatable with Synthroid, the widely prescribed hormone replacement drug. But I’d probably need to be on some form of medication for the rest of my life.

Having grown up with a mother who was an early adopter of the organic movement—in a home where medications were synonymous with “remedies” and came in the form of small white balls that dissolved under your tongue—this last piece of news did not sit well with me. So I did what any super mature 22 year old would do in my situation: I pretended like the conversation never happened and went on living my life.

But then my stomach—that best friend and most trusted colleague—turned on me.

I stopped exercising because of the cramps I would get after running just half a block. I ate everything, but couldn’t put on weight, which was nice at first when it meant losing the 4 years of late night pizza that had gotten lodged in my face, but became less so when my clothes got so over-sized they started to look like they belonged to an Olson twin.

I ended up spending the better part of my mid-twenties trying to get on board with the health hand I was dealt. In the process, I gave up gluten and started this site as a new home for my more health-focused recipes. I read countless wellness newsletters, saw prestigious specialists who didn’t take my insurance, and used my experience as a cookbook author and chef to heal my body with healthy comfort food.

And yet I still felt like I was flailing.

Most of the information in the wellness zeitgeist seemed to contradict itself. In my attempt to sort through it, I spent more money on green juice and supplements than I could afford and felt ashamed every time I indulged in a Bellini at brunch or inhaled toxic fumes at the nail salon. The more strict and obsessive I got in the name of my blood work, the less “well” I ended up feeling.

With a raging case of adult acne that no one could solve and a general halo of guilt that hovered over all my health choices, I knew I had to change my approach.

I couldn’t help thinking: as a spokesperson in the healthy living space, if I’m having this much trouble fitting healthier choices into my life, how overwhelmed must others be feeling who are just beginning to dip their toes into the world of wellness?

I knew there had to be a way to be healthy and still indulge in my more hedonistic, boozy brunch loving behavior. So I decided to start laying the bricks for a yearlong project—to do what Gretchen Rubin did for her happiness, but for my health.

I wanted to discover what it really takes to be “well.” And not just to be healthy on paper, but to feel well—to do right by your body without giving up your life.

Green Juice - The Wellness Project - Healthy Hedonism THE PROJECT

The Wellness Project will take shape here as a yearlong blog series, with each month focusing on a different one of my challenge areas–a New Year’s resolution on steroids. I’ll be filling you in on my experiments, sharing tips from my research, and giving you a first look at the experience of what it takes to challenge your body (and popular health trends) in order to find that elusive “balance.”

But before I get into what to expect here, let me back up and tell you how the idea for this book and my health makeover (a New Year’s resolution on steroids) came to be.

I began by tracking down experts on all sides of the wellness space—yogis, health coaches, aestheticians, nutritionists, chefs, green beauty experts, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, shaman etc. I started sharing some of these conversations with you via my Wellness Wednesday hangout series. And if you watched, you might remember that I always asked my guests this question: if you could tell someone one thing to change about their lifestyle that would have a profound effect on their general wellbeing, without a huge financial investment, what would it be?

The answers I collected became the backbone of a curriculum to help me tackle all my wellness challenge areas one by one, from cleaning up my make-up to creating Feng Shui flow in my crappy studio apartment to figuring out how to not have a panic attack every time the C train inexplicably skipped my stop.

And now that project has officially begun.

As anyone who’s been chronically ill will tell you, getting well doesn’t always fit into a neat timeline of diagnosis to recovery. So though I’ll be focusing on a different subject from month to month, sometimes I’ll be doing experiments in real time and others, like rehabilitating my back, I’ll be tackling over the better part of this year to find the best solutions.

Since this experiment is all about finding balance, and not just whether something works or doesn’t work, I’m trying to stay pretty metric-free and focus more on the power of my own experience, which is inherently subjective. I want to give myself room to figure out which things improve my life and which changes, despite the best scientific and spiritual intentions, just don’t. Finding balance is often a simple act of writing pro and con lists in the moment, even if the subject at hand is kale smoothies.

The Wellness Project - Healthy Hedonism SCHEDULE // THE YEAR OF HEALTHY HEDONISM

Here’s what you can expect over the course of this year:

January: The Vice Detox
On whether life without alcohol, caffeine and sugar is a life worth living.

Since most people like to start the year with a detox, I’ll be sharing some tips from my 30 days without alcohol, caffeine or sugar. But more importantly, I’ll be talking about better ways to re-tox and find moderation going forward.

UPDATE: More on what I did for the The Vice Detox Challenge. Find out how it went.

February: Green Beauty
On cleaning up my makeup and whether or not pretty hurts.

Why would I put something on my skin that I wouldn’t inside my body? To be pretty, of course. But as a wise woman named Beyonce once said: pretty hu-ur-urts. Having spent my pre-food professional years working for L’Oreal (sadly, not as the face of Infallible Lipcolour like lady B), I have a warped sense of loyalty towards generic products that have made me feel so much better about myself over the years. I’ll be doing Make-Up Free Mondays to re-evaluate my relationship with liquid courage in concealer form. I’ll also be sharing the argument for why you should switch your personal care products to naturals. Here are some tips and favorite organic makeup brands to get you started.

UPDATE: More on what I did for the Green Beauty Challenge. Find out how it went.

March: Gut Guilt
On feeding myself better food without becoming a slave to the stove.

I don’t consider myself an expert in many of these categories, but if there’s one I’m more knowledgeable in than any other, it’s of course food! That said, I still face the same paradox of choice that most of you do when it comes to what healthy ingredients are worth the money we spend on them. This month is all about sorting through those questions and finding some practical solutions to making healthy home cooking easier and more affordable.

UPDATE: More on what I did for the Gut Guilt Challenge. Find out how it went.

April: Water Works
On eating, drinking, and filtering my way to healthier hydration.

One part of being a New Yorker, in addition to a lifetime of bagel consumption and a penchant for sidewalk road rage, is being proud of our drinking water. I don’t know why that is. But I grew up with an inexplicable loyalty to the deliciousness of our dirty city tap water. The more research I’ve done, the more ridiculous I realize this is. I’ll take you through some methods of filtration and explore ways to make my body better at absorbing and retaining the water. Is coconut water actually good for you? We shall see.

UPDATE: More on what I did for the Water Works Challenge. Find out how it went.

May: Back Health

On healing my posture and creating habits for not becoming a hunchback.

There are many aspects of my autoimmune disease that have made me feel like 29 going on 90. But more so than the inability to function on less than 8 hours of sleep, having to carry several pill boxes in my purse, and getting winded climbing a simple flight of stairs, the thing that’s made me feel the most terrifyingly old was the first time I threw out my back. I wasn’t carrying groceries or lifting a heavy skillet—two daily activities I often blamed for my chronic back pain. I was simply putting on my pants. And a piece of advice: if you ever throw out your back, hope that you do it when you’re not partially naked. For more info on why bad backs happen to good people, watch my hangout with the founder of The Healthy Back Institute.

UPDATE: More on what I did for the Back Health Challenge. Find out how it went.

The Wellness Project - Healthy Hedonism June: Ladyscaping
On how to stop plucking, pulling, and frying my hair into submission.

As women, we spend a lot of time and money grooming ourselves. And we don’t often stop to think about whether our investment is actually worth it. For instance, I calculated that I’ve probably spent over $4,000 on bikini waxes in my lifetime. Now that I’m a grown woman, I have to stop and ask myself: are my pubes really worth this price tag? I’ll be talking about all types of hair health this month. In the meantime, you can check out this Wellness Wednesday with Alexis Wolfer.

July: Making Moves

On making exercise easier, cheaper, and into something that I might actually want to do on a regular basis.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been on a pretty steady fitness downward spiral. And while in my early twenties I could go a month without exercising and then snap my droopy delts back into gear with a 4-mile run, when months turn into years, you eventually reach a point when you’ve officially “let yourself go.” I’m going to attempt to get it back, just in time for summer bikini season. Here are some tips on how to fit fitness into your everyday life from Coach Be Moore.

UPDATE: More on what I did for my Movement Challenge. Find out how it went.

August: Moon Sisterhood
On periods, sex, and all the other things you’d rather not discuss with your Gyno.

From dealing with thyroid problems, I’ve already become intimately acquainted with how hormones rule the body. Many of the factors that cause endocrine imbalance are covered in other months—chlorine in the water, endocrine disruptors in beauty products, and pesticides on our vegetables. Now it’s time to put all those pieces together and better understand how I can fuel my life, love, and desires according to my cycle.

UPDATE: More on what I did for my Moon Sisterhood Challenge. Find out how it went.

Green Juice - The Wellness Project - Healthy Hedonism September: Pillow Talk
On embracing the sanctity of sleep

This month is about learning new sleep habits, both physically and emotionally. If being unconscious for 8 hours feels like a waste of time, how can I make it a necessary and productive part of my day?

UPDATE: More on what I did for my Pillow Talk Challenge. Find out how it went.

October: Eater’s Digest
On how to make your digestive system your new BFF.

The goal of this month is to understand the digestive system and all the little things that improve it (chewing your food until it’s mush while wearing a moomoo) and impede it (inhaling your dinner semi-whole while your stomach cries uncle in the world’s most restrictive pair of Spanx). There are many digestive supplements and probiotics that can help repair your system. But I want to focus not just on what you’re eating, but how you’re eating it.

UPDATE: More on what I did for my Digestion Challenge. Find out how it went.

November: Relaxation Station
On taking your soul vitamins and how to not be such a stress case.

Stress is one of the most corrosive things on the body, and being complicated emotional beings, alleviating it is a deeply individual process. It’s become apparent from the hours I spend zoning out on the couch, or with my face planted in the cradle of a Korean nail salon’s massage chair, that my current system of unwinding does very little to help me relax on a deeper level. Here are some rituals I’m starting with in 2015, inspired by this hangout.

UPDATE: More on what I did for my Relaxation Challenge. Find out how it went.

Green Juice - The Wellness Project - Healthy Hedonism what my life of healthy hedonism looked like back in 1993.

December: Connecting the Dots
On spirituality and the kind of healing you can’t always explain.

I’ve looked towards all kinds of therapy to heal my spirit. At the end of my project, I want to focus on the types of healing that you can’t always explain. Good energy can be found at the hands of a Shaman or Reiki master, or you can just as easily generate it for yourself by taking a leap of faith and starting an adventure. Part of this month will be about letting go of all the things I’ve learned up until this point. I need to find freedom from restriction in order to design a perfect Goldilocks life of wellness that feels just right. And I hope to figure out the best road forward just in time for 2016.

UPDATE: In the spirit of letting go and leaving time for reflection, I didn’t end up taking on any formal challenges this month. But for my big “putting it all together” post on what I learned from my year of wellness, click here.

Edit - Phoebe-1090 copy HOW YOU CAN HELP

1. Follow along! I’ll be sharing my progress on twitter, facebook and instagram with the hashtag #thewellnessproject and #healthyhedonism. I’ll also be giving weekly updates in my newsletter. Make sure you sign up! The posts here can be found in the column The Wellness Project. I’ll also be updating this page with links to my monthly recaps as they’re written.

2. Let me know what wellness areas most concern you and send me your burning health questions. I’m doing this project for the sake of my own health, but the reason I’m writing about it is to help all of you out there who want to do right by your body but don’t know where to start. Write me an email or leave a note in the comments section below. I’d love to address your worries, fears, and conundrums in the book and on my journey.

3. Become a fellow guinea pig! I’m putting together a small group of “life recipe” testers who want to go through some of these challenges with me and coach each other along the way. We’ll be communicating via a private facebook group, and everything will be confidential. Shoot me an email if you’re interested in being a more intimate part of this project from the ground up!


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130 Responses to The Wellness Project: My Year of Balancing Health & Hedonism

  1. Samantha G says:

    This book sounds awesome! Can’t wait to read it when it comes out.

  2. serena says:

    YAYYYYY! I was patiently waiting for this announcement, and I’m THRILLED it’s finally out in the open. So, so excited for you, lady. You are going to crush this. xoxo

  3. Tracy says:

    Love this post- can’t wait for the new book and will most definitely be following along!

  4. Whitney says:

    This is so exciting! I am looking forward to sharing in your adventure and the lessons you learn along the way. Congrats on the book deal!

  5. Kelsey says:

    I am beyond excited for you. This is the book you were meant to write and so many good things will come of it. Be well and enjoy! See you soon! xx

    • Ah Kelsey – thank you! I feel it’s meant to be as well. Very scary to sit down and do it. But feels a lot more real and joyous now that I’ve told people about it! xoxox

  6. I’m so happy and excited for you!! What a fantastic project, and I love the subjects you’re tackling. Can’t wait to follow along and read the book when it finally comes out. All the best to you–it’s going to be an amazing year!

  7. MAZEL TOV!!!! The book sounds so great and meaningful, really excited for you (and for all of us when we get to read it!!) xoxoxoox

  8. Pam Krauss says:

    Phoebe, so thrilled and proud to have you as one of the very earliest additions to the new imprint lineup! I hope it will be the first of many books we publish together. Now, get writing!!

  9. Caitlyn says:

    I can’t wait for this book!!!! Huge congrats, Phoebe! Well, well deserved.

  10. Carolyn says:

    Congratulations! The book sounds amazing. Can’t wait to read it and try out your tips 🙂

  11. Frankie says:

    I neeeeed this book! Count me in!

  12. Sophie says:

    Woohoo! Congrats phebs, so so exciting!!

  13. Sarah says:

    If Frankie needs it, then I need it. Psyched.

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  15. So pleased for you Phoebe!
    This project looks really exciting and like something you can really sink your teeth into. It’s going to be a big year and I can’t wait to see how it all goes down.

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  20. Punka Benny says:

    Total congrats. Looking forward to reading through the year.

  21. tessie says:

    I stumbled upon your Turkish eggplant recipe (i’m about to marry a Turkish man, and he makes me this all the time), and I’m SO excited to discover your website and follow this project- sounds like a wonderful book, too! congrats!

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  24. Steph says:

    Phoebe, this outline sounds amazing! 2015 is going to be an awesome year with you at my wellness helm. Much love and best of luck, lady!!!

  25. Anna says:

    HOORAY!! Just now finally reading your announcement and I am SO pumped for your book! And even more pumped to join along on your journey. What a great list of topics – I cannot wait to learn more about each one. You are an inspiration!! xoxo

  26. Bonnie says:

    Very excited to read this book when published. Best of luck !!

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  29. Renee says:

    It’s so strange–this is the 2nd time this week I read a similar story of Hashimoto with skin issues. The other woman’s story turned out to be mercury fillings that leaked during removal. The GAPS diet worked for her. Just an FYI. Interesting, creative blog idea.

    • Thanks for letting me know Renee! Hormone imbalances definitely contribute to bad skin, and if you have an endocrine related disease, that only makes finding balance harder! What I didn’t realize before doing the experiment was how much of this balancing act we owe to our liver. So glad you stopped by! xo

  30. Amy says:

    I’m beyond thrilled for you! Congratulations on this well deserved endorsement of all of your amazing work thus far. I also love that John Besh’s “My Family Table” is prominently featured on your bookshelf in the last photo of you on this post! Mazel, dear friend! xx

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  41. Melissa says:

    I came here by way of Mind Body Green. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid back in February. At 28, I’ve gotten a mail-order subscription to that magazine called “Your body isn’t the same one you had at 18!” in many more ways than one! I’ve watched people in my family take meds and never feel better continuously. I’m challenging that. Ever since the day I got the call, I’ve changed my entire diet. So happy to find your site with many similar battles I’ve been facing. Who knew I couldn’t drink bottled water?! Very excited for your book!

    • OMG -I need that magazine! Melissa, I’m so thrilled you found me. Thanks for taking the time to share a piece of your story. I hope you continue trying to find your own sense of balance. Remember that bottled water is definitely better than no water at all! It just might not be worth paying the added premium on purpose. xo

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  47. Chloe says:

    HI Phoebe. I am a primary care doctor who focuses on women’s health issues and is negotiating the complicated world of Hashimoto’s disease with many of my female patients. I will definatley pass your site on to them. I’d love to discuss more with you in person. Dr. Godwin

    • Hey Chloe! Thanks for getting in touch. How did you come across my site? I’d love for you to share my site with your patients! Happy to discuss more too. Just looked at your profile and see that you went to Brown. Me too 🙂 xo

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  67. Heather says:

    Love this challenge. Thank you for sharing your journey!


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  69. So I somehow JUST discovered your blog (via mindbodygreen’s site), this is too funny – i remember watching you on a couple episodes of Barefoot Contessa, it’s so awesome to see how successful you’ve become! I cannot wait for your book, it’s exactly where I’m at in my own life right now. i’ve been trying to revamp my diet, only use safe and non-toxic non-chemical products in my home, etc… i also started a blog earlier this year and i’m embarrassed to say i totally have a ‘Wellness Wednesday’ weekly posting too! i promise i did not copy you – i’m a therapist and thought it would be a cool way to incorporate my career into my hobby. anyway, enough about me…best of luck with this sure-to-be-amazing book, will absolutely be reading it! best of luck on your health journey, as well. 🙂

    – Shelby

    • Shelby!! Thank you so much for writing in – I’m thrilled you found me through MBG. Don’t worry, I am one of many Wellness Wednesday-ers! Great minds 🙂 I hope that you’re loving your new lifestyle. All the baby steps add up, I think!! Keep in touch! xoxo

  70. Janet Provan says:


    I am a single mom of a “semi adult” child. She was diagnosed with systemic lupus two years ago. I was terrified and spent many hours on the Internet before and after reaching that diagnosis.

    I’m ashamed to admit that we don’t have a lifestyle that would have a positive effect on her long term health. We are emotionally addicted to junk food. We also do not move as much as we should and stress levels are high.

    We need help while there’s still time to avoid major complications. I’ve never been much of a cook and certainly not healthy food. I was so happy to have stumbled across your information on Facebook and want to follow your journey!


    • Wow Janet. Thank you so much for taking the time to write in. I’m sorry to hear you’ve fallen down the autoimmune rabbit hole as well. I hope that the stress of lifestyle change isn’t causing more stress. You should check out my course on Mind Body Green if you’re just getting started cooking healthier meals. Building the habit can be daunting at first. But I promise one day you’ll fall in love with your kitchen, and all that junk food just won’t hold the emotional appeal like it used to. xoxox

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  101. Anne says:

    I know I’m a year behind, but i absolutely LOVE this! I am on the same journey in many many ways it seems and this is SO helpful. Thank you! 🙂

    • Thank you Anne! So glad you found this! You’re luckily just in time for the much more polished tale + tips – The Wellness Project book is out in April! I hope you find it helpful as a kindred spirit / healthy hedonist. xoxo

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